Wednesday, August 10, 2011


For 25 years we have gone to Rainbow Stage for Justin's birthday. We did it again with Hairspray.

Good morning Baltimore.
The 1960s with outrageous hairstyles and the Corny Collins show. The obligatory fat people watching the show "dilinquent teenagers"
We must guide them.
Mother stop telling me what to do. Mama I'm a big girl now.
I can hear the bells because he touched me.
Would you support integration. Yes it's the new frontier. I wish every day was negro day.
I'd make every day negro day if I was President.
They say it's a man's world, but what is a man without his woman by his side? It takes 2!
We can't change the show!
Hey mama look around the whole world is listening to a brand new sound. Welcome to the 60s and Mr Pinky's Hefty Hideaway.

Do what's right. Segregation is wrong. How can they break through on TV? Maybe at the mother daughter show? If you say I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful. No matter how big or what colour!
You are timeless to me. Dance with me. You are stuck with me. The real deal. Hugs and kisses.

To lose you is to lose myself. They can't keep us from singing. I'm in love with you no matter what you weigh. I'll be yours forever.
No one said integration would be easy. Keep trying till someone breaks through.
There is a light burning bright showing me the way. There is a great future but a stuggle we have to face.
You can try to stop the hands of time but you can't.
I like the way I am. The world keeps spinning round and round. Tomorrow is a brand new day you car't stop the ocean

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