Sunday, November 28, 2010

CBC Climate Change ''Playing God"

Now the CBC wants to create super trees that will absorb twice as much CO2 and put hundreds of robotic boats on the ocean to blow salt water into the clouds so more sunlight will be deflected to help cool the earth. A volcanic eruption in 1800 cooled the earth so much that all the crops were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people died of starvation around the world. Geo-engineers would like to create sulfur acid clouds to cool the earth.
In 2001 when the planes were grounded for a few days, scientists said that the earth cooled because planes were not creating vapour trails thereby allowing heat to be reflected from earth's surface into space.
So do clouds cool the earth or heat it?
If we tinker with global climate we will transfer problems to the poorest countries.

Every time there is bit more rain than usual someone blames it on "climate change!"

Supposedly Pakistan is thinking about releasing sulfur acid clouds into the atmosphere to reduce rainfall. That will cause famine in India. They both have nuclear weapons to help convince the other not to/to create "climate change". Next thing you know we have real climate change with radiation floating around the world!

The geo dome scientists proved a few years ago that they had no idea how to balance earth's atmosphere.

Clearly the ''Climate Change" scientists have no idea what they are doing and should all be fired before they destroy this world.

It is well known that the sun's output of heat and ash changes from decade to decade. It is expected that by 2020 the sun will be a lot cooler and we may well be trying to manipulate the "greenhouse" effect to retain more heat on earth.

We have way too many chickens in this world who think "the sky is falling".

All plants absorb CO2 and when there is more CO2 in the air the plants grow faster and in the process release more oxygen. Real greenhouses like to inject CO2 into the greenhouse to make the tomatoes grow faster. Low CO2 means plants don't grow as well, so let's all make as much CO2 as we can! We need to be nice to the plants so we can all have enough food to eat!

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HOPE: A Dead Stump, A Fragile Shoot
3 Baptismal Services Next Sunday
Check out
Eastview is raising funds for outreach to the people of Burma in Thailand

Dave Ens Pastor Adult Ministries
Isaiah 11:1-2 The coming of Jesus brings a hope that justice will prevail. The power abusers will become powerless.

Hope changes everything.
We have that little bit of misplaced hope that the Rough Riders have learned to count and that changes everything

4 primary ways to make life right for yourself; 1. right rules 2. Right leaders 3. Right environment 4. Punish evildoers. That does not work.

Isa 61:1-4
Christmas gives us a new way of looking at the future.

Last year we set a budget of $25,000 for forward house on Christmas eve. We raised $40,000

If someone video taped your Christmas Celebration at home, and someone who knew nothing about Christmas, watched it, what would they say?

Are we just looking for comfort? Are we distracting ourselves from. the Hope of Christmas? Ricardo had a hope spoken into his life. "Pu.rsue your dreams." That has been a struggle. Got influenced by people who said money and drugs is everything. Glitz glamour and fun. But it was all stress. Watch your back. Came to Foreward House and got to know God. Baptized at Eastview. Now life has changed. Had to leave behind so many friends. Now see a bright landscape ahead. The evil is now behind me.

God has the new re-defining hope ahead of us. There is always a leaving that has to take place. Leave old thinking. Consumerism?

Christmas is God turning things on their heads

Burma was once a very Christian country but the church has been persecuted almost to extinction. Dave and Louise will be here in the next few weeks (Dec 12). We want to raise funds for their work this Christmas.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crossing Together: I Believe in YOU Pastor Delbert
We had a busy week with being the Christmas Child Shoe Box central of Winnipeg.

Next Sunday's monthly Fusion service embraces a new worship style.
Jan 9 One Heart Celebration at MTS Centre

1. God loves each of us

After 20 years many churches fade. We want to continue to be relevant to this generation. We need to capture the heart of why we are coming together. We need to help the new generation to be in tune with God's heart. Moses mentored the new leader. Joshua failed to train the new leadership. A generation faded away.

Why am I here? 1989 sold the business after a phone call calling them to set up a radio station in Paraguay. 2 months later the call was off, till the Paraguay group was told no funding without Delbert. while waiting for that project decided to open up Christian bookstores no matter what.
John wrote 3 words that have impacted Delbert more than anything else.

We need to mentor someone. Younger people need to seek out older mentors.
1. Ask questions. the Jailer asked Paul - what must I do to be saved?
What's the best book best advice biggest regret what do you see in me?
2. Learn to listen. Make notes. Books of notes. Put it in practice. Go back to the notes. Phil 4:9
4. Honour your Coach / Mentor wash his car. Rom 12:10
Who wants to become better?
Do you feel intimidated? Have you gone through dark times? You qualify as a life Coach. Tell others how you survived.
Be an example. Titus 2:7
God has called you to be a Paul. A game changer. Commit yourself to tell others your story.
Pray about this. Ask God to guide you. God has given you hope.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Candlelight Memorial

It breaks my heart in two - to say goodbye to you

In the quiet curve of evening in the sinking of the day, you are there
In the rest between the phrases in the gaps between the meaning in the melting down of ending In the empty cave of grieving in the desert of my dreamings you are there In the tunnel of my sorrow you are there

Sleep peacefully, my precious ones

There's an angel standing over me in the brilliance of a star when the waves of night are rolling in they'll be there burning bright with the light that will live on

What beautiful and caring souls we have all been truly blessed In a garden far from here there's an angel come to rest

Tonight I hold this candle in memory of you Kris, Jason, and Renee

Approximately 150 people came together to light candles in memory of sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces nephews. Most families had 4 or more relatives to share the grief. We had no one to sit with us.

This Candle says I love you
This Candle says I miss you
When I'm holding it toward heaven It feels like you are near If you are looking down tonight and see this candle burning bright It says I'in wishing you were here

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crossing Together: Play the Odds
Skit - If you (mom) can't love me for who I am, how am I supposed to believe God can?

Pastor Delbert Enns:

When a baby has to throw up and he feels better, we compliment him / her. A little later when he does that we ask him "when will you ever grow up?" It's a mixed up world.

We need to build a sustainable model. Play the odds as parents. We have failed to set the measuring tools of success in raising the next generation. Some of us resign too soon. You are never finished being a person of influence for the next generation. Ps 71:18 Oh God, let me proclaim your power to the next generation. Some of you need to step back into the calling God has for you. Children's ministry etc.

Culture says you have to have well rounded happy kids. Is that what employers look for?
Culture says give the kids what they want and you'll get them off your back.

David wanted to raise a new generation that is full of integrity.

There is more to success than happy kids.

The current under 30 generation has 3 major obstacles:
1. Life of entitlement. They have been taught they are always a winner. Everything is achievable. Always the best Johnny. When you can't have it all you question God.
2. You define truth as you see it. You live as though God dos not exist. Truth is defined by your feelings. You think sin is ok because it makes you feel good. When sin catches up to you, you blame God. Jesus is the truth. Get to know him.
3. You delay adulthood. Never make a decision. Move in and out of your parent's house. You don't become an adult till you have your 1st child. That's when life starts.

You are the most cause driven generation in history. You want to make a real difference. You fight for justice.

God believes in you. God chose you. When Jesus died he washed away your sins. You need to believe Jesus. He wants you to be an influence in this world

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Carolyn Arends and Amanda Falk Concert

It's me it's me oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer

We came from Saskatoon today. Thanks for throwing a Santa Claus parade for us!
Be still (vacation) and know that I am Lord. There would be a lot less frustration
This is who you are.

Amanda is a multi juno award winner
Beautiful things - Every single star - you are all to me

From the new album:
Look for the Light - in the darkest moments. We can know the one who raises the sun every morning.

This song was inspired while waiting at Toronto airport. This song is a prayer for everyone at the airport. Can you see us? It is hard to breathe down here. The sun will rise again.

Amanda finally wrote a happy love song 4 days after she met Jacob. They are getting married this coming January. Symphony: A girl with dark hair - we will be dancing side by side when the world has lost the ability.

Amanda: Thanks mom & dad for all the years of Royal Conservatory lessons.

Forest fires are sometimes set to create a new more prolific forest. God's restoration makes us better. Unbreakable: I was A seed under a forest that burnt to the ground. Winter covered me. Under ashes. You God are holding me. The world is breaking apart. You are holding my heart. You are unbreakable.

Carolyn was in Thunder Bay with Steve Bell some time ago - going there again tomorrow. Steve Bell's grandma said she was keeping busy memorizing as many songs as possible in preparation for her trip to Glory. She's getting ready for glory. There is one reason why God has us here - we're gettin ready for Glory.

Carolyn & Mark had their 1st baby after 9 years. Ben is now 12. One Valentine's day when he got $5 he said: $5 does not say I love you. But $20 does.

When my room is ready I'll go home. They'll tell me we've been waiting for you.

Babies when they are born are bundles of holiness

Compassion deals with more than one million kids. They partner with churches to establish learning centers where they feed and educate sponsored children. Every day 500 kids are saying "YES!" to Jesus. Children rescued from hopelessness for $41 @ month. Sponsors mean everything to them.
Dance like no one is watching.

Easter is never saying good bye. Jesus is making preparations in the world beyond all time. We never say goodbye.

The Love Was Here First tour.
Boa constrictors don't know they are dead when they get their head chopped off. They thrash around for hours after. Satan had his head chopped off at Calvary he just doesn't know it yet.
Love was here first. The grave came up empty. Love has the last word.

Blues song- you goto rollit- rollit- unto God.

Trevor Dick born in Africa to missionary parents. Plays 5-string S African violin.

Amanda: So glad to be home again. Parents and friends are here. We sang at home and church. She wrote a new worship song: I Will Exalt; Your Presence is the air I breathe. I will exalt you Lord. There is no one like you God.

I wanna be quiet in your arms just like a child.

Carolyn: We don't always get what we want but we get what we need. We are schemers like Jacob the deceiver. You make something out of us. We fall asleep like Peter but you make disciples out of us and turn us into your church. You make children out of sinners.

I know a girl that was schooled in Manhatten. I know a doctor who left his six figure job and works with the poor.

I've got a home I've got a hope I've got a home that is not of this world.

If you are in Ottawa I recommend you go to hear this show. Good humor. Inspirational.
November 21, 2010 - 6:00pm
The Metropolitan Church
2176 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 0A1
Telephone: 613-238-8182

Sunday, November 07, 2010

World Premiere

400 people came to the Riverton Hall for the world premiere of the new movie "Where is My Father - The Story of Job."
120 volunteers starred in the movie.
Life is a series of problems- we are all trying to make sense of suffering. This is Job's story. Interlake Christian Films.

The movie starts with Job celebrating 100 years. Then Satan talks to God and Job's problems start. Job and his friends are chatting about why righteous would ever suffer. While they are chatting bad things are happening. Good sound effects and visuals while the thieves are stealing and the fire rains down and the house collapses and the whole family is wiped out.

They forgot to add tears and emotion to the funeral.

What have we done to deserve this sorrow? Where is the Lord in it? Job's wife asks. Then Job gets stricken. Curse God she says. But Job struggles to go back to the altar. He cursed the day he was born. He says I wait for death.

If God causes us to suffer, why follow him? My life makes no sense. God, why do you use me for target practice? Kill me already. We all deserve death but God gives us hope.

My dad did not appreciate the loud bass background noise (music).

I was honoured, now I'm despised. I will die alone.

Then Job's wife prays for him and he is able to get a good night's sleep. When he wakes up he has been healed. Then they go the altar to worship God.

There God speaks to Job. Where were you when I laid the world's foundation?

Mennville EMC

Dwight Plett Pastor
Jesus Cares About Us
Sometimes we can find our gifts by stepping out. Jason and Karen have stepped out to places we could not have imagined.
Jesus calls the Least to work for him. Paul calls himself the Chief Sinner. Paul says he is weak. We are inclined to use our weakness not to serve. But God Calls the weak. Jesus uses us the way He made us.
It costs to follow Jesus. Peter and his Men had been fishing all night. Jesus asked him to go out again. Peter was tired but he went out anyway. They got a bumper catch and then Jesus asked them to follow him. It's not a sacrifice if it costs nothing. Peter's attitude changed instantly. This was not the 1st miracle Peter had seen. His wife's mom had been healed.
Peter's dad now had a good catch to clean and sell.
The choice was between good and better.
2. How can we be sure of Gods calling?
3 . The Call can be a process. Not out of the blue. Jn 1:35 the wine, the temple clearing all came before. They were reluctant followers and were slow in commitment.
If I hear Jesus' voice today, it's likely not the first time. He does not give up until we get the message. He keeps calling.
How do I interpret his call on my life? Some are generous, others faithful, maybe you are seeing a pattern of God given gifts. Maybe you know what God has called you to. Or maybe God is giving you new directions.
Dwight got elected to a leadership team. Slowly God is calling him to take on more leadership.
Karen - God called her to Jordan and step by step he called her to the Leadership.
The disciples made a choice that has blessed us for millenia. It is worth it.
Carl M says if we want to follow Jesus we need to know where He is.
He will guide us as long as we keep listening for further instructions.