Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Lake

A place to relax!

All Peoples Dinosaurs

Guest speaker. Gordon Gilbie. Got married recently. I did not kiss my wife until after we got married.

In the beginning there was nothing. Then there was light. There was still nothing.

A day to God is as long as he chooses it to be. Millions of years or 24 hours.
It's a problem when the church gets hung up. The Bible does not require one form or another. We can't make it an absolute truth one way or another. Our belief should not be anything other than a question.

When someone brings up evolution, don't argue about 24 hours but as God is creator. Atheists know they can argue from the arguments of the church.
Romans 1.18, 20
Eternal power has been revealed in nature. There is plenty of evidence for God. Admit that already.
How to Confront without being confrontational.

The Bible is not a book about science but science is at home in the Bible.

An atheist science told God he could create anything. Make life. Okay I'll take some dirt. No make your own dirt.

Where did it all begin? Big bang? Where did that come from? There is a point of creation. There has to be a designer.

The first law of thermodynamics.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Lord William Kelvin defined the laws of thermodynamics.

2nd law of entropy. From order to disorder. Not from disorder to order. Not from simple to complex. Evolution - That's against the law of nature.

Chinese checkers. Set it up in order and then through it up 10 times and you will get more and more disorder. Evolution cannot be science.

The only explanation evolutionists have is that what we see is all by chance. That's impossible.

The probability of 10 to the 50th is impossible. All the atoms in the universe total 10 to the 84th. What are the chances of pulling 10 cards out of a bag in numerical sequence? It would be a chance of one in 10 to the 10th.

Would an infinite number of monkeys be able to produce the works of Shakespeare?

Book. Dismantling Evolution. What is the probability to produce one small protein by chance? 10 to the 150th. That's 3x impossible.

The fossil record. Darwin said fossils will prove evolution. Not one fossil proof has been found. There are no missing links. There is no record of a 1/2 evolved bird.

There is not one true fact to prove evolution. Only fools believe in evolution.

Do it with gentleness and respect. Point people to God's creation.

Hank Hanegraaff
Fatal Flaws book

Sunday, May 18, 2014

All People's Church Falcon

Fabulous service! The choir from Emanuel Free Church Steinbach sang a half dozen hymns. 

Neil Rempel (his favorite song is Kneel (Neil) at the Cross!) from Greater European Mission was the guest speaker.
He spoke passionately about the need for Christians to speak to everyone about the Good News of Jesus's death and resurrection based on Acts 19 where Paul enters the synagogue and has daily dialogue with the Jews about the good news. When they get tired of him he rents a hall and teaches there for 2 more years and great glory came to Jesus's name.

He used an example of a humble believer in Austria that was faithful in witnessing to a highly intelligent avowed atheist and brought him to Neil who challenged him to read the Bible and pray that God would reveal himself. 

He did and became a Christian and now is a pastor in Austria.

Neil's family including grandkids are going to Poland this summer to teach English. They use in their ministry.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014 REFUEL

The splendor of the King Clothed in majesty Let all the earth rejoice All the earth rejoice He wraps Himself in light And darkness tries to hide It trembles at His voice  How great is our God, sing with me How great is our God and all will see How great, how great is our God
Mother video
Delbert Enns
50 days between Jesus resurrection and ascension
Refuel series.  When our load is too heavy we might burn out.
The load can get too heavy when you don't have anyone to help you. Feeling fatigued? Overload can be hard to understand.
10 overload indicators:
Diet,  do it yourself, blow up,
Ancient Egyptians weighed the hearts and brains of people after they died.
What are we doing by putting our kids through all that stress.
Job had issues. Stress. John asked questions from prison. Mathew 11. Jesus said God will bless you where you are. Come to me if you have burdens. I will give you rest.
Come to me. 3 words to healing. Advice.  Rest.
Have you heard Jesus's call?
Men's breakfast 7am you are invited.
Shoot the hamster and sell the wheel spinning in your head.  Problem is there will be another one tomorrow.
Shut the door and pray.
Come to me, Jesus says. Give up control. Take Jesus's yoke. Share the load. Team up with Jesus to share the load.
Let's walk together. With Jesus. Too often we take up other yokes. Let the Holy Spirit come on you.
Be teachable. Avoid aggression and arrogance.
Come to me today. Get some rest. Listen. Have a relationship with Jesus.
Beautiful one I love you.
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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Love, Sex & Relationships
Check out the latest message from our current series, Love, Sex & Relationships. All messages are made available to watch, listen to, or download on your mobile device.

Quit treating love like a noun... make it a verb. Love starts as an engine and becomes a caboose. 

Go home and make love....
a verb.
What does that mean? Eph 5.21 submit to one another.   submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. In our relationship you are the priority, no you are, no you first, no you first, no you first
That's the foundation. Submit submit by choice,  decision,  I am choosing to place myself under you. That's how you stay in love.

Go to God to learn how to love. You need a new heart. God is there to forgive. To teach and empower. Where are you on this journey?

This church had asked and received a box full of LifeLight Scriptures to distribute in their inner-city neighbourhood.

Check out for an update on that project.