Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pray for successful surgery

Just a quick note:

Renee's surgery...scheduled for 3:30 EST tomorrow afternoon....to remove an abscess from the lung about the size of a quarter or maybe a bit smaller. Renee was admited to the Pediatric Observation Unit today so they could get her electrolytes balanced before the surgery.
It is easier to get the potassium through IV than the oral potassium...big horse pills. Renee will be in the POU for a few days after the surgery as well. She got a unit of blood yesterday and another unit today. So hopefully that will be good for the surgery.
They will also put in a new line since one of the three ports in the line she has now has not been working and they might need all three later.

I had been feeling very weird since Saturday... feeling very agitated, depressed, and like my head was filled with lead or something. I don't know if it was from the acyclovir that I was taking for my cold sore, or coming down with some bug, or just from the lack of sleep caused by all this extra stress that was dumped on us this last month.
I stopped taking the acyclovir today and Dr. O said I didn't need it anymore. Had a sore throat today. Dr. O had it swabbed to make sure I was not coming down with strep and told me to go home, take an aspirin and rest and not to worry. By the time they would need my cells for Renee, I would be in good shape. It is more or less better by now.

Thanks a lot for praying. This surgery is a pretty big deal, but it has to be done... will be a long day tomorrow. Martha
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