Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paul travels to Europe

Falcon Lake Church

The Spirit of Jesus prevented Paul numerous times from going where he wanted to. Finally God sent him a vision of the Macedonian Man. That meant going across the mountains.

God plants his church
1. Through God seekers. The first city they come to did not have a synagogue so Paul and company went to the river to find out if there would be a prayer meeting. There was.
2. Through miracles of conversions of the witch
3. Persecution
4. Natural events. An earthquake

God builds his church in various ways.

In DR a lot of people were killed by a demonic monster on a bridge until a group of church leaders had an all night prayer vigil.

3300 people groups have never heard the gospel. God is sending us to those who have never heard.

#456 My Jesus I love You

Friday, October 29, 2010

CMU 10th Anniversary Celebration

A Season to nurture: Celebrating the present

CMU Singers and Chamber Choir performed beautiful music including A Pentatonic Alleluia and Sanctus
Student David talked about his Outtatown experience

A Season of Possibility: Building the foundation

A multimedia presentation listed the key founding leaders.

Dr Earl Davey devotional: There is one need. Discover myself while discovering God. We must have God dwelling with us and in us. The pursuit of God and his pursuit of us. Seeking to know and love God- to walk humbly with our God.
At CMU together we seek to know God. Transformation of heart and mind.

Art DeFehr: A season of Possibility. CMU was not a foregone conclusion. It took a lot of hard work.
he had a long lunch with the Premier of Manitoba. On top of the Swiss Alps. Came to an educational funding agreement. Negotiated the charter to establish this university.
1. Mennonite Conference support.
2. Superior accreditation
3. Relationship with public university
4. Gov't support
5. Urban
6. Other Mennonite institutions
7. Attractive location
8. Less political baggage in Canada.

CMU can shape our future. Only limited by our faith and...

Rudy Shellenberg Conducted: The Morning Trumpet. "I shall mount above the skies when I hear the trumpet sounding"
Tear jerkingly beautiful!

Dessert: pies by Crystal Springs Colony. I got my favorite: Delicious Pumpkin Pie.

A Season of hope: Envisioning the future

Students shared their experiences. One of them has become an advisor to the premier. Another one works with under privileged

Dr Gerald Gerbrandt CMU President
Increasing recognition in Canada and attracting more non-Mennonite students. Now an established Christian University with a good variety of courses..
1. Vocational training
2. Value added education who we are in God's plan
3. Building the church and ispiring students to make a difference.
4. Impact the Community. A light on a hill.

Formed 10 years ago. Now the largest Anabaptist educational institute.
Our Values are relevant in this age. Making a difference in peace and reconciliation

Congregational Song: Praise my Soul the God of Heaven

Bruce Baergen CMBC / CMU Board Co-Chair 2000 with 45 board members to guide the process of merging 3 Bible Schools. Donations welcome.

Herta Janzen Concord / CMU Board Co-Chair 2000
Jack Loepp Menno Simons College / CMU Board Co-Chair 2000
Closing prayer and blessing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Randy Bachman

Gala Dinner and Randy Bachman Concert at Centrallia 2010 2010
Too loud in small space at the Convention Centre

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Gail Asper honorary chair: Happy to be here.
Premier Selinger: a year ago this was a dream. What an opportunity for the world to get together. SMEs have built our country. All the best to you.

Co-Chair David Angus Wpg Chamber.
A long journey. A labour of love. 20 Countries 600 business leaders here.

Centrallia started in France 20 years ago
Thanks for all the government support.

Business sponsors

Introduction by Sheldon Bowles. Domo gas founder.
Chair of Precision Metalcraft.
Congratulations to Centrallia for inviting Ken Blanchard award winning speaker. Owns training company Ken has had 3 million hits.

Been friends with Ken since 1977. Ken has faith. God placed a saint in our midst. He leads with love. He is kind. Never once has he said an unkind thing about anything or anyone. Met him in Chicago after he had been at a ball game. Always full of energy. Gentle Nice. Not impressed with success.

Ken Blanchard: Wish my dad was still alive. He would have been proud. My mom would have believed that.

Just finished a day at Westjet- a 15 year old Company and a major player.

An influence process. Life roles. Positions.

3 things.
1. Be a bearer of hope. Assure your people that "We can solve these problems". Be the Chief spiritual officer. Pump up your associates. Share your Vision over and over. Celebrate. Greet everyone as a long lost friend. Know how to manage everyone's activity. Be positive. You behavior changes others.
Your mind is like a computer. Garbage in garbage out. Be positive. Tell the person in the mirror that he's wonderful.
2. Your people are your partners. They own the place get out of their way. None of us as smart as all of us. If you have a problem in the business you want everyone to lose sleep. It's not about you.
3. Lead at a higher level of Servant Leadership.

Servant leadership has 2 parts. Vision. Direction
Westjet does best because they have a vision. Values. Goals - help people to accomplish worthwhile goals while helping People. Profit is the applause you get for delivering Value. We need a list of Fortunate 500 Companies. Provider of choice. Investment of choice.
Without Values you have a free for all.
Disney Values:
1. Safety 2. Courtesy 3. Show 4. Efficiency.

My charge. Leadership is - Are your people clear about your vision, values, goals? That's the leadership part of Servant leadership.

The servant part is to turn the Pyramid upside down. Cheer on your people.
When Jesus was washing his disciples feet they caught the Vision.

There are 2 kinds of people: ducks and eagles. Ducks go quack quack. Eagles take care of it and get it done.

One time Ken went to airport without his ID. Southwest says to their people "use your brains". They guided him through security with the picture in his book. The big connecting airline did a lot of quacking before they let him on and only after he kissed up to the boss manager.

It's always the leader that sets the tone of an organization. The new director of Departmert of Motor Vehicles said: My job is to organize the department moment by moment to take care of the citizens. They made sure every citizen got top notch service.

Don't beat people up

When it comes to decisions use your brains. Leaders need to be there to support staff to be the best they can be.
Are you a self-serving leader?
Read the book: Ordering Your Private World.
Driven people think they own everything.
Servant leader says thank you. They encourage people to grow into their position.
Self-Serving leaders tie their self worth to their job.

Significance & generosity make life worthwhile. What do you do with your time?
Loving relationship.

Read the book: When Life is Over It All Goes Back in the Box. The only thing you save is your soul.

At 4 pm put one of 2 stickers on everything: "important forever" or "temporary"

Only love lasts. In the "Ghost" Movie Sam dies. Then he protects Mollie in the after life. Finally he says I love you to her and goes to heaven. Love is all you can take out of here.

Love creates performance and satisfaction
All else goes back in the box.
Inukshuk to guide people.

We are the fortunate 600 here.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simulcast Funeral for Ben L Dueck

From Quellen Colony Los Jagueyes, Namiquipa, Chihuahua, Mexico simulcast to IMF at Arborg MB. 46 friends and relatives attended.

My Cousin, and Martha's Uncle.

The obituary was read in high German and in Spanish.

He was born in Rosenort Manitoba in 1930 and moved to Mexico where he lived his whole adult life. Married to Mary Plett for almost 60 years, they enjoyed their large family.

Low German message by my cousin Harold Plett. He talked about being ready to go across the Jordan. All of our righteousness is not enough to assure us a safe passage. Only through Jesus will we be saved and welcomed into our heavenly dwellings. So many people have to go across the Jordan alone. Don't be one of them.

English song ''When all of God's singers get home"

Message in Spanish (by Johan Rempel) was not very useful to me. The speaker quoted lots of Scriptures, but spoke very slowly suggesting to me that Spanish was not his first language.

Prayer. Great God thank you for reminding us that life comes to an end. Thank you for the salvation you offer us.

More songs in English. This world is not my home I'm just a passing through.

I am going to a city where the roses never fade. Here they bloom but for a season soon their beauty is decayed.

In German: 1. Could not understand any of this song.

2. What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see!

Sharing time.
Unde Ben came to Belize a few times we had a good time.

Ronald - Ben was my Brother-in-Law for 60 years. One time when they came to visit. He wanted to go fishing. He really enjoyed that day on that northern lake. He was the only one to catch fish. We enjoyed that catch.

Tina Reimer - 16 years ago we had the funeral for my husband. Ben and Mary came for that. That was very nice.

Ronald Kornelson. Ben had real sense of humour and wisdom.

Annual Riverton Community Worship Service

Prayer Of Thanks
.... from the east we receive peace & light .... Thanks for the Tree world .... Help as to be wise in use of resources sharing them ....
From the south come teachings of caring sharing and warmth .... Thanks for the Animal world ....
From the west come teachings of faith .... thanks for rocks and water .... Holy Spirit breathe over the waters ....
From the north come purifying winds ... Give us strength .... Thanks for plants kindness wisdom ....
From above comes unconditional love ....
From the earth comes the gift of life .... Thanks for our time on earth. May we live life to make things better for those who are yet to come .... We give you our hearts and minds .... To our Creator and Savior .... May we learn to celebrate the way of peace, harmony and tranquility in our Families Communities Country and World around us .... thank you Jesus.

Children's Story - The smiling pumpkin had jucky stuff inside that the farmer had to take out and throw away. Then he made a happy face on the pumpkin and put a light inside. That's what God wants to do for each of us.

Thanks for the leadership in our Community. They are what make our community a good place to live.

I wouldn't miss heaven for the world - there is nothing in this world I'd trade...

I'm satisfied with just a cottage below... I've got a mansion just over the hilltop in that bright land where we'll never grow old

Speaker John Ingalls was born and raised on the east coast, 28 years with RCMP, now retired and pastoring in Hecla.
Born and raised on a little island in the Bay of Fundy in the Village of Seal Cove

Had his first boat at age 10. Parents brought us up in the faith.

At 16 bought his first dory and 16 lobster traps. Fishing was all he wanted to do. Father knew fishing was a dying business. Quit school at Grade 11 and went commercial fishing. Went back to school and took the RCMP test. Great grandfather was murdered during prohibition.

After joining a commercial fishery got a call to join RCMP but did not want to.. too much money in fishing. Then the boat sank.

Decided to make dad happy and join the RCMP.
During training had to learn to swim.

In March the boat I was going to go on got run over and all aboard were killed. That made me bitter

When I got transferred to Manitoba I met the love of any life on a blind date. She helped to
bring me back to God. When we were stationed in Prince George I became a dog handler and got known as the meanest man.

His father went into the bush back east and prayed for his son until God assured him that John was going to change.

One day he had to track some criminals and got lost in the bush. In freezing rain. Then he prayed for God to get him out of this mess. Then saw a star that guided him back to his car.

A preacher invited him to church but he heard nothing. God was asking him "What are you going to do about that promise you made in the bush?" Then Maxine asked him what are you going to do? That's when he went to the alter to pray. When he got home he drained all the alcohol. The next morning when he kissed his wife Maxine goodbye he slipped and fell. From what used to be a foul mouth came something his wife had never heard before: "Praise the Lord anyway"!

They adopted 3 children and learned what it means for Got to adopt us.

When God comes in He will change your life. Faith gives you the Victory.

He did it for me he can do it for you.

The world premiere of the motion picture "Where is my Father?" will show in Riverton in 2 weeks. Tickets available on the website. The Job Project.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Congratulations to Menno & Mary

Menno & Mary 40th Anniversary Celebration 10/10/10

The Romance that Stumbled, then Blossomed

Congratulations on 40 years of living, loving, and sharing life together! You have been blessed to have each other; to have a family of children who love Jesus; and you continue to be a blessing to thousands.

I so much wish we could be with you on this day of celebration, but unfortunately business concerns have made that impossible. We hope that we can visit soon.

Growing up, my Dueck cousin Menno and I spent as much time together as we could. I remember when we put traps on top of fence posts in our pasture. We hoped to trap birds and one robin was unlucky enough to get caught.

We spent hours wandering all over our pastures and spent entire days in the mountains trying to find a gold mine. We explored caves and dug for gold in the mountain creeks. We never did find our pot of gold. We did, however, encounter big rattlesnakes and many other dangers but managed to return home without serious injury.

We attended Ebenfeld school together. I think our favorite class was English. Our least favorite part of grade 7 was our teacher.

Growing up, my Plett Cousin Mary's brother Victor and I spent as much time together as we could. We lived a few kilometers from each other; just over the hill. So we visited back and forth - Corny, Peter, Victor and I. We rode our horses and admired the caterpillar tractor that got stuck on the road between our homes. I remember Mary and Leona always being together and always cheerful. We saw each other a lot at family gatherings.

When I was 14 my family moved to Canada. We kept in touch by mail.

For Christmas of 1967 my family travelled to Mexico. When we got there we spent lots of wonderful time visiting both sides of my family. At some point during that time, I asked Menno what he thought of my Plett cousin Mary. His first response was that he had thought about her a lot. He’d like me to make some inquiries of her next time I saw her. Her response was positive, and so a romance was born.

If I remember correctly, they corresponded with me for some time by mail and I continued the role of matchmaker from Canada. At some point one of them thought this would no longer work. I kept encouraging them to keep at it and then one day they got married! I may have those letters somewhere, but I’m not sure where. If I find them, I will hand deliver them when we come to visit.

Over the years we have kept in touch, but not nearly often enough. Menno, Mary, both of you are dear to my heart.

I remember your visits to Canada and our visit to Mexico almost 20 years ago. I assume you got a copy of the video I took when we were there?

Climbing the “Steile Boajch” (steep mountain) with your family and ours, has been a very pleasant memory since then.

I wish you both all the best and many more happy and fulfilling years together.

Love and Hugs

Raymond & Martha Dueck

Setting Our GPS: Get Going! Pastor Dave Ens

Announcements: 276 Kingsbury Habitat Blitz Saturday all day
7pm Saturday Awards Night recognizing those who fight human trafficking

1sts for October - lawn mowing and bug spray!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Belong & Grow is easy for church members. We do it and may get to feel full. Another sermon?!

Is this all there is?
Word & Deed- being sent or sentness. Do good things. God pours into us and we need to pour into others.
Eph 3:20 - 4:1 you have the power in you! Paul is begging us to live a life worthy. To follow. With our unique gifts.

Moving somewhere. Action - 3 ways of following Jesus.
1. Close behind following
2. Cheering Jesus on but not doing anything.
3. Asking Jesus to follow us. To bless us in our activities.

Following Jesus is about doing what He wants us to do. We will go where Jesus goes. To follow Jesus is to be sent. Missional.
Jn 17:18 As you sent me I send them. In the same way. How was Jesus sent? Luke 8 Jesus and the disciples are on a boat going to "the other side". They met a demon possessed man. In Gentile territory. Tombs and pigs are out of bounds for Jews. Godly people are not expected there. Jesus was sent to the unclean. We are also expected to go into unclean places. Places where God is not expected to be. Is that where you work?

The Community had learned to live with the crazy man in the tombs. We should never learn to live with injustice and human suffering. Not ever be apathetic.

The pigs drowned. Bizarre but even pigs are not outside the Power Of God. Demons know the power of God - do we?

God's power restores society. People experience Community. The crazy man was clothed and in his right mind. v35 they were afraid! We are sometimes scared of the power of God in our lives.

Is it not strange that no one was happy that the crazy man was cured? We only want a manageable amount of God's power.

Luke 8 the man wanted to go with Jesus. To be safe. But Jesus sent him into his Community. Tell every one what Jesus did for you. How your life has now changed.

1. Based on what I know who am I being sent to?
2. With whom?
3. What do I do once I get there?

Pray that you will truly follow Jesus.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

What is True Fellowship?

Austin Evangelical Fellowship (EMMC)
Pastor Colin (& Dawn) Bell

Music Brad Driedger's Worship Team.

1 Sam 18:1-4 Lessons from the life of David
Social networking is exploding. Facebook helped me connect with Kindergarten "friends" but some of them just become part if a list.

What is true friendship? Multiplies Joy, divides grief, understands silence, stays true. Friend is the first one to come running when every one runs away. Become interested in other people and you will have friends.

David & Jonathan shared a common purpose. They made a love covenant. Soul knit to soul. Kindred spirits friendship. Soulmates.

3 marks of true friendship.
1. Relational. Who is your true friend? 1 Sam 23:17 Jonathon knows David will be king.

True friendship seeks God's will
a) to be fulfilled in each other's life -what does that mean? Are we willing to put aside my interest?
b) goes beyond self interest.
c) even when it contradicts your own desires. Jonathan handed over his prince's symbols to David.
2. True friendship seeks truth. Build up people around you that disagree. Let your life be open and investigated.
A) Seek an answer - what is my iniquity? Allow friends to correct and speak truth into your life. Start with your spouse. What am I like to be with? Get some honest answers.
b) Jonathan's response. He questions David. They scheme up a test to find out what the situation is. Saul was seeking to kill him. True friendship seeks the truth even if it means it will be tested.

3. True Friendship Trusts.
Shared issues are safe.
Go in peace. When Jonathon passed away David took care of Jonathon's son.

4. What kind of friend am I? Are we willing to speak truth in the lives of friends?
Do we want to have true friends? Or just acquaintances.

Do we have 6 people that would come to our funeral and not look at the clock? Those are our true friends.