Friday, February 29, 2008

My gratitude list

Martha has made it a habit to spend a few minutes writing about the things she is thankful for. I hope that someday she will publish her journals. She could bless so many. I am thankful for the wonderful partner she is.

Does grief blind us to thankfulness or does thankfulness bind the grief?
I am thankful for the priviledge of being a parent to Renee for 24 years. I am thankful for the priviledge of being a parent to Justin, Alayna, Karalee. And I am thankful that sometimes the children express their gratitude.

I am thankful for Teresa, our newly adopted daughter, and her love for the Lord. I am thankful for Tomoko, our Japanese daughter.
I am thankful for the teams of people that have worked so diligently to keep the homefires burning making it possible to provide the world's best health care for Renee. I am thankful to BC Health for paying the hospital bills.


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Your desire to keep expressing gratitude in the midst of your overwhelming sorrow is a real inspiration to me. See you tomorrow night in Winnipeg.

    Love and hugs, Florence

  2. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I have thought of Renee often. My heart goes out to you as her family. God is with her.

    Kristin Serger