Monday, October 29, 2012

John Peters Funeral

McIvor MB Church
Gerald Hildebrand Pastor
John finished the race and has entered into glory. Today he is in God's presence.
We are here to celebrate John's life. We praise God for the hope he gives us.
John spoke via recording. Psalm 23 God prepared a banquet for him.
Musical slideshow tribute. He was always smiling except in the picture after Amanda died.
His oldest son Jim (spitting image of John) read the eulogy.
John was a teacher at Black Forest Academy with Janz Team Ministries.
He was meticulous in everything. He had a big voice he passed on to his boys. He was always healthy.
He loved art and did a lot of painting. He had a vision for a new painting that he can work on now.
Song: How Great Thou Art Great is the Lord led by Jack Stenekes.
Phil Peters: dad would always say we're thankful. He knew the Lord. Rejoice always Paul wrote when he was in prison.
John Dyck: John was my friend mentor and boss at Janz Team. We will not forget John his wide smile and booming voice. Apostle Paul said he was not worthy to be an apostle. John had a real love for Jesus. Met him at a children's rally where he was leading 600 children in praise.
John challenged many people into ministry. John labored more than others.
He established churches and schools. He was a busy man working for the Lord.
Donations may be made to Teach Beyond.
Doreen and family, this is a time of grieving. Be comforted by God. Live for God and it will not be in vain.
Sing: the love of God is greater far than all the world.
Prayer sovereign God we give you thanks. We will share in your resurrection life. Do not let grief overwhelm us or turn us against you.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

When God is God: Waiting
Brian Neufeld
Kendra's song from 188 Princess. A couple of pictures and a record is all I've got of you mama. I'm afraid of going to church. Pray for me. I feel so lonely. I wonder what it's like to have a home?
She did come to 188 Princess where she found Jesus.

Dave Ens
One of my struggles about working downtown is sorting the evil and the good there.
Sometimes we become preoccupied with ourselves. Jesus said lose your life to find it.

Sovereignty of God.
God has control of us. The earth it's the Lord's and all that is in it. God is not a vending machine.
If I get a flat tire and I miss the flight that ends up crashing has God intervened on my behalf? What about all the others that did not have flat tires? Where was God for them?

God is God. He can be your life changer.
Will be looking at the book our Habakkuk over the next few Sundays. It has 60 verses. It is a conversation between God and the prophet. The king steals from the poor to appease the rich. The courts were corrupt.

How long will God let this go on? Sometimes God's answer is worse than nothing. God raised up Israel's enemies to deal with the evil. You won't believe how bad it will get. We tend to watch for God to do what we want Him to do. How do we respond when the opposite happens?
Hab talks back to God. This is not who you are God!
The mystery of God is that he invites us to get involved. Hab 1:13 why are you silent when the wicked swallow the better people?
Hab started to watch for God. How will God do things now?
Is God good? His goodness must be on our mind at all times. Whatever God does I will follow. The ultimate act of God's sovereignty is to change human hearts through his demonstration of love through Jesus' death.
Today we will celebrate the sovereignty of God with communion.
We can't demystify God. 2 symbols - bread to remind us of Jesus's broken body and the fruit of the vine to remind us of the blood he shed for us.

Come just as you are.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sushi Daruma

Good food ok service. No 2nd tea pot today. Ok they just brought the 2nd pot.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


5 people came to watch the movie.
To hell with hell?
The gospel makes no sense without hell.
The demons know where they come from and where they are going.
Not to preach hell is the worst thing you can do.
Eternal hell. How successful are you at winning souls.
Are Canadians all Mormons?
Do you believe in eternal torment? Or annihilation? Rob Bell's book. Truth has nothing to fear. Us and them. What bigger threat is there then that?
Fear of change does not allow some people to think. The gate keepers can't allow change. That would mean their lives were wasted. Hell avoidance plan is alive and well.
Old Testament does not teach Hell? The Pharisees accept the idea of life after death and hence hell.
Jesus is unteaching hell? HELLhouse scares people half to death. Would Jesus  use hellhouse to scare people into heaven?
The dead sea is also the lake of fire. Gehenna was a literal place pit. Jerusalem was completely destroyed in A.D. 70.
The early church had 3 views. Universalism was soft on hell. Lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of your mercy. No one knows if there are any people in hell. We don't know who will be saved. An ultimate redemptionist says everyone will have an opportunity to be saved. The bible has become the paper pope. Can we live in the mystery of tensions? Some people think that if you disagree with them you disagree with God. God hates some people.??
The Bible is simple and plain and hell is there.
Torment annihalism universalism
Take the Bible seriously. Painful process is hell. No literal hell. Roast in hell for ever. It is subjective to believe in hell. Do we have the ability to decide what's true? Christian universalism says everyone will be saved. God is big enough to deal with everyone's sin. There is a hell. It wouldn't be fair to let Hitler into heaven. Is it just to send someone to eternal damnation for temporal sins? What is perfect justice? We will all go through the fire of testing and the bad stuff gets burned up. Does God sort of win? Salvation includes adoption and not everyone gets saved. Jesus saved. His love is conditional on obedience. Jealous love. He works for the joy of His children.
Every doctrine of hell has a system of beliefs. Does God play favorites? The CS Lewis move is that the lock to hell is on the inside.
There will be a day of judgement when we will be free to choose Him clearly.
Preaching Peace. We all deserve punishment.
Renounce violence and embrace forgiveness.
Are we celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden?
God is on our side? Is there such a thing as correct belief? Be open to universalism. Don't presume to know it all.
Pursue the Jesus way and you'll have joy and peace. The end is a mystery. Empathy makes us human through unselfish love. Don't be afraid. There is no fear. It has been cast out of heaven.

Living a generous life
What does it mean to be a church? Baptism Sunday coming up.

Song. Wonderful so wonderful. Beautiful one I love you.

Pastor Delbert
What is important? Money is a sleeping giant within all of us.
If you have trouble between friends and relatives usually it involves money.
We all want to be someone. Money plays a major role in making us happy. A good relationship far outweighs money.
Giving with a generous heart. Moses grew up in a palace and had everything. Moses killed a soldier and ran away at age 40. As a shepherd God called him to get the people out of Egypt.
Moses protested. God asked him to use his shepherd's staff to prove God spoke to him. Miracles happened only when he released what was in his hand.
Community is to live a life of generosity. You can choose to live with a clenched fist. That will be hard. Many men control their wives.
Open hand says I'm sharing what God has given me. People are usually between those. A clenched fist life is a shriveled life. Kids know what a happy meal is. All kids have a happy meal void that can only be filled with a happy meal.
God created humans  male and female and blessed them. He wants you to live the blessed life. Too often our selfishness kills the blessings.
A rich young Jewish businessman wanted to know how to be blessed. Jesus asked him to share. He was too right fisted. We battle that all the time. Community and generosity are the same Greek word. Give it all away and follow Jesus.
Give out of love. We live in a generous society but Christians give only 2.5% of their income. But we all want to live a blessed life.

What are you holding in your hands that is holding you back from experiencing a blessed life? Figure it out. That's not hard. What you think about the most.

Jesus said guard against every kind of greed. Are you planning to eat drink and be merry. There is no limit to desire for more. Jesus said you foolish donkey you will die.
Living a generous life. Give away 1st before buying more.
The word give occurs more than 2,000 times in the Bible. What you have in your hand let it go. This morning you are invited to join the society of generosity. Then you will always have everything you need to live joyfully
Give thoughtfully with joy voluntarily. Don't ever give under pressure or guilt. Tithing means returning 10% of what God has given you. If you give only a little bit you only get a little reward.

Generous giving is about reorienting your life to Christ's example.

Everyone needs compassion forgiveness
Savior he can move the mountains.
Take me as you find me fill my life again.
All is well. He lowers us to raise us. I'm held firm by the rock of ages. He is God in control. I know I'm in God's hand. All is well.

Friday, October 19, 2012

automotive traction control dangers (TCS)

Many vehicle accidents can be attributed to that function. Many people have died as a result.  Research will show that vehicles equipped with TCS are involved in more accidents than vehicles not so equipped.

TCS works by the application of braking action on the wheel that is spinning faster than the the other.  When testing that on pure ice, I imagine that it can be demonstrated to be useful for novice drivers.  Roads, however, are seldom pure ice.

In slush highway conditions the TCS system will apply the braking action to the wheel that's spinning in slush.  That side of the vehicle is already being slowed down by the drag created by slush and the car is starting to swerve to the slush side. Then TCS kicks in and you have a head-on or rollover crash. 

I experienced that on my first vehicle equipped with TCS.  I am a good driver.  I was perplexed about why my van was always wanting to go left or right.  Control was virtually impossible.  Then my brain kicked in about the TCS.  I turned it off, and presto - I was a good safe driver.

I have had hundreds of opportunities to experience that since then.  Not only does TCS take you off course, it also hides the slipperiness of the road from the driver, by preventing slippage while accelerating in black ice road condition.  Then when it's time to stop, you can't stop on time because the road is slipperier than you thought.

In deep snow on city streets at speeds below 30 km/h TCS may occasionally be useful.

I need to buy a new VW soon and I really need to be able to buy a car where that feature can be turned off, or better yet, a car without TCS.

The following is from Wikipedia:

A traction control system (TCS), also known as anti-slip regulation (ASR), is typically (but not necessarily) a secondary function of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) on production motor vehicles, designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels. When invoked it therefore enhances driver control as throttle input applied is mis-matched to road surface conditions (due to varying factors) being unable to manage applied torque.

Intervention consists of one or more of the following:

  • Reduces or suppress spark sequence to one or more cylinders
  • Reduce fuel supply to one or more cylinders
  • Brake force applied at one or more wheels
  • Close the throttle, if the vehicle is fitted with drive by wire throttle
  • In turbo-charged vehicles, a boost control solenoid can be actuated to reduce boost and therefore engine power.

Typically, traction control systems share the electro-hydraulic brake actuator (but does not use the conventional master cylinder and servo), and wheel speed sensors with the anti-lock braking system. The spinning wheel is slowed down with short applications of brakes, diverting more torque to the non-spinning wheel.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Riverton Community Worship Service

Sponsored by Hecla, Mennville, New Hope, Riverton Fellowship, Riverton Gospel, Riverton-Hausa Lutheran churches at the Riverton Community Centre.

Opening prayer:
Christ is the center of Creation
Face east we receive peace from the tree world. Help us to be honest.
Face south share warmth thanks for animals and blacks.
Face west and thanks for rocks and water and reds
Face north and white snow. Thanks for plants and whites.
Face up and thank God for love and strength to go on.
Face down and thank God for time on earth. Celebrate peace, harmony, and tranquility.

Jake Penner family singers
Amazing Grace
Count Your Blessings
Has 5 kids. One married. She's 20. Looking forward to grandchildren.

Thank you Father for making me me.

If you want to make a difference you got to be different.

Grandpa made a difference and so many families today are broken. Grandpa tell me about the good old days.things are changing fast. Some call it progress but I don't know. They stood beside each other come what may.

Eileen read the Riverton Food Bank report. Need funds for gas to pick up food in Winnipeg and Gimli. 60 clients. Need help for Christmas hampers. It takes a village to raise a child.

Menno Friesen Ps 19 reading.

Lutheran choir: thank you oh my Father for sending us your son and sending your Spirit until the work on earth is done.

More music from the Penner family. Their Gospel Express ministers in Canadian prisons. They need money.
Prisoners are asking them to come back. A tour takes a lot of effort but it is so worthwhile.

Their Windows Banquets got started in their home 10 years ago. Last year they staged 10 banquets in Canada, U.S., and Mexico.

Freedom from bondage seminar in prisons makes a big difference. Choose to forgive. A lady got released the day after she learned to forgive. When she came out she was skipping.

Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. He gives me a song in the night. His child forever I am.

Jake was in the field one beautiful morning when he was redeemed and joy filled him. He chose to fulfil the purpose for which God created him.
The spirit of God came on him that day. Profab partners mistreated him and he got frustrated and angry and decided to make a choice to forgive. He was delivered from the spirit of anger.

Gospel Express.
First Love. Do you have the first love the Savior gave you? Is that fire still burning in you? Thank you father God for a new day. Help us understand your will.

Maxine Engels
Jodi Faith & Shaw television will broadcast the Christmas story live. Need volunteers extras etc
Put Riverton on the map

Dwight Plett, please stay for
Potluck lunch following the service.

Check out and be a part of their Christmas storytelling extravaganza December 7-9

Memorials to what was

Or what might have been.

There is the one for Henry Reimer (24-94), Martha's dad. He had a blood disease that required him to drain blood every so often. In his final days I was experimenting with the idea of a new bakery system. He wondered whether I would be a good baker.

There is the memorial to Leona (49-78), Martha's sister. She was not yet 30 when the anxieties and pressures in life became too much to bear. Would a word of encouragement have helped? She was busy in reaching out to Winnipeg being a committed evangelist. The retired pastor couple she lived with was too busy watching soaps to spend time helping her. We could have spent time with her. She wanted us to come hear her sing in the choir the Sunday before that fateful day.  We didn't. Were we too busy for her?

There are so many stories here. Who will tell those stories? Coming here is to remember some.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

Canadian LifeLight Ministries President / Founder
Awarded to Raymond Dueck for Community Service - founding president of Canadian LifeLight Ministries

When he was 13 years old Raymond’s family moved to Manitoba’s Interlake.
He’s been married to his high school sweetheart, Martha Reimer, for 41 years. They are the proud parents of 6 children, of which 3 are in heaven.
Raymond & Martha were active in the Mennville Church for 30 years. He founded Appledale Apartments, seniors housing, and served 20 years as Chairman of Beaver Creek Bible Camp. They joined Eastview Community Church in 2003.
Raymond continues as founding President of Canadian LifeLight Ministries committed to the free distribution of God’s Word for Today.  With 100,000 Bibles distributed, mostly to people who can’t afford them, the positive impact that ministry has had is beyond measure. 
They support a range of charities around the world.
Mr Dueck has 40 years experience in business.  Dueck Builder Mart built 700 homes.  ProfitMaster became the largest computer company of its kind in Canada. Vidir Machine grew to 160 employees in 3 factories in Manitoba. Customers include Wal-Mart and Home Depot. 
Raymond is an Inventor with more than a dozen patents.
Raymond and Martha currently lead,, and
They invested in Ontario’s Centre and are working to expand V-Bins into Ontario and Quebec.
He is humbled to receive this Medal.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Centrallia 2012 Opening Ceremonies

Greetings from from the Premier of Manitoba
Gail Asper honorary chair
We have people from 30 countries here for one on one meetings

We are here today to hear MALCOLM GLADWELL

tweet your questions

He is top 20 thinkers

Got arrested when he snuck across the border as a teen

Hockey should be Canadian

Sermon. Not Sunday not a preacher
Ecclesiasties the race is not to the swift
Being an underdog is not bad
To be the first is what we all want. But it is over rated
Aim to be third
1982 the Lebanon war
Syria lost 70 planes in 2 days
Israel used drones in the days before they attacked
They had awacs planes
They had guided missiles
RMA no one has ever done it better

Russia invented the ideas
The U.S. built it the
Israelites perfected that

Why this process?

The Russians had a powerful think tank
The Americans invented stuff
Israel a small country had a very devastating experience in 67 when they lost 15% of their planes. They were desperate to prevent another disaster.
Centralized thinking leads to pondering forever
Competition leads to infighting

Xerox park built in the 70s is the most state of the art to invent the future. Everything comes out of there. They invented windows. GUI was invented there. The mouse came from there. Pdf comes from there.

Steve Jobs went there. They were there. He got a demo and started jumping up and down and starts the Apple interface. Make a mouse and put it on every computer. The McIntosh was born.

Xerox was first because they had brains and ideas. It stood in the way of marketing. They made a $16,000 personal computer. They were in no hurry.
Jobs was desperate for a money making product. That desperation led to a successful consumer product. The first mouse was the size of the shoe box.

Steve Jobs was always third. The most important entrepreneur was always third forth or fifth

Oracle founder spent a year fixing up his private jet and invites Steve to see it. Steve makes his plane even better.

David Gilson says geniuses come in several varieties. Conceptual innovators. Picasso was one
Sesannes wasn't first to market. He was 50 before he accomplished anything worthwhile

So work on being third.

What's in the next book? It's about hardship and how it shapes us. It's about Wilma Doerksen and the Mennonite culture of forgiveness that came out of centuries of persecution. It's about self made billionaires that walked to school barefoot.

Aunt Esther Memorial

Led by John Friesen
She selected and we sang
When peace like a river attends my way when sorrows like sea billows roll

Great is thy faithfulness O God my father

Ron's eulogy
She heard she observed and understood
Please don't take advantage of my generous nature
When she came back from her service with mother Theresa she kept talking about that experience
She had a way with words
She loved the hate right out of me
I was always the rebel.
She had half a dozen books about mother Theresa including lots of underlined parts
The poor need to be seen more than helped. She always helped and was taken advantage of. Her purse got stolen she did not get mad
She got the governor general's award and put it under her bed
She had a strong Christian faith.
The effects of her stroke shook her faith to the core. Even though she found no intellectual answer to her questions she kept trusting God.
Everyone appreciated her. She knew everyone by name. Sometimes she struggled with self confidence and other issues. She will always be an inspiration
How do we love? Not in big things but in little things very much.

Rock of Ages cleft for me

Ralph Unger
She wrote optimistic cards.
Even when she got ripped off by a "friend"

She spent lots of time helping John and Trudy when they lived on the street

Judy Friesen
Taunti Auna's daughter
We used go to Riverton crammed into a VW
She was working in the city
She used to live on Victor street. She gave a ride to Winnipeg

She made me feel good. You'll have to be an artist. She said

Why was her wardrobe all black and white? She was an excellent host.

Grandma Reimer:
Esther and Kelvin visited her recently. They had a good visit. Read a letter from Esther's friend.


50 people were at her memorial service
she had so many good friends that remembered her fondly
John's dad used to  take her on milk delivery trips

Many enjoyable family memories. Fish soup.
Thanks John for all your efforts.

Sheila  did a very good job as power of attorney.

Closing song
What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and griefs to bear.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Meeting House Church
Pastor Bruxy Cavey leads it now. They have 10,000 seats available each weekend. They simulcast to 20 locations.
Started by  Craig & Laura Sider. Affiliated with BIC Brethren in Christ they support the efforts of Mennonite Central Committee in Africa.

The Great Co-Mission
Part 3 Motivation. A. Hell as motivation for evangelism
B. Biblical motivation. C. Keeping Christ central

One Roof at Brampton Powerade center. Hot DJ to dance the night away.

The Simpsons slept through church and then they found out the apocalypse had just happened.

Hell is never used as an evangelism motivator. Math 28:18 why? All authority has been given to Jesus. Shared in the rationality of the  God head.
Jesus is the authoritative Word of God.
People who have doubts are the founding disciples.
Evangelism is not primarily a rescue mission but a reality mission.
In the beginning God... not gods. Poly theism tends to be more peaceful. Ps 91 for great is the Lord. He made the heavens.  There is only one reality. For everyone... a loving God. He is good for everyone. Compassion... Christ's love compels us. Luke 15 has 3 stories. Lost sheep coins sons have less value. The gospel is about Saved from our sins. Not just the consequences of sin.
Jesus and God's love is more important than Hell. Good things don't need threats to be appreciated. We follow Jesus. Not the Bible. The gospel is is the ultimate good news.
People who aren't interested in the good news won't be motivated by the bad news of Hell. Honey I love you. I have a gun and you love me me right? Will you marry me? If you say no I'll shoot you! Is that the kind of love you want?

The old testament God, is he different than the new testament God? A physical kingdom vs a spiritual kingdom. Great thought I don't know but what I do know is... is always a good answer.  Everything has to go through the Jesus filter. Bring the answer back to Jesus. I'm a Jesus's disciple. I follow him.
Luke 15 challenge. Find the lost. What would it look like if you always looked at everyone as very valuable someone for whom Christ died. We always run the judgement tapes that are so unimportant. Think about the challenge. Retrain your mind to pray "help me see people the way he does."

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Our Annual Stratford Pilgrimage

We went to the Pirates of Penzance musical
All 5 of us but not all of us. The absence of the missing one is particularly keen here. Renee took so many pictures here. But no more.

Tonight we have tickets for 42nd Street musical.

It is so special to have our 3 remaining children with us here. May God bless them and keep them. May they find His shalom!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Deb Barkman memorial

Memorial service conducted by pastor of the Meetingplace
At Church of the Rock
Be still and know that I am God
Her family and friends will miss her. Read by her uncle.

At age 5 she was enthusiastically skipping off to school.

She loved public service. She loved her family. She loved to debate. Deb we love you and we miss you terribly.

Melissa - Deb's sister. She was there for us. Her marriage was an example to me. Proud to become an auntie.

Michelle - the other sister. Deb was a travel movie maker. She was a Jets fan. We will never know what happened to her.
She was our researcher. She was there for us.
Her kids reflect her qualities. She was a wonderful mother.
She made many notes and comments in her journals.

She was the iDeb. Always enthusiastic.
We loved Deb and we will miss her terribly.

Blessed be your name.

God so loved the world.  He gave us Eternal life. She made a lot of notes of what she was reading. The here by chance believer has just as many perspectives. Generous people have a better life.

Jesus' intention is to show a better life. We will stand in Jesus.

Deb is rejoicing in heaven today!