Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leader Impact evening

The Artisan Soul
Erwin Raphael McManus. Author speaker.
Grew up in El Salvador
Raised by grandparents. Mom married again. He earned the right to go to psych ward by age of 12. Learned to live in a dreamworld.
Wrote a new book. Everyone is creative. Innovators are unmanageable.
Fill your life with action.
We all have a concert of voices in our head. They contradict each other.
Some of us have reinforcing voices but most don't.
Psychologists are often confused.

Talked to a group of investors about beauty and truth. The Artisan Soul book has a story about being thrown out of the house naked as a kid. Was ashamed. Why? Who told him to be ashamed? Adam and Eve had that experience.
They had the privilege of eating freely, naked, and unashamed.
God asked who told you that you are naked? What voice are you allowing to define you?

There are people who have their theology right but no relationship with Jesus. Jesus is the voice that speaks life into your soul.

Voices of failure kill you. The story you believe in your life. When you believe you have no value that will kill you.

Everything you do projects meaning. Why do we let the bad voices eat you?

What does God's voice sound like? Is it a parasite in your head?

A woman was caught in adultery. Jesus did not see her nakedness he saw her shame.

2000 years ago when God stepped into human history and offers us a life without shame. Why does Jesus have to die? There is a cure for every disease. Jesus is the cure for shame and death.

In L.A. all kinds of people attend Mosaic. I ask them and you to stand to say I want to give my life to Jesus tonight.

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