Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sorry to hear about your loss. It's hard to imagine that Renee is really gone. I just thought I would share the poem she wrote and read at her baptism on May 17,1997.
I'm exhausted
tired and confused
Don't want to
give in, give up
Sorry, just can't
the best angle is
the TRY angle
used it
I try
and give it all
to you
but then I snatch
it all back
maybe I can
really fix it myself
can't do it myself
can't give it to you
too exhausted
can't even think
tired of darkness
I like the light
I'm stubborn
Gotta keep going
running in circles
can't stop
getting nowhere fast
I know
still can't stop
I don't know why
my life is void
I need to fill it
nothing has worked
so far
all I ever wanted was
a good time
I'm not getting it
not like I hoped
running circles
is getting kind of boring
maybe I should
get out of this rut
go follow you
lay down my life
lay down my pride
pride won't let me
I'd ask you to take away my pride
give me peace
my will's too strong
I want
what you give
why can't I let go
I'm exhausted
-Renee Dueck
Praying for you and your family. Eloa

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