Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Gap between Me and God Christa Hesselink @clhesselink teacher:
Sin is missing the mark. We are full of sin. Jesus is the only one who can rescue us.
The higher the need for rescue the higher the impact of rescue.
Dramatic rescues:
Deal with life and death. The Chilean miners needed a dramatic rescue.
The whole story of the Bible is about the most needed and dramatic rescue of all time. Jesus is the rescuer going to the place of bondage to rescue us. Rom 3:22-25

I need a God who can rescue me.
I was rescued I am being rescued I will be rescued.
God's motivation is love. Rick and Dick Hoyst are running marathons. The son is paralyzed so the father carries him through the races. God our father takes us and carries us.
Let love in.

God has already rescued you. Make sure you get in touch with God. Live as a follower of Christ. Sameness leads to numbness. Participate in rescuing others to stay in touch with the dramatic rescue.
Sing a new song together.

God is able.

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