Sunday, September 29, 2013

Musical grandchildren

60th anniversary of George and Maria Wiebe.
Interview by the grandchildren:
Where did you learn: If you don't have time to do it right the first time how will you have time to do it again?
Grandma did you have other dreams besides marriage? Wanted to have cows to milk.
One year of dating once a week. Went to the weddings in a horse and buggy with wooden spokes on the wheels.
Grandpa did you have any other dreams? No.
How old were you when your first child was born? 43 How old were you when your youngest child was born? 90. How did you manage raising 13 children?
We had $1,000 and got a one month working permit.  In 3 years got Canadian citizenship.
What do you love most about each other? The love she he has for God.
How do you keep married for 60 years? Always make everything right before going to bed.

Grandchildren sing: You are my sunshine.

Milton Loewen: moved to Arborg in the same year. The Wiebes have been a real blessing to us.
They drew their strength from the Lord. They made simple vows 60 years ago.
King David recognized that he needed to praise the Lord. How long is your list of blessings? We are getting older. David prayed that God would keep him in old age. Praise God more all the time.
God will guide us. We will flourish in old age. Ps 91 the Lord is my refuge.
God's hand is over you. May God richly bless you!
Kids Anna Susan Anna Peter Marie Jake Tina George Helen Margie Nettie Abram Abe Johnny Martha plus 10 spouses children and grandchildren = 106-4 in the family.

Riverton Community Service

This service today is in memory of pastor Don who passed away recently.
Unity and diversity. People telling their faith stories. God's Word in many languages. 1st Corinthians 12:12-13 Romans 12:3-5
English French Ukrainian Icelandic Spanish German

Hymn: The love of God.
Were every stalk on earth a quill and every man a scribe by trade to write the love of God above would drain the oceans dry

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.
Oh for grace to trust him more

Come thou fount of every blessing.

Faith story Menno Friesen
Sharing our faith walk should be an encouragement to you. Grew up in a wonderful home. Parents tried to install biblical values. I rebelled trying to do my own thing. Called Christianity a crutch. I wanted fire insurance for protection from the fries of hell. Was in several accidents and came out of it alive even though we got soaked in gasoline. Tried to hide during thunderstorms. In 72 went hunting and prayed that if God existed he would send a moose to him without taking another step. A moose came straight at him and when the moose was less than 50' away he finally had the gun loaded and dropped the moose. God said this is nothing for me. You will see greater things. From that day on I've served the Lord. It took some struggles to die to self. Do you really love me? Jesus asked. My life changed so dramatically. I became a new creation. God was making all mankind his friends. God said go and share the good news.

Enjoy your faith walk. You are a new creation. It's wonderful and we have heaven to look forward to. When my vitals stopped a few years ago I had a taste of heaven. The angels were with the doctor and staff that day.

Hecla pastor John: in volunteering with Siloam I have realized there are lots of needs. Today's offering is for the Riverton Food Bank. It is not government funded. Your donations keep it going. 50 families need this every week. You can also volunteer.

Riverton Lutheran church choir: A wonderful savior is Jesus my Lord.
Oh come angel band and bear me away in your snowy wings to my immortal home.

Children's feature: A sheep story. Little lamb what are you doing out there by yourself? I have a shepherd that looks after me but I ran away and got hurt and scared. Then my shepherd called and I was so happy to respond. I heard all the wolves howling and when I heard my shepherds voice I responded so happily. Now I'm happy to be in the fence my shepherd built. Jesus is the good shepherd who looks after us. He loves you. Jesus loves me this I know. The Bible tells me so.

Special Music: Willie Nelson song. That Bible on the table. Dad would read to us from the family Bible. I can see us sitting round the family and hear my mother softly singing rock of ages cleft for me. If we only had more Bibles on the family table.

Thrift Shop story: Luanna Friesen. A black garbage bag. Could contain the remnants of a life well lived. I work as a volunteer. I'm swiss. Amish. I never met a perhogie till I moved to Manitoba. The thrift shop is what keeps me busy. I belong to Christ you belong to Christ I belong. I bring hope to the world. 34 years ago Ruben and I were invited to join the thrift shop start up. We served on the board for 20 years. Volunteered there for 40 hours a month bridging the gap between the black garbage bag and hope.

Special Music: His Church song by Ruth Dyck and daughter. Be encouraged it is His church. The cornerstone is in place. It's God's church. Not yours not mine.

Faith Story: young man's story: The Crazy Farmer. Wanted to do things differently. By hand. He seeded each seed by hand and watered it all by hand. Even seed that was planted many years ago. He never gave up. God is like that, caring for each of us and never giving up hope. Theology is trying to understand the logic of God. Jesus gave himself and died for us. Let's sing Amazing Grace.

Music Ministry: Amazing Grace.  Sam & Barb

Closing and Prayer: Dwight Plett
We have seen people working together and we are having potluck
Closing song Jesus loves me sung in all the languages simultaneously.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The essentials of church. Worship
Pastor Dave Ens.
In 42 years I may have attended 1,400 church services. Why? What are the things that make the wheel go round?
Take a spoke out of the wheel and it loses integrity.
1Tim 2.1 First of all then... refers to something before this. Keep the church on track.

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity.
Paul is challenging us.
Mark 12.30 Love the Lord and your neighbor goes together.
Where does it flow from?

1st you need to worship God. What's the chief end as humans. To glorify God and enjoy him forever.
How you understand God depends on your understanding of God. Get worship right. They had all kinds of arguments in the early church. Worship had to get right.
Presentation and order is not important. Entertainment is not worship. The church can't compete in the entertainment world. Each episode of 'Thrones' costs $6 million dollars to produce.
Does my worship pull me out of this world? Or do I find something bigger. Experience know and appreciate God who is so much bigger than I can imagine.
When we worship we are all at the same place at the foot of the cross.
God's love sustains us. Of the 1400 times I've been in church Psalm 27:4 behold the beauty of the Lord.
1Tim 2.1-9 the Lord our God and savior wants everyone to be saved.
When we get threatened we retreat. Paul wants us to reach out.
The church needs to be salt and light but FIRST OF ALL get your worship right.
Transcend our pressures and fears. Worship is an essential spoke in the wheel.
Read Scripture together to worship God. Rev. 5 fall down and worship.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What is working in the kingdom of God?

Mark 2.1,12
Falcon Lake Church
Pastor Brian Hamilton
What is easier, tell him he is forgiven or tell the paralyzed man to get up and walk?
Jesus was back home in Capernaum. Jesus was making a huge impact. News spread quickly. Soon there was a crowd at the door spilling out unto the street. People at the windows trying to see and hear Jesus. 4 men showed up with a physically handicapped friend. This is strange for that era. Handicapped people were mostly ignored. These friends carried the paralytic. They could not get through the door so they climbed up and chopped a hole in the roof so they could lower the man to the feet of Jesus!
Would I be willing to do that? These men are a good example to us.
1. They were people focused and willing to be inconvenienced. Could they have been the 1st row? Yes They were healthy men.
They had to repair the roof afterwards. Be concerned about others more than about ourselves.
2. They had a spirit of cooperation. One might have been able to haul him up the roof and drop him at Jesus' feet. Jesus could have healed him of the concussion too. We all need each other. We have different gifts but as we work together the kingdom gets built.
3. Conviction. These men were determined to reach Jesus. That determination meant victory and healing to their friend. That determination causes church growth. James Corbett was a boxing star. How do you get to the top? Fight one more round.
4. They knew that the most important thing for their friend was to be laid at the feet of Jesus. Will we disturb others too much. Thank you God for people willing to dig holes in roofs. People willing to bring friends to Jesus.
Imagine what God can do if we all become willing like the 4 friends to bring people to Jesus.
Come back to the cross and say Lord forgive me.
See yourself in the story to be led of the Lord and bring others to the feet of Jesus.
That can only be done in the power of God.
Let's pray.
Come thou fount of every blessing.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

All People's Church

Pastor Brian Hamilton
Luke 22.7
John 17
I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one. I am in them and you are in me.
The essence of the Lord's table is unity.
Paul was scolding the early church for creating disunity. We need to be brought to complete unity.
Nova Scotia was as beautiful as ever. We felt belonging with the family. When parents die some people feel like orphans.
have always felt secure in his family. His Mom wrote a letter to Brian every week since he left home at age 18. Last week she gave it to him in person. (She's 81 now)
Mom provided a package of goodies every month. She kept reminding him of home and family.
God has placed eternity in our hearts. That's how God made us.
Jesus left us a message to celebrate the Lord's table. His message to us is that He loves us. Jesus prayed for our protection.
When you pick up your communion cup and bread think
How much Jesus loves you.
We are significant in Jesus's eyes.
We've created so many things to make us feel significant. When you participate this morning remember that Jesus was willing to sacrifice himself.
Mom was always concerned about him. Communion reminds us of God's presence.
Jesus said I'm leaving for your benefit. I'm sending the Holy Spirit to be with you all the time.
Jesus wants a close relationship. Rev 3 Jesus says I stand at your door and knock. Come near and eat with me. There is a safe place. The Lord's table is A care package from our home in heaven to remind us of his love. Remember Jesus today.
Celebrate God's presence today. Thank God Jesus forgave you.
This is my body BROKEN for you.
This cup is the new covenant.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Harry Funk and family

Harry Funk and family at All People's Church in Falcon Lake.
The 5 couples shared one cottage this weekend. Last night they had no hot water. Emergency repair and they are all here sparkling clean.
Psalm 23 is a favorite. Husband was a teacher and then a pastor in 4 churches. Where to retire was a hard decision. Set aside a day of fasting and prayer. The next day we both knew that Portage La Prairie. Now working with needy boys ministry.
Here we stand at a crossroads again. We turn our hearts to what is yet to come. We know you will lead us Lord. Prepare our hearts to risk again to lead a life of fruitfulness.
Like a shepherd God protects us. John 9. Jesus came to give us abundant life. He gives us strength. Reach out and experience the breadth and depth of God's love. Glory to God through all millennia.
Song duet
He leads me by his hand he leads me through Jordan or wherever. His faithful follower I will be.
Solo by Harry
There has never been a friend like Jesus. We walk hand in hand through this pilgrim land. Let me recommend this friend so faithful.
Group song
Because the Lord is my shepherd I have everything I need. I will never be afraid because he is close beside me.
Our shepherd gives us nourishment of every kind. Psalm 59 I will sing of your strength
Your love is life to me. My truest longing my deepest need. Without it I don't know where I'd be. Your love is life to me.
Ladies Quartet
Holy Words long preserved. Ancient words will guide us home. They will change us they will change you. They resound with God's own heart.
Shout for joy.
Harry with the Ladies Quartet
God will carry the lambs close to His heart.
When I pause in God's presence I enter God's cathedral. There are times when I can't feel his presence because doubts fill me.