Sunday, August 25, 2013

All Peoples Church Falcon Lake

Pastor Brian Hamilton has a twin. His name is Brian Hamilton and he works for Ambassadors For Christ of Woodstock NB a mission that works in Cuba and Cambodia.
Oh wait no, he is the same fellow!

Philippians 3.7 I consider everything rubbish compared to Christ.
A popular movie that came out a few years ago, Elephant Man. Brought people to evaluate self worth. The man was considered a freak and a circus object until a doctor saw through his deformities.

It is now 50 years since "I have a dream" speech by Dr Martin Luther King.

There are cultural ideas of ideas of worth. Handsome males and beautiful women are in. All others are...

Sweat pants used to be only for exercise. Now our gods and goddesses make many people feel useless.

A man from Switzerland with the Elephant Man syndrome came to Falcon and was amazed at the beauty here. He shared how he had been shunned.

If a doctor who works among the poorest of Africa is ignored. Angelina Jolie gets lots of attention.

Jesus identified with the poor and outcast. God loves the poor. He made so many of them.

God chose the week to shame the wise. Anything we rely on can become an idol to us. In Cambodia idols were easy to see. Our idols are more difficult to see. Our idols are the things we think about all the time.

Dr Paul Brandt wrote lots of books. There were lots of good preachers in England. Then he encountered a fisherman preacher Willie, a simple man who showed Paul the image of God. That changed his life.

Beauty fades wealth gets left behind.

Mother Theresa said when she looked into the face of a begger she prayed that she would see the face of Christ.

Music by James Fast of SCHS. His chamber choir won top honors in Chicago recently.
Next Sunday Harry Funk will lead the music and devotional. Pastor Brian and Linda will be in Nova Scotia to celebrate his father's 80th birthday.

May all who come behind us find us faithful.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Gap between Me and God Christa Hesselink @clhesselink teacher:
Sin is missing the mark. We are full of sin. Jesus is the only one who can rescue us.
The higher the need for rescue the higher the impact of rescue.
Dramatic rescues:
Deal with life and death. The Chilean miners needed a dramatic rescue.
The whole story of the Bible is about the most needed and dramatic rescue of all time. Jesus is the rescuer going to the place of bondage to rescue us. Rom 3:22-25

I need a God who can rescue me.
I was rescued I am being rescued I will be rescued.
God's motivation is love. Rick and Dick Hoyst are running marathons. The son is paralyzed so the father carries him through the races. God our father takes us and carries us.
Let love in.

God has already rescued you. Make sure you get in touch with God. Live as a follower of Christ. Sameness leads to numbness. Participate in rescuing others to stay in touch with the dramatic rescue.
Sing a new song together.

God is able.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wisdom: get to know God. Trust

1) Holy words long preserved for our walk in this world,they resound with God's own heart, oh let the ancient word impart.
words of life words of hope give us strength help us cope in this world wherein we roam, ancient word will guide us home

ancient word ever true changing me and changing you we have come with open hearts oh let the ancient word impart

2) Holy word of our faith handed down to this age come to us through sacrifice o heed the faithful words of christ
Holy words long preserved for our walk in this world they resound with God's own hearto let the ancient word impart

3) Martyr's blood stains each page they have died for this faith hear them cry through the years heed these words and hold them clear.


Dave Ens pastor
Proverbs 3.5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own heart. Parallelism. Or Trust in the Lord with all your understanding and lean not on your own understanding. We like to say to God, help my life to go the way I think it should go.
What does it mean to acknowledge God? Oh hi there you are? Hello?
In Hebrew it says 'know' God. Discover what God plans for you.
How do we get to know God? Study. Practice what we know God wants us to do. Walk with God in the everydayness of life. In all your ways... get to know God every step of the journey. Live with eyes open towards God.
There is a direct correlation between the time spent to know God and the ability to trust God.
A youth pastor came to talk to Dave. I don't believe in God because he hasn't answered my prayer. I prayed that a certain girl would come and ask me out but she hasn't.
Proverbs 16.3 let go to the Lord whatever you do and God will establish your plan.
Saul's priest is doing through the rituals to get God to listen to him. Jonathan says this is ridiculous. If God wants to defeat the enemy he'll do it. Jonathan moved ahead with his armour bearer. God have Jonathan the victory. 600 people can't beat the enemy, but 2 people and God can.
Listen and God will make your path well and right filled with integrity. The manner in which you live your life will be straight.
In every situation you can walk in honesty.

Kingdom Rock: Where Kids Stand Strong For God

Kingdom Rock: Where Kids Stand Strong For God. This week at

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Pineridge: Get out of the Boat; Treading Water
They are / have / will be doing the c2c series. They have the 8x8 cross that used to be at They installed 2 new projectors. One facing the front the other to the screen at the back. 1 service approx 120 people.
Good singing group. All modernist "worship" songs.

Pastor Lorne:
Matth 14 we like the word immediately. We will not talk about that. We'll talk about waiting. Do you like waiting? Sailing in a crisp wind is fun. Sometimes we got stuck in the middle of the lake with all the wind gone out of the sails.
Waiting at the park entrance you are
The opportunity to invite them to church
Pass by on the shoulder
40,000,000,000 hours are spent waiting in North America each year. We hate to wait.
A person without patience is like a car with no brakes.
God gives you opportunities to wait.
Interruptions happen. They are opportunities to learn patience.
You can sit on a mountain easier than on a tack. Inactivity
Patience carries a lot if wait.
Lord I need patience and I need it now!
When people got impatient waiting for elevators they install mirrors so people can see themselves and check their hair etc.
People say I'm just waiting on the Lord.
Becoming Patient
Discover a bigger protective.
We want God's resources without waiting. I must learn to trust God and wait for him to do it. To the Lord a thousand years are like a day.
Patience comes when we see life from God's point of view. Patience develops strength. The marshmallow test. Those who waited would get more marshmallows. They were the people who became successful in life.
Wait to deepen your faith. Noah waited 120 years till his boat floated.
Amen. Come Lord Jesus. The Bible talks more about Jesus's second coming than his first.
God always has the last word. Depend on Jesus's power. God will give you patience. The Egyptians chased the Israelites with evil intent. Moses said wait. God's got it under control.
What God is doing is part of the process of becoming what God wants us to do. God is waiting for you.
God's promise
Those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength.
Flap your wings. Glide. Or soar like an eagle.
God is giving you power to soar. Not on your own strength. Keep running. God will give you strength to soar in due time. He knows your condition. Jesus kept walking. He was not soaring on the way to Calvary. He stumbled and fell.
It will be worth the wait to trust in the Lord. Remember the suffering of Jesus when we take communion. We will celebrate Jesus's willingness to suffer to pay the penalty we should have paid. Jesus took your pain. Love is patient. The first word used to describe love.

Communion is served with a gluten free option.