Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Thanks for praying

Hi Renee,
It was so nice again to have a chat with you last nite. This morning my dizziness was gone. I took Alayna to her appointment, actually she drove and then I went to where Dr.Todd Sellick's office is, and waited for Justin. He had been late for his appointment, so they went a bit over 12. We went to Cherry Creek Cafe at Portage Place for lunch and waited for Alayna, but she forgot that she was supposed to come there, but eventually she did.

Justin was quite out of it. He couldn't remember anything. He wanted me to take him shopping to Value Village, etc. but I couldn't take him in that state and Alayna could not stand it. Todd had suggested yesterday when we met with him that it would not be necessary for us to give him any more financial support. He of course was not very happy about that. It is so sad. I had a good cry about that yesterday, but today I feel better. Those lessons from the Bible study have helped me so much. I called Telus and they said the long distance charges always get put on the next month's statement. Does that make sense?

Thanks for praying. Love, Mom