Sunday, December 27, 2009

The War of the Worlds

We are back home at Eastview - just a bit late for the service.

Dave Ens:
Grover's Mill New Jersey was the town where the Martians landed in the War of The Worlds
The people of the town shot at the water tower thinking that it was the invader during the performance of the War of The Worlds.
When we expect to encounter something, we often WILL encounter what we expected to encounter.

Do we actually believe that our encounter with God will change anything this Christmas?

An African village had polluted water and the children were dying. The visiting western church leaders promised clean water. The chief was not impressed because others had promised the same thing and had not delivered.

Do we have hope that things can be made new? Can we see what God has done?

There is now a new kingdom. Mk 1:15

God has broken into the scene and things are very different now. We can now repent and believe. Have faith. Take the next step. Follow what you believe.

Jesus loves you- but sometimes we believe with a clenched fist. Not sure what abundant life is all about.

Luke 4:16-19 to let the oppressed go free -not just nice- We need to expect this to happen. And act on it.

Matth 25:35-40 when did we take care of Jesus? Do we put what we believe into action?

Resolution Season is coming. I am resolved to do better. Can we take that through February?

God has given us new life. Things can actually change -what if we resolve to follow God with open hands and try less. Fall into God's love. That will change our outlook.

If we expect to see newness in expectancy with God we will see changes. Give more of ourselves. We all have opportunity to fall into the love of God.

Unclench your fists this year. See God's newness and let Him change our world.

Focus on God's pursuing love. Drink of his love for you. God brought you here to say "I love you".

Peace to you

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Barbados

We had as good a vacation as you can get when one of your beloved children is missing. Martha had a beautiful dream where Renee came in a beautiful blue gown and wept, telling her mom she did not want to leave and she missed us so much. Martha told her how much we missed her and then Renee floated away smiling and waving. Later Renee floated in to sit with Martha.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

1st View of Barbodos

We have never been here before. This is a coral limestone island that got pushed up out of the sea after Noah's flood. They say it is the friendliest Caribean Island. It is British and they drive on the wrong side of the street. The Concorde used to fly here on a regular schedule and there is a museum here with real Concorde on display. Hope to see it before we leave.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Wonder What Christmas in Heaven is Like

Renee - we miss you so much - we miss you in Barbados - this trip would be so much more fun for us if you were here - thanks to our friends the YOHOs for this link

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Smoke And Mirrors

If you talk brilliantly enough about a problem, it can create the consoling illusion that it has been mastered. Stanley Kubrick

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. George Bernard Shaw

From the Toronto Star during the 5-1/2 hrs to Barbados.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

We are in the air

All 5 of us -on our way to Barbados
Stop in Toronto for Christmas with Tomoko and Aunt Esther

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa

Christmas came early this year - we are off to Barbados for a week. See what that's like. Can we get some serious R&R?
From 2009-12-13GramGramp

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obedience - Joseph and Mary

Matt 1 Luke 1
Tim Reimer Morweena

The Cast-
OT Prophets John Shepherds Herod Joseph Mary etc
What did they say do?

Joseph & Mary's story is shockingly simple. Nearly invisible. This simplicity is intentional.

Joseph & Mary's Qualifications
Righteous Obedient
Matth 1 God with us
Joseph righteous & sensitive to Mary and public opinion. Wanted the least offensive option. Joseph was painfully disappointed. God told him to proceed, he listens, obeys. And has depth of character to follow divine leadership. He was tuned into God's voice. Not swayed by public opinion.

Luke 1: 26-56
In the 6th month - do not be afraid Mary.

Mary's Qualifications
Conceive & give birth to the son of the most high. How? The Holy Spirit. Let it be!
She is role model of obedience "I am the Lord's servant."

Three issues
Fear Peers Personal Issues

In those times when you speak to me l will obey. That's my final answer

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Test blog with new ID

Relaxing Sunday

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Christmas Advent

What is the Christmas spirit?
Do we let the trappings of Christmas distract us from the significant.
2,000 years ago this event changed everything.
There now is good news for all people.
This Christmas we start a conspiracy
What is an appropriate way to celebrate Christmas? So many of us miss it- just don't get it
Simeon Luke 2:22-32
He got it!
The Consolation of Israel Jeremiah 31:8,9 God will lead the exiles down the path to God.
There were lots of people at the temple. How did Simeon know Jesus? The Holy Spirit nudged him. When he held Jesus, he worshipped. That is the only proper response.
How should we respond? WORSHIP. The song "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel" drips with hope. Rejoice Rejoice disperse the gloomy clouds - death's shadows put to flight.
There are 2 ways of waiting
1. Flip through the channels hoping there will be a good program
2. Waiting for the bus. Life changing events
In Christmas we find the order and clean up the mess
Do we get so busy organizing we don't have time for peace and worship?
Maybe that's why the angels came to the shepherds. They were at peace with themselves. They recognized Jesus was bigger - They worshipped. The God who saves.
Our God Saves
In the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit, Lord we come
Your saints bow down. Our God saves. There is hope in your name.
This is great news for all people. God came to break our bonds.
Last Christmas Canadians spend 35 billion dollars for sweaters and paper weights no one needs. What if we spent that in helping others, feeding the hungry.
Eastview Christmas events.
Dec 13 7pm choir program
Dec 24 3:30 5:00, 6:30 pm with donations to go to Forward House prison ministry Christian home.

Challenge- give generously. Be part of that work. They need $24,000 to keep operating
The 1st Christmas changed everything and still should. For us and our society.
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.
O to grace how great a debtor
Here's my heart Lord come and seal it for you.


One of the best sermons I have ever heard. Click on the title above to listen to the sermon.
Who is Jesus?
Dr. Timothy Keller
Sunday, May 1, 1994

How do we know that Christianity is true? There are two tests of any valid worldview - that it is intellectually credible and existentially satisfying. The main evidence for the truth of Christianity is Jesus Christ himself. If we look at the magnitude of Jesus' claims and the evidence of his life, we are led to the conclusion that Jesus is who he says he is.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Huckleberry Jade River Rock

Finally we got the picture of the Memorial Rock for Renee's grave. Now we have to finalize what we say on the memorial. And agreement among a group of family members with different ideas can be tough. I'm sure it will all work our some day.