Sunday, January 29, 2012

Riverwood - Depression?

What's with the depression angles? EastView is into a mind control theme. We've been listening to Dr Keller's messages on Ephesians. This morning we listened to his exposition of the 1st verses of chapter 3. I'll see if l can post that message here.
Now we are at Church by invitation from Joanne.
They started off with some drum numbers by the 5 drummergirls.

The theme today is The Darkest Hour.
Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his feet. For He is holy (repeat 100 times)

No one else is worthy of our praise. God we do not deserve what you lavish on us.

Lot's of opportunity at this church to participate. Financial university. Truth project etc. Saturday morning men's breakfast.

What does it look like getting stuck in depression? Fudge enjoyment? Give up? Stuck in bad habits & addictions? Eat purge? Change? Is life over?

Can you identify with that?
Hare you ever felt trapped? Struggled with mental health? Despair? Hope or hopelessness? Mental illness?
One thing - God is in the darkness. His followers experience darkness and despair. We are not immune to darkness.
Ps 88 David wrote about depression. My soul is full of trouble. In the darkest pit. I'm almost dead. Do the dead praise God? Why do You reject me? The darkness has become my closest friend.
Why is it so hard to feel God's presence? WW2 pilots needed light so they could land on the carrier. But the carrier could not turn on the lights for fear of attack. The pilots perished. Sometimes it feels like God has rejected us.
I do not know how long you will have to endure the darkness but God is in the darkness. Ps 39 if I have to go through hell on earth God is there.
Neither death nor demons can separated us from the love of Jesus. God is in the middle of your darkness.
Exodus 20:21 the Israelites ran away from an encounter with God. And Moses went into the thick darkness to meet God. That's where to draw near to God. The empty black hole. A professor lost his wife daughter and mother in one night. The quickest way to get to the sunlight is to go into the darkness. Tell someone about your darkness. Even in hell on earth God is there. Share your story.

Listen to Stephanie's story. My fog. Post partum depression is so common. To feel nothing. Talk to a counselor. Fight through it.

There are no easy answers to snap out of depression.
The acacia tree grows in the desert. It goes dormant and looks dead when there is no moisture. When the rain comes it comes back to life even after many years. God makes rivers in the desert and streams in the wasteland.
Walk into the darkness. We don't know how long it will take before sunrise. There are no easy answers.

Pray with someone today. The midst of the darkness is not without hope.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Illness is a thing a man should resist on principle at the onset. Ed Bulwer Lytton

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Transform: A New Heart On -line video
All that we have we give you now- God only one.
Teach as to trust you with our lives
Worthy is the lamb that was slain. Holy holy is He the Lord God Almighty.
Holy holy holy Lord God Almighty All the saints adore you.
Choir: Such love pure as the blinding snow paying my guilt and shame.
Dave Ens: with Teddy bear
Let's talk about our feelings. Mom's are looking for baby sitters.
Feelings spring from images. Cross=pain love sacrifice. Coffee mug: ?
We all need transformation -new neural networks. We can't do that of ourselves. We need God outside of us. A new foundation - God starts with our emotions. People have a huge range of emotions. Often our feelings make our decisions for us. We purchase impulse items. We often make decisions on feelings. Feelings are often bad decision makers. Feelings make us want more and more. People who are adicted to love will switch partners often. Good marriages must work it out.
When we are angry we see everything through angry filters. God wants to give us new lenses - love joy hope peace.
Eph 3:14-21 that Christ may dwell in your hearts in love. Agape love - seeking the best for others. The new lens disarms my feelings and creates healthy feelings. Seeking the best for others with no benefit to me. Christ does that.
Unless you have that love getting rooted in your heart you can't really change. Understand how big this love is.
Recognize your brokeness and find peace instead of failure.
Rom 5:1-5 justified by faith we have peace with God. No longer based on emotions but what God can do in me. Boast in my sufferings? Because of hope? God's love poured into our hearts.
God can do far more in our lives. Give a new reason for living.
End this service in prayer. Stay and pray as long as you need.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Transform: A New Covenant

Will this blog hit 100,000 within 4 years of Renee helping me install the hits counter?
Clap your hands while you sing
Blessed be the name of the Lord Every blessing you pour out I'll turn into praise
Oh Lord my God when I consider all the worlds your hands have made then sings my soul how great you are! When I think that you sent your son to die for me then sings my soul how great you are! When Christ will come to take me home then I will sing in humble adoration how great you are!
I'm coming back to the Heart of Worship It's all about You Jesus.
How Great is our God! Age to age he stands with a name above all Names Worthy of all praise

Dave Ens Jeremiah 31:31-34
Part 1 Transform. Formation happens to each of us. Go online to hear this sermon
Rom 7:15-25 I do not do what I want to do. Another law is at war - Who will rescue me? Jesus will.

How many of us have broken our New Year's resolution?
The brain registers repeated activity and lays down a neural network so that you can do it automatically without thinking. You can't smell the odor in your own house. Kids learning to ride a bike don't know the specifics of how they learn to ride. Once they know how to ride they'll never forget. The network is there. Learn to play the piano and you can do it therafter.
Evil networks are never forgotten either. Former Alcoholics are always only recovering because the bad network will always be there.
For true transformation we need someone outside of us to help us change.
Sean Quiggley Video testimony. There is something bigger than me. He experienced gradual transformation through going to church.
Dr Gerald May: no matter how much grace God has blessed us with we need his continuous flow.
Jer 31 - the days of the new Covenant are coming
All will know the Lord.
The law does not work. We need a new heart on the inside. New networks that Connect us to God. Let the peace Word of Christ dwell in your hearts through faith. That works. Let him invade your heart.
Memorize Scripture! The book of James. Beth Moore study.
May you be vigilant!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

One Heart Winnipeg

Winnipeg Churches annual joint worship service at MTS Centre. Celebrating One Lord One Church One Heart.

"Home of the Winnipeg Jets - Fuelled by Passion" -- what a smart business marketing ploy by Mark Chipmunk using government and media funds to get people enthusiastically putting money in his pocket!

Opening song: A City on our Knees! (good thing I brought my ear plugs) if you gotta start somewhere why not here?

60 churches coming together to celebrate. Pastor Delbert Enns chair.
Reading from Psalms. Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.

This building sees sports teams worshipped every week! Now it is time the Lord gets worshipped here! Today is the day! You have made I will rejoice and be glad in it. I will stand upon your truth. All my days I will live for you.
Praise is rising when we see You we find strength to face the day. Hosanna Come have your way among us. We welcome you here Lord Jesus (Repeat a million times)
God you reign Creation sings God you reign You hold my life You know my heart God you reign forever and ever hallelujah!
O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder Consider all the worlds you have made. How great you are! Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee How great you are! When I think that God his Son not sparring sent him to die. I bow in humble adoration How great you are!
Puppets 4 Him intro by 10 year old. So happy in Jesus. Me and God God in me so happy in Jesus.
Inner City Offering -toonies to help our neighbours in need.
Offeratory violin Oh Lord my God how great thou art.
Another puppet performance I'm livin on sonshine don't it feel good I feel alive

Switch gears - Ron MacLean (Gateway Church) married to Mary 33 years.
Proclaim the word!
You may live in Winnipeg if you drive 90 km in 2 feet of snow without flinching!
Jeremiah 29:7. God had not forgotten the exiles. Seek the welfare of the city of Babylon where I have sent you.
1. God is concerned about cities because there are so many people. God loves them.
2. God has placed you here. Sent you here to bless you here. The Sovereign Lord who counts the stars placed you here by divine appointment. No matter your situation God brought you here. Not a coincidence - it is God's will. Good acceptable and perfect.
3. Seek the welfare of the city - the health blessing and safety. All the people - God's heart has always been for the nations. Prayer is the 1st resort. In time of trouble.
In 1857 a preacher announced a prayer meeting. Soon 10,000 business men prayed one hour a day. Soon millions were converted. Brother Andrew started a prayer circle - within 7 years communism fell. When we rely on prayer we rely on what God can do. The power of God for salvation. Heralding gossiping the good news. Live it.
Working together in unity. There is one church in Winnipeg. We want our city blessed. The love of Jesus to every corner of the city.

Todd Petkau - Communion specifically for Christ's followers. Think of The Upper Room. 2 people preparing. Frantic chaotic. The Passover Meal the Seder- 15 steps. Jesus broke the order and washed the disciples feet. Then Jesus said the bread and wine represented him. They were shocked. "My blood poured out for you?" They did not understand until much later. The bond that binds us is Jesus.
Let him rock our world.
Worthy is the Lamb that sits on the throne that was slain. Holy holy is the Lord God Almighty. I will adore you.
Blessing and honour power holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty.
Filled with wonder awestruck wonder at the mention of your name.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Lieutenant Governor's New Year Levee

At the Manitoba Legislative Building
Entertainment included Westwood Community Band, Lion Dance, Renaissance Voices, and Bison Men's choir.
Refreshments in the Rotunda and sleigh rides outside. Nice way to spend New Year's day.

Kildonan Community Church Presbeterian

Pastor Brenda Frazer
Happy birthday to Jon Kreviazuk
The spirit of Christ is in us and with us. The candle lighting reminds us of that.
Make a Joyful noise.
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers
Jesus came to us so it need not be like this.
Christmas has replaced the pagan solstice a celebration and lasts for 12 days.
The infant Jesus belongs to the whole world. He was a gift to us. 1st born boys belonged to God and the parents had to pay to redeem them. That boy-child of Mary is our brother.
Gal 4:4-7 heirs through Christ
Luke 2:22-40 Jesus is presented in the temple.

Tending the New Year
Nobody wants to hold on to the old year. A baby represents a new beginning. Simeon waited for the Messiah the Consolation of Israel. Mary was shocked when the old man took her baby and said he was the Messiah.
This was a much more Messiah than she had imagined. A sword will pierce your own soul also. Maybe she wanted to snatch him back.
Sometimes struggles have to come. The butterfly dies if she is helped out of the cocoon.
Mary's influence would have been profound in Jesus life but she allowed him to grow into what God wanted for him. We could respond with fear or, joy and trust. God is still in charge.
May we go into this new year tending it in faith. Nothing in all creation can separate us from the love of God.
God has promised to be with us.
I wonder as I wander
Community Prayer
Standing at the Portal