Sunday, October 26, 2014

Holy Spirit

Choir led by Lisa Hamm
Next week at Outrageous Generosity

Delbert Enns pastor:
Maybe your life is uneventful and discouraging. Community hekps you feel good. The life Jesus called us to live is so much more. Bad company corrupts. Find people who can encourage you. Surround yourself with people who build you up spiritually. Desire growth. Ask Jesus to reveal himself to you.
You are made for so much more! Surround yourself with people who care to help you achieve so much more in Jesus.
Let Jesus become greater in your life. We often live in mediocrity. Open your eyes to Jesus. Get a real encounter with Jesus.
2 Kings 6 the king was getting wire tapped. v15 they sent the best troops to capture Elisha. But Elisha said there are more on our side than theirs.

When you see the enemy ask the Lord to open your eyes to see the forces of God on your side.
The glory of God surrounds you.
When the eyes of the enemies were opened they had a feast and saw that there is only one living God in the world.
We need truth tellers in our lives. Eph 1:18 Paul prays for us too. We are children of the heavenly Father.
Elisha followed Elijah. What do you want from me? A double spirit of your power. Elisha struck the river and it parted. The 50 prophets were watching and realized that Elisha was the new prophet. You have loved ones watching you too. They will rejoice with you and your new power.

Share with one another. Pray that God will open your eyes to his love. Hold each other accountable. Celebrate the Lord's supper and invite your friends to come and share in this love.

All to Jesus I surrender. Let me know that I am yours.

Christ has called us to outrageous life.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leader Impact evening

The Artisan Soul
Erwin Raphael McManus. Author speaker.
Grew up in El Salvador
Raised by grandparents. Mom married again. He earned the right to go to psych ward by age of 12. Learned to live in a dreamworld.
Wrote a new book. Everyone is creative. Innovators are unmanageable.
Fill your life with action.
We all have a concert of voices in our head. They contradict each other.
Some of us have reinforcing voices but most don't.
Psychologists are often confused.

Talked to a group of investors about beauty and truth. The Artisan Soul book has a story about being thrown out of the house naked as a kid. Was ashamed. Why? Who told him to be ashamed? Adam and Eve had that experience.
They had the privilege of eating freely, naked, and unashamed.
God asked who told you that you are naked? What voice are you allowing to define you?

There are people who have their theology right but no relationship with Jesus. Jesus is the voice that speaks life into your soul.

Voices of failure kill you. The story you believe in your life. When you believe you have no value that will kill you.

Everything you do projects meaning. Why do we let the bad voices eat you?

What does God's voice sound like? Is it a parasite in your head?

A woman was caught in adultery. Jesus did not see her nakedness he saw her shame.

2000 years ago when God stepped into human history and offers us a life without shame. Why does Jesus have to die? There is a cure for every disease. Jesus is the cure for shame and death.

In L.A. all kinds of people attend Mosaic. I ask them and you to stand to say I want to give my life to Jesus tonight.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Dave Ens
2 Kings 6 - let's build a bigger school! Everyone cut down a tree. One guy lost his special axe in the river. Elisha threw a stick in the water and the axe floated. He told his student to go pick it up and be more careful. Story done. But he made the student go into the water to retrieve the axe head.
Gal 6:20 everyone helps each other to do what God wants us to do. Empower each other.

3 people in the story
Elisha, student, axe head
Is it worth retrieving?
Community of Jesus is a community of recovery.
Luke 15 the woman found her lost coin and called her community to come celebrate.

God's community is not a community of efficiency. All belong. We support each other.

Eph 1.9, 10 God has revealed the mystery of his will. He wants to recover everyone. In Jesus people encountered the living love and grace of God. V20 God raised Jesus from the dead. The church now is the completeness of Christ. That is now the place of the community of believers, the church.

Do you encounter love and grace in the church? Do you find embrace? That is how we help each other.

Mario from Forward House was baptized here 3 years ago. 188 co founder. Belonging with no judgement has been a blessing. Strengthen my faith. Blessing for all those who come through there.

How has the community help you? Born RC walked away from God. Between Dave and others at I've grown.

Vision is to be more involved at and help others. Never really turned away from God even through incarceration. God can bless the worst people and give the same freedom. Show love and respect.

Jesus conquers the grave!
Savior he can move the mountains.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Big Buts of the Bible

Getting to the But of Love!
Spock and captain Kirk
In a previous episode Spock died to allow others to live.
When Jesus died he died for his enemies and friends.
Rom 5. Go get a Bible.
Left Behind came out and no one went to see it. If you do go leave a set of clothes in the seat.
Almost Normal is a new video about young people committed to serve Jesus.

Distance Group. Oshawa has a house church group.

ISIS ISLAM & JESUS a 3 week series coming up

Rom 5:6-8
Justification just as if I'd never sinned.
Out of the gift of grace God forgives and we want to live a life of love.
Reconciliation - a separation a brokenness that should be bought back together.
Reconciliation is only a Christian concept. The God of the universe wants to be friends with us.
God's love has been poured into our hearts. We often tune that out. Internal and external love.
While we were still sinners (enemies) (bad guys)Christ died for us!
There is no category for this kind of hero in human literature.
The God of the old Testament did a lot of slaying. Jesus said love is the real God.  Jesus shows us who God really is.
1. God has always been about self sacrifice
2. We have always been about self preservation
3. God works with us where we are it. Eg kings of Israel. Accommodation. God is good with a tent. David wanted a temple. God said ok then. God uses what people want. The old Testament should be read with tears. God hates a lot of the old Testament.
Does God love the rebellious child? Yes. God does not force you to attend the party. He invites you to come! He wants to make you his child.
Parents family spouse (former) friends enemy
1. Love is a choice
2. Love is offered to everyone
3. Love is given regardless of emotions
4. Love does not passively tolerate wrongs
5. Love asks How can I help you?

Sunday, October 05, 2014


Delbert Enns

Is it fair for mom to slave away preparing thanksgiving dinner and everyone gobbles it up before she has a chance to sit down? All she gets is left overs.

Sometimes we face setbacks. When 1+1=0

Following Christ is not a straight line. More like a zigzag.
Jesus must become greater and I must become less and less.

Where is God when nothing works? Friends let you down. Kids in trouble?

Elisha was a prophet and one of the students at the school died. The widow got in trouble.
Elisha said: what do you need? What do you have? Just some olive oil. He makes her do something. Borrow jars (become a begger) and pour oil to fill them all. Do something! Pray. NOW!

Knock and the door will be open. God wants us to beg.

The widow poured oil until all the jars were full. Now she had to go sell door to door.

The woman of Shunam has a son that died. She asked Elisha to come back. The boy comes back to life when Elisha does mouth to mouth.

Jesus come upon me and warm me up!