Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winnipeg Film Festival

Real to Reel Feb 21-26
A real opportunity to see a variety of films from around the world.

The first film we saw was The Marriage Retreat, a humorous attempt to teach 3 couples how to get along

What If - the story of an executive who gets stopped by an angel (Cliff from Cheers) and his life is turned around - good quality and good story.

We went to "Through a Glass Darkly" about CS Lewis a Grief Observed
It didn't seem to be about that so we left.

Lion of Judah animated kids movie looks good, but we decided to go to Life Gets Better and Better the story of a 69 year old Austrian widow who takes care of 5,000 Ugandan children and travels to Europe with a choir - plenty of tension and laughs. Just say yes to God and you will be blessed

Eschatology End times
Jerusalem Countdown based on a book by Haggie
Good action Film lots of shooting and wrecked cars. Pure Flix Entertainment

Ordinary Joe - a carpenter Vietnam medic Vet goes to Vietnam every year and brings money and other assistance to people there. His translator travels with him. He took 40 children to lunch for 4,000,000 Viet$
The Viet people love him because they know he cares. He goes to the same village every trip.

He meets all kinds of poor people gives them an aspirin and a few dollars and moves on. But it makes them very happy.

1st Sunday of Lent

4 years ago we were in NYC on Ash Wednesday. Many people spent the day with an ash spot on their foreheads. It was a big deal!

4 years ago today we spent the day in ICU hoping Renee's heart would not stop now. Del Enns Pastor:

The One: Part 2 The Passive or Controlling One

This is the 2nd sermon in this series.
1st message was on Jacob and his desire for the perfect wife. God desires us to have or craving for love. The perfect lover is Jesus.

Our needs can only be met by Jesus. Leah the ugly wife become the mother of Judah the ancestor of Jesus

God is capable of turning ugly things unto beauty.

During the era of the kings
1st Kings 21:25
How many men are aggressive at work and timid at home? How many women would like to control their husbands? How many wives would like their husbands to be the spiritual leader?
King Ahab was a strong man on the battlefield but followed his wife into evil. No self-control and weak on character. He beat 21 kings in a battle. But he failed to fulfil God's mandate in his life. His idol worshipping wife led him astray.
The lack of spiritual leadership in the home hurts our society.
When the prophet Elisha condemned him he went pouting home to his wife. His neighbour had a good vineyard. He wanted it for a vegetable garden. Why does the king worry about vegetables? When the owner refuses to sell it Ahab goes home and pouts. Jezebel the mother hen decides to solve the weak king's problem. None of us is free of guilt shame

Rom 5:6 Christ came and died for us. God sent his son for this moment. To give identity to those who have none. He gave himself so we con have life.
As you receive communion let God speak to you of his love.

I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the one who gave his all

Ahab and Jezebel. Men have a hard time admitting weaknesses- ladies can build them up. Speak words of encouragement and love.
If you have a type A personality pray that God will give you the space to let God change your partner. Men love your wives. Lead your family to Christ. Worship the only true God. Men: pray for strength to lead.
Ladies - pray for insight to allow your man to lead you.

Last Sunday

On the way to my parents for lunch we listened to Dr Keller's message on Eph 3:1-13 A Foretaste of the Future
Click here to listen to it

At the end of the visit my sister wanted me to help her with her email issues. When I tried to show her how, she became a hissing cat and sent us fleeing out of there. Not a good way to end a visit.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vision Eastview: One Church Many Locations

188 Princess
What does it look like for us as a community to be deliberate about walking the path of discipleship?
To step into downtown and make a difference.
8 people on stage discussion
So many people do not have community. People who love and inspire us. In the inner city many programs exist that are supposed to be the magic bullet.
Tim - chaplain needs to help and care for the lost. Many are so lost that a map would not help them. They need someone to listen without judgement. There is a lot of gospel programming but that is discounted by the media. Those who participate in that find peace. For the prisoners it is literally life or death.
J P Now found God and trust & love. Eastview has made a big difference. Brought my son here so he could feel safe & secure. How big is facility downtown?
Joe Tanya this project is terrifying not knowing how to succeed. This is completely uncomfortable- we know this is where God wants us. What good is salt that has lost its flavour. God is already downtown. He is calling us to join Him there.
While some are helping the downtrodden are we debating thoeology? Or are we prepared to DO justice? We do not know what it will cost us.
We grow up in church and forget to go do heal. We've been blessed.
Alton how do you see this from a conference view point? It is a scary risk. Exciting. What if all the other churches wanted to do the same?
The mission God gave us is to make disciples. Those who participate in this will be changed.
Greg- the Spirit is speaking to us. We are full. Something overflowing gets messy. Are we sharing our fullness? Remand is a fluid community and many people want hope.
6o peple a day get released from prisons and there is no one there to help them into a positive community.
Can we follow Jesus and become the people of the Way? Something to do believing AND following Jesus.
God has given us opportunity - Come tonight to vole on this.
Soup 4 SOAR today.
Jesus is asking us to follow Him. An Adventure. We should be astonished and afraid.

Monday, February 06, 2012

David in Jerusalem

Missionfest Manitoba.
David & Karen Davis.
David was a successful actor. This Broadway career does not mean anything. Went to a recording studio on 41 st Street. A roomful of actors and singers were worshipping Jesus. He fell or his knees and accepfed Jesus. He knew he had come home.
Read Luke 15 and found the story of the father who ran to welcome his son home. He had a PhD in philosophy.
He felt God telling him to go to Jerusalem and there he saw them reading his Psalms. The Jews had come back from a 100 nations re-gathered.
A woman was healed of breast cancer.
Mother Jackson would take Karen to the Soul Saving Church of all Nations. They got married in the Jewish quarter of NYC with a fiddler on every roof.
We're all been adopted into the family of God. All different races worshipping Christ together.
In Jesus all nations become one new body. An Arab Christian had to pray that God would take away his hatred for the Jews. When Karen went to minister in an Arab church she had to pray for love.
We have Germans Jews and Arabs worshipping together.
A Christian prayed for Karen for 2 years then prayed with Karen to accept Jesus. The gentiles should call the Jews to Christ. The Crusaders killed every Jew along the way.
The persecuted church gets it - we need to help the Jews. Martin Luther preached against the Jews. Hitler quoted Luther. No wonder the Jews find it hard to accept Jesus.

We moved into an old building in Jerusalem. God watches over his Word. House of victory. The almond tree bloomed over night.
Jeremiah 31:8 from north and all over the world the Jews came from Russia. In the 1990s 100,000 Jews became Christians. God planted them back in Jerusalem. God prophesied it. That's how it will be. A great revival is coming to the middle east. We live in a generation that is seeing something that has never happened before. The Arabs want to go back to Jerusalem.
We don't convert anyone to Christianity we help them become fulfilled Jews.
Jews have been walking with Jesus. You pay a terrible price when Jews come to Jesus.
One new man. Jews and Gentiles come together. A mixed wedding.
Worship center on top of Mount Carmel. They now have Sudenese refugees in Isreal.
My prayer is that all will come to Jesus.
Song - Arise to more power love and grace. Draw near to the heart of God.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Riverwood Depression Continues

Sink holes and depression
Holes of worry and anxiety. There are 100s of causes of depression disappointment

1. The Voice of Scripture

2. The Voice of other church members
Will team up to help fight my deepest hour
Testimony of couple just married - and Steve fell into deep depression till he went to see the doctor. Still fighting the issues - but there is hope.

Godly Christ following people fall into cavernous depression - Jeremiah's name means exalted. For 20 years he preached and was ignored. He wrote Lamentations - God broke my bones and buried me in a dark place. My suffering is bitter beyond words. I grieve my losses. I wish I had never been born.

Jeremiah's voice
#1 Words for the Wind
Do you intend to reprove my words when the words of one in despair belong to the wind Job 6.26 God this is your fault. Let the wind blow those words away. Chew on gravel. God does not strike Jeremiah dead for what he said. Do not judge the people in pain.

He stumbles and says wait patiently.

#2 Words for the Rock Of his salvation.
The Lord lives Praise to my Rock - May God the Rock of my salvation be exalted 2 Sam 22:47

I will dare to hope in God. He will rescue me.
Armon's father dug for hours through the rubble of the earth quake.

Sue Courtney: as a nurse I made a mistake and my fear grew. It took control of my life and it paralyzed me. Became obsessive compulsive. It became irrational following the voices in my head. Only John knew. Finally went to a psychologist. The outside changed. A few years later decided to see a Christian Counselor. Got to understand the why but not what till John taught a class on the book of Romans. Finally God got-through.

Hope applications
1. No matter what is happening I'm always there for you. God is at work. It took her 10 years
2 There is great power in God's Word to us! Ask God: what are you saying?
3 God is our Jehovah Rophe He is our healer -seek professional help but God is our healer.

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future! Jeremiah 29:11

God has great plans for us. He is our healer. God is our hope.

Peace! be still! you are near.

Noise! A bunch of lines repeated with roof raising noise is what they call worship? Ear plugs required!
They do this to induce an altered state of consciousness so they can feel closer to God. Too bad Jesus didn't have a P.A. system like that. Maybe the Pharisees would hive liked him better had they also felt closer to God.
God kill us now!

Missionfest Saturday
Dr Hormoz Shariat
Born a fanatic Muslim studied engineering. Decided to read Koran objectively. But what is life? Get a house a bigger house the best job and the best funeral.
Started reading the Bible. Thought he could read it in a few days. Got stuck in Matthew. Who is Jesus? Went to a church asked the pastor a few questions and became a Christian when Jesus entered his life.
In every crisis God works.

Islam is the Greatest Political Challenge. A real threat. Muslims are taking over wherever they go. Ezekiel 38 says they will unite to fight Israel. Iranian Government is the greatest threat to the world. Their theology says if you have a bomb use it. That will hasten the coming of the Messiah.

God has given us power. Love is best antidote to the spirit of Islam. Kindness and love will defeat them.

Jesus is appearing to them and bringing them to faith.
If you don't reach out to them they will kill you.

Satan is holding them captive. If you question Islam you can be killed.

Many are crying out for salvation. 30 Muslims at a time are being converted. It used to be that a missionary could convert 10 Muslims in a lifetime.

In Islam honor killing is the law. That's an oppressive religion. God give me your heart for the lost. You can touch them with the love of God.

When one family member comes to Christ they all do. People are healed. People are brought back to life. Have you read your Bible?

They prayed for a dying man over the phone. 1/2 hour later they called back. Our friend is alive Jesus healed him.

Jesus is revealing himself to them. People are changed. Iran has more drug addictions than any other country. Jesus is healing their addictions.

Sound Mind. We have to be wise. Satellite TV is cost effective - it has become the national flower of Iran. The first paycheck went to buy a satellite dish. The family needs hope 1st food 2nd.

Iran is a blueprint for the failure of Islam. 33 years of Islamic rule. Islam is the Problem- the source of their misery. Iran has the fastest growing evangelical growth in the world.

Campus pastor says God is moving in Iran. What matters is that people are coming to Christ. God doesn't need me but he wants to use me to reach out to others. Doing nothing is not an option. Come back with stories of what God has done.

What crisis are you facing? Tonight could be your night. Pastor Mark.

Two Sides to Every Story

Jaron Mandryk Operation World
The symbol of the cross is where reconciliation happens. The church is
spreadirg the good news. Isreol now has more Jews than any other country
Islam does not equal Arabs.
The Middle east has millions of Christians. Since 1900 the % of people calling themselves Christions has gone down. Evangelicals are the fastest growing segment of population growth.
Jesus tells us- you will be my witnesses. (martyrs) The church is growing fastest where it is persecuted.

The Bright Side of Missions.
The glass is 1/2 full 1/2 empty or twice as big as necessary?
God is using the new church to reach the old world. SA Latinos relate well in Africa and Latin Europe.
Back to Jerusalem Vision comes from around the world bringing the gospel back to the middle east. Missions are partnering and creating multi-cultural teams. That is powerful witness. Lausanne 1974 has had a huge impact. Now churches are committed to Finish the Task. Only 416 major people groups left to reach out to.

Research mission & prayer are now converging. God is breaking through. Jesus commissioned us "As the Father sent me so send I you."

Welcome others into our homes. So they can be introduced to Christ.

Friday, February 03, 2012

MissionFest Manitoba

Speaker: Wagdi Iskander
From north Sudan came to Canada knew only 2 English words. At a funeral he said: Sorry your father kicked the bucket

Grew up with a camel trader father. Memorized the Koran from cover to cover. Got sent to the city for more education and advised to burn the Christians before they burn you. Joined Muslim brotherhood at University. Found a friend who talked to him about Jesus. Beat him up. He invited a preacher to speak about the Bible. When the preacher had so many people coming to hear him they decided to kill one of the Christians. They went in to kill but they beat up the wrong guy. He survived.
The brotherhood confessed the beating. No one was punished.
When he got a job as an accountant his company put on a party where they served alcohol. He drank some without knowing what it was. Now he was unclean. When he went to the mosque he made the announcements. His cousin announced that he had been polluted. He got beaten up by 800 people in the mosque.
For 40 days he was not allowed to touch the Koran.
One of the co-workers invited him to a disco. Every 4o days he touched wine so he would not be able to go back to the mosque.
He had changed. When his Christian friend came to visit he was eager to hear about Jesus forgiving sins. "God asked me to ask you to come to Church"
He went. It was a prayer meeting. People asked for prayer that they might love those who mistreated them. He volunteered to help the Christians kill their oppressors. They said no, Jesus said love your enemies.
He thought they might be crazy. They lent him a Bible. He read it all night. He kept asking how an you practice this book?
He got invited to a revival meeting. After the meeting he was challenged to accept Christ. He said Never!
He got invited to visit a lady who was burned by the Muslims. She had forgiven her torturers.
Finally he was ready to ask Jesus into his heart and be his helper. When he opened his eyes he thought he would look like a Christian. Nothing changed. Except he had great peace. He got kicked out. Friend said are you better than Jesus? Welcome to Christianity. He got beat up. Arrested and beaten. Judge demanded they renounce Christianity. He and 2 other friends were sentenced to death. One each Friday. Each one said: Jesus! Here I come! before they died. When the next Friday came Libya attacked and the prisoners escaped. He ran to the burnt lady. She adopted him and changed his name.
PBI had a scholarship. Started churches in Calgary. Joined missions and 700 people were baptized in a few years. Many of them are now in prisons.
Got invited to baptize 2 sisters. They got badly beaten by their uncle. They said we are now true Christians.
Can you stand up and say "send me!"