Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mexico and Italy

The last day of Folklorma. To win a trip for 2 on Westjet you need to know what the mascot is. It dosn't say that anywhere. But Kara knows - she works full-time with Folklorama 20 days straight! it's the LLama

Folklorama, the largest and longest running multicultural event of its kind in the world!

I brought my ear plugs with me. With them in music is just fine. They are sold out of deserts so we have tortillas and salsa.

Salsa meets Cirque du Soleil a dance troup from Mexico City. Very strenouous twirling flipping throwing dance routines. Don't try this at home - you'll end up in 6 months of intensive care

Monterrey Ballet had a wonderful performance

Then off to
- Now 150 years old
Chow and Salute the 150 years. 1861

Ear plugs? Not for the 1st song. IL Canto Degli Italiani. They used to be 7 countries. Italy is only 6 years older than Canada

Addio Mia Bella Addio beautiful Italian songs.
We need to go to Italy again- that was such a wonderful experience in 2000

Splendora D'Italia Tarantella Wedding Song
Le Ragazze Italiane

More Italian songs follow by wannabe Luciano Pavarottis

Mambo Italiano was a lively departure from the Pavarotti style.

7 singers sang "A Soldier in Love".

Quando, Quando, Quando, we can share a love divine

Italia Italia sung in Italian with tear-jerking passion


Folklorama 2011 is over!

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