Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Life of Joseph: Remembered and Promoted

Bad things happen to good people in the Bible. Seldom does the Bible say why.

Dealing with people can be difficult. You get viruses in the public places.
Joseph remained faithful no matter how bad things got. We often determine our success and failure by how people respond to us.
We often do things to get the maximum response from others.
We hear a lot about the demise of the church. We talk about how we can make our church more attractive, a destination. We are called to be active in our community. Go to church? to a building? We are called to BE the church.
Are there things you are not doing? You should do?
God's Call
1. Patience in the face of suffering. Gen 40:14 Please remember me. Live in the certainty of God, gain endurance to be molded into what God wants you to be. Keep treading water - you can swim. Col 1:11 Be prepared to endure.
2. Loyalty- Prov 3:3 God has loyalty to his people. He will work out his purposes in us. Sometimes we struggle with the Sunday- Monday disconnect. No one has patience for two-facedness. Joseph has the same purpose no matter what. He was authentic.
3. Honesty- Joseph was called to stand in the presence of the most powerful man on earth Gen 41:25 but Joseph was honest about the bad news that he had to bring.
The man at the temple was healed in the name of Jesus. The leaders threatened Peter & John in Acts 4:19 but they responded by "we cannot quit talking about Jesus".

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ron Paley and the Big Band

At The Lyric in Assiniboine Park tonight and most every Thursday.
Hey! What are a few drizzles when you can enjoy the best jazz on this side of New York! It's a shame that only some 100 people came to enjoy it. Martha and I took Arden with us and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sierra Nobel sang several jolly good numbers.
Al Simmons sang "The Pants Too Long". So funny.
Benny Goodman "Sing Sing Sing"
Karl Kohut on bass.
Joanna Mojoko sang "What is Life?... If you don't think about mmm... dying." written by Ron Paley.
Amber Epp, Marco and Sheila Costillo sang a Cuban song: Bombolejo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reception for Clark and Grace - in Carrot River

Song: All the way my Savior leads me.
Chair Robert: God 1st in our lives - family next and then vocation
Sextet Song: God is here in reverent silence.

Volunteer item: Uncle Robin & Monika and family song: You are Lord of Creation and the Lord of my life.

Quartet: Russell & friends: There is a path of love and forgiveness, Walk in Love with those around you.

Volunteer item: Pastor John: welcome to our community Grace. There has been a building of enthusiasm for your coming. In marriage you get out what you put into it. Love and tenderness. May God bless you with enduring love. You can never love each other too much. You love God by loving each other.

3 Songs by the youth: 1. Love that never fails perfect Love. Love is Strong the Spirit of Jesus calling you. Love will win. 2. Blessed are they who dwell in the Lord and delight in His word night and day. 3. Now from my heart praises shall ring. Daily my vows I will renew.

Volunteer item: Song by Quartet: May God bless this bridal pair as hand in hand they journey here below. Oh perfect Love abide with them.

The young men's song: 1. Light of the world sent down into darkness here I am to worship. 2. Lord your grace is overwhelming I bow my head in adoration and I crown you the King of my Soul.

Volunteer item: Mr Isaac a very fortunate old man says: Clark you are a very fortunate man from here on you will always have Grace. Did you see the rainbow today? Grace, you will have many opportunities to draw Clark's attention to many beautiful things.

Volunteer Raymond Dueck: Clark, you were 3 months old when we met you and your parents in New York when you and Renee got your transplants. During those 4 months in NYC we became friends that became ''closer than a brother". We are so glad for you both. Renee would have loved to be here. (tears) May God bless you richly!

James: What a day! Thanks Grace for saying yes to Clark's proposal. We are happy to have you in our family.
Raymond & Martha, we are so glad you came. You lost your daughter Renee 2 years ago. We don't understand why God works that way. But we know He is good.

Groom: thanks for coming

Song: What a mighty God we serve.

Food and LOTS of it. What a party!

Carrot River Church of God in Christ Mennonite (Holdeman)

Carrot River is 10 hrs north of Winnipeg. We went there for the wedding reception for Clark and Grace (Isaac) Penner. We got to know Clark and his parents in New York City in 1984 when Clark and Renee got their bone marrow transplants from their mothers. We met James and Roxanne at the Ronald McDonald house and we found apartments in the same building in Upper East Side. We formed a very deep and lasting friendship over the 4 months we lived in New York. It is very emotional to hug and bless Clark and Grace wishing them God's blessing in their lives together.

Message: Pastor John Boise
Jn 10:10 We Love to talk about the abundant life. We don't like to talk about what the thief wants to come and destroy.
Don't just exist - LIVE! Be attached to the vine- receive nourishment from the root.
6 questions:
1. Do you want to go to heaven?
2. Do you Value salvation by Jesus Christ?
3. Do you feel the need of and appreciate the sheepfold, the church?

4. Do you fear or abhor the thought of being lost?
5. Do you realize Satan wants to take you to hell?
6. Do you fear the world and its ensnaring pleasures?

God talks of eternal bliss and eternal punishment.
There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. Is that real to us?

When we stand before judgement we will not be asked what we believe about heaven and hell. But did you repent? Do you fear the thought of being lost?
If our sins are not covered by the blood of Jesus we are accountable for them.
Eve was deceived by Satan the evil one. If we could see the end result of our sins, it would shock us.

Sometimes we ask why all the rules? They are given for our protection. Do we fear the evils that technology has brought to many people? Do we fear the temptations Satan sends our way?

Do you want to go to heaven?
People usually can tell you their goals in life. But they are sidetracked. If you miss heaven you missed it all. It's a no risk, safe at home place.

A young man struggled with salvation and when he realized that Jesus died so that you could be saved he started crying and accepted the Lord.

Is salvation precious to you? Are you acting like it?
Are you sharing the good news with your friends and neighbors?

Do you appreciate the sheepfold? The church? When the leaders go to international conferences are we glad to listen to them?
What does the church mean to you? Home! Where my soul rests.
God made it that way: To nurture the souls here on earth.

Am I going to wait for God to put pressure our hearts?

The thief comes to destroy. That's the truth spoken for our sake
May we look to the gospel for our daily needs.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Celebrating the Life Eldon Penner

1942-2010 married to Irene (Unger) for many happy years
Respected businessman, enthusiastic Christian, friend, cousin - we'll all miss him. Eldon was always at extended family gatherings and greeted me and every one else with enthusiasm and a keen interest in what was going on in my life. He was a very sociable man.

Ralph - maybe his hearing is perfect again. Life has meaning: it's worth the trip to heaven.
We are very sad. We come with heavy hearts and ask for the oil of healing.
Garnet, Irene's Cousin, led in 2 Songs: It will be worth it all when we see Jesus. Eldon sang along with this when he was able.
Eldon also liked to sing: Be still and know that I am God. I am the Lord that healeth thee. In thee oh Lord I put my trust.

Video tribute from grand kids. Loving, caring, often paying for other people's meals. Always wanted his customers to he happy.
He loved pepper. Liked weird food. Often wore his beaver hat. He has the best now - probably selling tires to Jesus.

Ed Johnson: How big are -the tires God's car?
I know the plans I have for you said Jeremiah the weeping prophet.
Eldon leaped into heaven a few days ago. We grieve with you, we love you.
16 years ago Eldon rented us a home. He was a most considerate landlord.
When a tire store manager was dying, Eldon was the one who led him to the Lord. He would be disappointed if any one here will not meet him in heaven.
He helped to make sure that church finances were ok.
Christ is calling each of us to rest in Him. God so loved us he sent his son to save us.
Fears: we do not lose heart - we look to the eternal to face this day. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Jesus forgets our sin. Complete forgiveness. Jesus calls as to come to him to give us rest.

Falcon Lake All People's Church

My high school sweetheart, Martha and I have now been happily married for 39 years!

9:45 am Music by Jack Stenekes Janz Team Teach Beyond Ministries
"Marvin Thiessen passed away Friday afternoon"

Pastor Brian Hamilton
Acts 10 - Philip got into the eunuch's carriage and explained "the good news about Jesus".
We worship the glorious creator. Father, forgive us when we fail you.
Thankyou that the gospel is strong. May God bless every one. May God be with the persecuted Christians today. Be with all lawmakers every where. May all seekers find hope and restoration.

Stenekes Music: Just a Closer Walk. CDs for sale

Pastor Brian Hamilton message:
Communion Remember what Jesus has done.

Signs Of Sovereignty.

Linda likes to have her picture taken in front of signs. People are wearing orange today in support of the Netherlands's team
Phillip was a popular preacher in Samaria and a lot of people were coming to Christ. Then God told him to go to a deserted highway a long way away. Phillip did not ask why but went. If God is sovereign we will do. Fran Funk makes it a point of asking God where she should sit to have opportunity to talk to someone about Christ.
Phillip listened. He saw the wealthy entourage on the road. The Queen's advisor had purchased an expensive scroll and was reading it. Phillip was there at just the right moment when he was reading about the suffering servant. When Phillip explained the passage the eunuch accepted the Message and millions became Christians in Ethiopia.
Christ has no hands but yours. That's how others are touched by the love of Christ.
God may lead you into the lives of one person after another. What lives have I been able to touch through the power of the Spirit?
Oh that others too may be touched by Christ.

Bruce Reimer died in a baler yesterday. Funeral Wednesday

Pastor Brian & Linda are taking blankets to Cuba. Looking for donations.

Next Sunday will feature the Braeside Keenagers music

Friday, July 09, 2010

A Good Day

I spent the morning golfing with friend Ernie at The Meadows, did some work at home, went for a dip in the pool with Arden, Merrit, and Twylla, and then Martha and I joined Arden at the football game between Toronto and Winnipeg courtesy of The Ronald McDonald House.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Motorhome for sale or for rent

1995 Shasta 29’ Motorhome, '94 Ford 7.5L EFI engine, sleeps 8, dual power fridge, microwave, gas range/oven, coffee maker, Kohler generator, TV/phone hookups, island queen bed, shower, toilet, exterior shower, exterior radio controls, console & roof air conditioning, furnace, auto, cruise, tilt, rack & ladder, hitch, car carrier, 130,000 miles Compare at $39,000 now selling for $14,000 obo Click here to see more pictures

Available for rent $1200/wk

Phone 204-782-2112

Sunday, July 04, 2010

How Much Better Can it Get?

Went to church with my sweetheart and daughter, had a nice lunch, went golfing at Netley Creek Golf course (where we had our first kiss 40 years ago), and now it's time to relax in the pool!

The Life of Joseph: Favorite Son, Hated Brother

Dave Ens
The longest connected story in the Bible. A distinctive story telling style.
The story of Joseph is written for those who have doubts. The modern style in which it is told makes it fresh.
"God said" is very much first part of the Genesis story.
Sometimes we think we need to hear God talking to us. Sometimes he does not appear to respond.
Joseph is someone God spoke to in dreams. They are the driving force of the dreams. God has been working and active the entire time. Gen. 5o:2o
In the big picture God was living through Joseph.
Dualism = God is in his castle until we call him. If he does not appear to respond it creates guilt in us. Joseph's story says God is working / intersecting with our space. If we look for it we may see that.
Many of us fail to consider that God may be in our space the whole time. We ignore God's Nudges.
2. There is a realness to Joseph's story. He has shinning moments. He has moments of complete dysfunction and arrogance. He dishonors his father expecting him to bow down to him.
Gen. 37:7 he fanned the hatred by telling his dreams to his brothers. God has grace for dysfunction. The plot is driven by dysfunction. God used that to put him where he needed to be. the collision of our shining moments and our dysfunctions God can use to fulfil his will in us.
Rom 7:18 why do I do what I don't want to do?
I'm a better husband than 17 years ago because I made mistakes and learned from them. Life's lessons learned the hard way. God brought us together but that does not mean there will be no conflict. A story with no conflict is not a good story.
Too often we crush the dreams of tomorrow because it is too hard to get through today.
Don't limit God because you cant get things right.
We all have good and bad the Conflict between good and evil.
Jesus was sent to us to Suffer what we should have suffered. To set us free despite our dysfunction. Heb 4:14-16 Let us approach the throne of grace with boldness. Read the story of Joseph this summer. Look for God at work.