Sunday, August 26, 2012

Worship at Star Wars

James Arnold Taylor, voice actor:

Prayed before the show yesterday. Got DNA test on daughter's birthday. It did not match his  mother's husband's DNA. How devastating was that? After being a Christian for a number of years he lost his identity.

I prayed and asked God to complete me. I make too much money doing funny voices. I can only do this because God is allowing it. God is there guiding us.

He found out that his biological father was dj and a voice actor.

Moved 41 times in his life. Now lives in a perfect house with a loving wife.

Trust God. He is real. Every prayer has been answered. Every day I trust him to take care of me.

I'm a mess.  Grab what you have. I'm here because of God.

I was literally born in sin. But God will take and make something beautiful out of you

O how he loves us!

4th day buttons are available.

Pastor Steve:
Greg organized this event. James connected us to a youth pastor. Worship leader volunteered. God has brought this all together.

Not an expert at anything. I'm an idiot. Dropped out of college to work at Dairy Queen. Fat guys do funny falls. They make good comedians. He used to go inhale helium so he could talk funny.

Anikan was a mess. In the end he throws the emperor down the shaft. Luke wants to save him but he says you already have. Darth Vadar shows up later. When Anikan became Darth Vadar it did not change hIs ultimate destiny. We are not bound to our past. To our inability to connect to God perfectly. God causes things to work together for our good.

V37 neither death or anything else can separate us from the love of God. Failures are painful. They hurt. God loves you. He has the answer.

Two years ago my life fell apart. But no mattter what you've done God loves you and is there for you. Christ came to take your punishment. You just give yourself to God and he will help you. Jesus take my life and make me whole.

Thank you Jesus for what you've done.

Please sign the storm trooper helmet to let us know you were here.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lift up a heart of praise.
Welcome. We had a great week of VBS. Yesterday's new baby Kylie Chandler is the new aunt.

Come just as you are to worship.
My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness the solid rock. All other ground is sinking sand.

Story time. VBS was fun. Jump in faith is not always easy. We need instructions. Life is like that. We have an instruction book the Bible. It is not an ordinary book. There are all kinds of books written by one person each. The Bible is written by many people over many years. Paul wrote a lot of letters including one to Timothy. Paul said there is life in the Bible. What does that mean? God inspired the writers to write what they wrote. If you are ever bullied you can read the story of Daniel and the lion's den. Jesus wants to be your friend and help you.

Holy words long preserved
They resound with God's
Ancient Words ever true
Changing me changing you
Oh let the ancient words impart
Holy words

Greg Armstrong and Lindsey from Saloam - giving food to the homeless.
Look at your home key again. It says you own something. Your space in the world. Feeding people delivers grace.
We bought a new building for the homeless to call home. We are looking for donations to help these people settle in.

A man built a house on sand. It collapsed on him.
Foundation of faith. Jesus' birth is a miracle.
The Bible points us to the foundation of our faith.
When you came in you got a Bible. Find God NEW TESTAMENT. Pray for someone and give it away.
Isaiah says God's Word will bear fruit.

Go to page 141 John 1 his word brought light to everyone. Read the book of John. The Word is powerful.
Nature has an instinct. Geese are getting ready to fly south.
God is inviting us to cooperate with him to bless people. A river flows  purest from its source.
Page 267 you know you will suffer. Many died for their faith. Remain faithful to what you've been taught. Be prepared for every good work. Paul was soon to die by getting his head removed.
Grandmother was a wonderful woman. Always hospitable. Working on the street helping the down and outers. One day someone hit her on the head with an axe. When she was ready to go back on the street grandpa asked her what she was doing. Going back to help my boys. One of them tried to kill you. They wouldn't do that if they knew my JESUS.
The Nicene creed was drafted in a giant ecumenical meeting.
The truth for salvation is in the Word.
READ IT. Olive do you believe God exists? Yes I talked to him this morning.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Living out front: Mountain
God of wonders beyond our galaxy
You are holy the universe declares your majesty
Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee how great thou art

God is our help - Let the mountains shake
Be still and know

You are amazing God! You placed the stars in the sky and you know them name
Indescribable uncontainable you see the depths of my heart and you love me the same

Mrs. DeSilva and Number one daughter Miss Jessica Children's story: Don't worry be Happy Now.
Paul said dont worry
Where is God when bad things happen?
Paul was in a boat in a storm. He said don't worry. Not one hair was harmed. God's goodness always Wins. He is always closer than Miss Jessica.

The lady with the red shirt said to say Hi! To Martha.

Hosanna in the highest. Break my heart for what breaks yours.

Pastor Del:
The importance of understanding Christ.
Phil 3:10-11 I will experience the resurrection from the dead.
How we respond to the dark moments in life determines our approach to Christ. We have a culture of pain avoidance. Frodo was ready to give up when Sam told him shadows and darkness must pass.

Summit leadership conference in Chicago - Willow Creek did a survey - Reveal Project
1. When do You grow spiritually? When Suffering
How to handle adversity - Charles Stanley
If it were up to me I'd rather hide than let people know I'm suffering
Christ has brought us into his love.
How can I speak to the suffering? We have seen our Olympic champions in pain and joy.
To suffer and say this is a glorius time is a mystery
Derek Redman finished his race in spite of major pain. His dad came to help him finish. Every one stood to cheer him to the finish line. He was a true Olympian.
Finish your race No matter the pain. God will redeem you in the pain. Finish finish the race.
Live up front with your faith. the father runs across the finish line with us.
On Easter week end we commemorate dark Good Friday - what happened Saturday? Letting go. Reflect as you suffer through the Saturday. Sunday is coming: you will not be disappointed.
Jesus crossed the divide for us.
You are not alone. Step out on the front porch.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Jazz in the Lyric

Ron Paley Big Band featuring Carl Kohut on bass - a wonderful evening

On a different theme:
Ever heard about the Ice Canopy theory? I read the book 50 years ago and it has always intrigued me. I phoned Henry P Friesen today. He is going to see if he can find that book in his library. I have not been able to find it on the Internet.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Living up front
My God is good
His wounds have paid my ransom
Hosanna Hosanna in the highest
I see the king of glory the whole earth shakes
God is the defender of the weak- we need to point the finger at ourselves
we need to internalize that
Tim, children's story:
What is faith? What are you going to do with that?
Take a jump? We all want others to like us. Having faith in a God you can't see can be hard to explain.
People tend to ignore crazy people. How many chapters are in the Bible? 1188 chapters. Do you have to know everything? No. Paul went all over the place telling others about Jesus. He ended up in jail for 2 years before he went to trial. When he finally had a chance to explain it all he told the king the story of his salvation. He stuck to his story. You can be a regular guy and tell your story the way it is. It can be tough when people call you names. Be honest about who you are.

You are good. When there's nothing good in me. You are peace you are the reason that I sing. Nothing compares to your embrace. You are Lord, you are God.
I'm running to your arms. Jesus my heart will sing no other name Jesus.
My heart will sing no other name. Jesus, Jesus.

Message by Delbert Enns:
200 million stars in our galaxy. 
More stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth. And God calls them all by name.
how long? How wide?
A question someone brought up least Sunday was, why doesn't God have a name?
The spirit of God resides in us to help us understand God.
Jesus #1
Everything else follows that:
Work family etc
God can't really be understood. We can only grasp a glimpse.
Rejoice in the Lord, worship the Lord. Everything is garbage compared to knowing Christ. But he needed an encounter with Him before it changed him. Do you know what it's like to be forgiven? Has he changed you? Are you crazy for Jesus? Are you crazy about reality TV? Watching every episode? Wanting to become a celebrity? Do you wake up at 3 am to say I want to know Christ more?
Saul's religion was his number one value until he met Christ and then his old values became garbage to him. What do you value?
Exercise faith- get to know Christ better. Learn to listen and not shut down when you don't understand.
Do you look forward to meet Christ every morning? Do you live for that? Do you have garbage you need to let go of?

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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Testing the Samsung note pad

l have 14 days to try out this new PDA if I don't like it I can return it. The one requirement for me was handwriting recognition. This one has that. 
The sales rep at the store said handwriting is no longer taught in school. lt has gone the way of the dodo bird. Only one phone has something similar to the CE Version of handwriting.
This is not nearly as efficient.
The new method Is called Swype
So here goes. l'm switching to swype.

When you write with Swype you drag your finger from key to works ok.

 The voice recogniTion feaTure seems noT To work I don'T know why buT anyway ThaT's how iT seems To be

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