Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unlikely hero: Face Your Giant
Refresh Recommit Renew Marriage retreat Oct 21-23 Wilderness Edge

Henry Schmidt died yesterday. Pray for the family.

Tuesday night 7pm Rock the River training. Preparation for Spt 17 at The Forks.

Songs: Glorious - Look beyond the tombstone see the living God. My eyes have seen the glorious Lord.

You make everything glorious and I am yours. (repeat 100x for edification?) (music too loud)
God is the only ''thing" worthy of praise, long preachy prayer by song leader. Not even in Jesus' name.
God saves - In the name of the Father, Son, Spirit gathered together to lift up your name. Hear the loud noise of our offering. Mourning turns to songs of praise. We will rise with you lifted on your wings. There is hope in your name.

Children's story. Miss Andrea. How God changed David's life. He made good and bad choices. He felt sorry for what he did. The consequences did not go away. Pride was the problem. He felt so good about himself he forgot about God. BFFN Best friends for now. They give the best gifts. If I focus only on the gift from my best friend and forget about my best friend, that is pride.
David sent auditors to count his army of 1,300,000 soldiers -that took 9 months. Then he realized his foolishness. He asked God to forgive. But there were consequences. God gave him 3 choices: Famine, enemies, plague. The plague killed 70,000
Let's not forget God wants to be our best friend. All we have is from God.

Song: Our God- water turned into wine. There's no one else like you. Our God is awesome in power. If our God is with us then what can stand against us.
O praise Him he is Holy (repeat 100x) followed by another long prayer by song leader. Amen.

Pastor Del Enns
David the unlikely hero. Next Sunday it concludes w communion.
To get to know David, read the psalms - why am I discouraged? He had many roller coaster experiences. Ps 38 exhausted crushed
We are a meaning machine. I have an identify. Christ gives us a meaningful identity. And a worthy destiny. When David the shepherd boy he killed Goliath because he lived humbly in God's identity. Ps 34 exalt God together. Spirit of humility. Turned to body lust. He had never lost a battle and now he abused his power -no boundaries for him. The greatest battle was in his humanness - Lust. His heart was full of Pride. Pride caused David to stumble.
He took a census.
His family was not all together. Do yovh are hate in your circle of influence. Trash talk? Manipulation? Gossip? David lost control. He wanted his identity back. Looked to push himself up -pride. He dismissed his advisors. Spent 9 months counting soldiers without following the rules. God wanted them counted before Him where everyone would pay God a ransom.
David allowed his conscience to bother him. He had diagnosed correctly- ''I have sinned" Sorry was not enough.
How do we fit?
David asked God to punish him to stop the plague. On Mount Moriah the mountain of pride the same place where Abraham sacrificed his son. Where Solomon's temple was built later. He bought the oxen and the threshing floor. It cost him to worship God. Then he said; I know that my redeemer lives. That's what Christ has done for you. Now is the time to surrender your life to Him.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rock the Dock - Gimli Harbour

Martha and I went to Gimli to meet Karyn for supper on the beach. Sushi and fancy pizza.

Rock the Dock is a weekly Friday night event during the summer. Organized by Anders as an outreach ministry they feature different Christian groups including Fresh I.E. last week. Today it was a group from Morris (reINSTATE the EP) as well as Jordon St Cyr from _ _ _
Some nights they have a 1000 people in the audience - 67 today.

Met cousin Marie and her grand daughter here. Bernie went to Camp board meeting at Gimli Bible Camp.

Song called Fire: gasoline you know what I mean set me on fire.

Song: Let go Let go

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unlikely Hero: Identity Theft

2 Sam 11:1-27, 12 Ps 52 Messages available online

Pandamania VBS was a wonderful experience - 100+ self-volunteered volunteers taught 200 kids. Jordan was a high maintenance kid from a disadvantaged home 2 years ago when he accepted Christ at VBS. Now he was a small group leader.

Songs: All God's children singing glory glory he reigns.
Sing Sing Sing And make music with the heavens Lift high the name of Jesus. What's not to love about you? You are the love that frees us.

2 more weeks till school starts. The stories of David. He became king. A man after God's own heart.
Mostly he made good choices. One day David made a very bad choice. He spied a really beautiful girl. Bethsheba. Problem. She was married to someone else. He arranged the death of her husband so he could have her for himself. Sin. Nasty.
We have all sinned. We all have nasty goo all over us. David realized he had messed up. And he asked God to clean up and change his heart. God helped David he can help us too! If we ask God to forgive us, he will wipe away all the goo. And make us new.

Songs: He knows my name. I have a maker He formed my heart. He sees each tear that falls. I have a father he calls me his own he'll never leave me.

Clip: Craving - Erwin McManus the meaning of life. Why do we exist? We search for meaning. Who are you? Meaning is to try to make sense of life. Especially when you experience loss.

Pastor Del: we find meaning in many ways. Money. Status. Power. Philosophy. Religion.
We bring meaning into our lives but we cannot predetermine our destiny.
We shape our world view by what we say read and do. That eventually determines our destiny. Meaning = identity = destination.
Destiny suggests the future is determined by God. Identity = meaning = destiny.
Would I want to get to know the author of our destiny? There is someone who wants to rob your destiny. Satan. He's out to steal your identity.

Moscow was always a dreaded destination. The Secret Police wanted to intimidate.
Every 79 seconds there is an identity theft in NA. Satan works even harder to steal your identity.
Identity is a core to the existence of God.

Moses wanted to know God's identity. God said I am. I am sent Moses to the Israelites.

David was 50 years old when he went through an identity crisis. He forgot he was king and did not go to war with his troops. He committed adultery and murdered his faithful personal guard.

Jesus' identity was established in his baptism.

Your destiny is always on hold until you settle your identity.

Jesus was tempted in the desert. Satan says "if you are" in trying to take his identity -that's how Satan always tempts. He never gives up accusing you of any failings you may have. But if your identity is clear he has no hold on you. Do you know the Book of God? My identity "is written"
David worshipped the idol of lust and lost his identity of "a man after God's own heart". That led him to a lot of heartache.

When you are tempted tell Satan: I am a son or daughter of the most High God. Then Satan can't win.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unlikely Hero; Dinner is on Me

Songs: Oh Praise Him He is holy. Alleluia

Pandamania VBS is happening this week. 120 Volunteers 200 kids. Come see what's happening on Thursday 7pm

I stand amazed in the presence Of Jesus the Nazarene oh how marvelous how wonderful
When with the ransomed in glory his face I at last shall see
Glorious see the risen Savior victorious and strong. My eyes have seen the glory of the throne. He stands above the rulers of the earth Look beyond the tombstone. (repeat until you fall over)

Neil children's story. We've seen David become a caveman. The story of Mephibosheth - David thought of his promise to take care of Jonathan's family. When Saul and Jonathan died, Mephibosheth's maid dropped him and he was crippled.

It's the song of the nations he reigns All God's children singing glory glory hallelujah
It's the song

Give thanks to the Lord Our God and King his love endures forever. Forever God is faithful. From the rising to the setting sun.

Gerry Goertzen author counselor:
Why Eastview? Soft seats. Gets their attention. Food. Dinner on me?

Food for thought. We've had a hero theme.
Shame is an almost insurmountable monster. Who saw my zipper? that type of embarrassment is not the same as shame.

Guilt -I did something wrong. Behavior.
Shame feels bad for who I am. Identity.
Martin Luther King grew up in an era of segregation. Based on Christian values he led a protest movement and was assassinated at age 39.
To be shamed is to be told you are of less value. You are a loser. Shame strips away self esteem.
It takes character to say shame shall not pass this way again.
It takes miraculous intervention I'm not all bad - am I?
When deep question stay unanswered. Sarcasm can impart shame.

It was expected that the new king would exterminate all remnants of the old regime. But David did not. Helped Jonathan's son.
Mephibosheth's name means - Shame unto you for you are crippled and your parents are dead. "No progress" was his servant.
God wants to promote the handicapped.
David had Meph on his ''bucket list"
Does God have a "bucket list" for you? Are they the same?
Meph called himself a dead dog. David accepted him unconditionally.
But Meph had to bow his knees and accept the gift of fellowship with the king. Do you know someone who is living in shame?
Meph was a hopeless shameful cripple taken into the splendor of the palace to look into the eyes of the king

It takes someone to seek the broken person and help him heal.
Meph was invited and responded to "dinner is on me". Has that happened to you - Me?

Mexico and Italy

The last day of Folklorma. To win a trip for 2 on Westjet you need to know what the mascot is. It dosn't say that anywhere. But Kara knows - she works full-time with Folklorama 20 days straight! it's the LLama

Folklorama, the largest and longest running multicultural event of its kind in the world!

I brought my ear plugs with me. With them in music is just fine. They are sold out of deserts so we have tortillas and salsa.

Salsa meets Cirque du Soleil a dance troup from Mexico City. Very strenouous twirling flipping throwing dance routines. Don't try this at home - you'll end up in 6 months of intensive care

Monterrey Ballet had a wonderful performance

Then off to
- Now 150 years old
Chow and Salute the 150 years. 1861

Ear plugs? Not for the 1st song. IL Canto Degli Italiani. They used to be 7 countries. Italy is only 6 years older than Canada

Addio Mia Bella Addio beautiful Italian songs.
We need to go to Italy again- that was such a wonderful experience in 2000

Splendora D'Italia Tarantella Wedding Song
Le Ragazze Italiane

More Italian songs follow by wannabe Luciano Pavarottis

Mambo Italiano was a lively departure from the Pavarotti style.

7 singers sang "A Soldier in Love".

Quando, Quando, Quando, we can share a love divine

Italia Italia sung in Italian with tear-jerking passion


Folklorama 2011 is over!

Polish Apple Pie

Fabulous food - Liquid Polish apple pie! excellent dances

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Funeral for Rachel

Dietrich Bonhofer wrote:
Nothing can make up for the absence of someone we love. It would be wrong to try to find a substitute. For the gap as long as it remains unfulfilled preserves the bond between us It is nonsense to say God fills the gap. The dearer and richer our memories, the more difficult the separation

Tribute from her family.
Ethan: I made her laugh. Abigail: I made her laugh.

Kendra: Rachel was such a happy child. She had a special bond with her siblings
She loved to play with her mommy. She'd lie on my lap and stick her feet in my mouth and laugh when I bit her. I will miss her. She loved to hear Jesus loves me. She is now with Jesus.
Rachel you were loved just because you were mine. I honor you for all your life has been.

David: Thank you to all the friends that have carried us. I am honored to be Rachel's daddy. Wish we could be tired again. But we are saying goodbye. We have a vibrant hope. We know we will see our daughter again. Thank you for coming.

Pastor Corey Herlevsen: Each of us is made in the image of God and bears his staggering dignity.

Rachel's smile was bright - an echo of the joy of creation. She reminds us that life is precious. It has changed us all. We are living. More authentic. Forgive more honestly. The impact goes on and on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


For 25 years we have gone to Rainbow Stage for Justin's birthday. We did it again with Hairspray.

Good morning Baltimore.
The 1960s with outrageous hairstyles and the Corny Collins show. The obligatory fat people watching the show "dilinquent teenagers"
We must guide them.
Mother stop telling me what to do. Mama I'm a big girl now.
I can hear the bells because he touched me.
Would you support integration. Yes it's the new frontier. I wish every day was negro day.
I'd make every day negro day if I was President.
They say it's a man's world, but what is a man without his woman by his side? It takes 2!
We can't change the show!
Hey mama look around the whole world is listening to a brand new sound. Welcome to the 60s and Mr Pinky's Hefty Hideaway.

Do what's right. Segregation is wrong. How can they break through on TV? Maybe at the mother daughter show? If you say I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful. No matter how big or what colour!
You are timeless to me. Dance with me. You are stuck with me. The real deal. Hugs and kisses.

To lose you is to lose myself. They can't keep us from singing. I'm in love with you no matter what you weigh. I'll be yours forever.
No one said integration would be easy. Keep trying till someone breaks through.
There is a light burning bright showing me the way. There is a great future but a stuggle we have to face.
You can try to stop the hands of time but you can't.
I like the way I am. The world keeps spinning round and round. Tomorrow is a brand new day you car't stop the ocean

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Philippines - Pearl of the Orient

Folklorama - our last show of week 1. Tomorrow is our mom day. Got to get lunch ready.

World class performances - young award winning dancers and singers
A performance of the rituals of a Christian Philippine wedding
The candle dance was most impressive
Wow! All those beautiful smiling faces - there must be a hundred of them! They had so much fun including the bamboo sticks dance. I asked one of the dancers whether she ever got her foot smashed. She said "no- hardly ever!"

Folklorama Hungary-Panonia & Ethiopia & Korea

Hungary - Goulach soup, Cabbage roll, Sausage, Delvideki Lecso and Langos very satisfying food. Energetic dances. Colorful Costumes. Encore presentation.

Ethiopia - Ethiopian beer (not addicting) at the Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg Cultural Centre. Where they smoke the place up with freshly roasted coffee.
The oldest continuous Society in the world. The only African country never colonized. 6 major tribes including the Oroma Tribe. Coffee originated in Ethiopia from an area called coffa. Ethiopians are the most beautiful people in the world. Descendents of Solomon and the Queen Of Ethiopia. Emperor Haili Salasi was the last Lion of Judah.
Tigray People. Signature Slow walk LOUD drum beat dance.
Gurage People are even LOUDER. Where are my ear plugs? Full body workout! Dance lessons available.
Wolyita People. Southern Tribes. Courting song. 2 guys courting one woman. Hip dance.
Amhara People. Goodbye!
Sponsored by Modern east African restaurant 354 Portage Ave.

Korea - our 3rd country for tonight.
Korea is a peaceful country. They have never attacked another country.
Started with an artistic and delightful Five Drum Dance. Hanbok costumes.
Little Puppet's Dance by 6 cute girls.
Kimchi is the healthiest food in the world.
The graceful fan dance was well choreographed and easily worth the $6 admission.
Tae Kwon Do demonstration of martial arts is thousands of years old. This group participated in the Arnold Schwartzeneger Martial arts academy.
All young women now-a-days should take it for self defence.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Folklorama Time 2011

We started this year's multi cultural celebration at the Pavilion of Scotland with meat pies and mashed potatoes. Music and dancing was good always.
Sing-a-long included:
Scotland the Brave
Towering in gallant fame Scotland my mountain hame
We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'
Mairi's Wedding
Donald where's your Troosers?
Land of my heart forever Scotland the brave.

After that we went to Belgium. Martha's Mom still talks about that one from last year. Unfortunately it was full.

From there we went to Celtic Ireland for a standing room only show. Next time let's remember to bring ear plugs. Very enthusiastic audience. And bring money $$$ $6 for admission 3/4 hr show. $8 for good food $5 for drink.

Terrific tap dancing colorful costumes