Friday, February 06, 2015

Missionfest Friday session

Dr Darrell Whiteman
If God calls you to be a missionary don't stoop to become a king. Anthropology
1. Colonial mission
Were missionaries handmaidens of colonialism? No.
Missions began to erode. They were sometimes demonized.
1964 book Missionaries Go Home.
They were reacting to paternalism methodology of Western churches.
In a conference in 1910 1200 Western church leaders. 19 native leaders attended. Only one speaker from India made any impact. Ezariah pleaded for friendship with the western church.
1965 1500 missionaries were sent from the mainline denominations. Now only a few hundred.
We have now become post Christian. Christendom has died.
Civilization commerce and culture went hand in hand.
They did a lot of good over the years in preserving languages in the translating the Bible.
We need to change how we do mission. A world view change
3. Opportunities for today. Unprecedented opportunities for missions.
Move away from missions as a denominational extensions
Today we are urban missionaries.
incarnation is about God becoming our friend in our culture
Incarnation happens every time the gospel goes cross cultural.
When we take incarnation seriously we have to die to a lot prejudices cultural expressions
We don't need to go native only to become incarnational. That may require downward mobility. Lay aside our cultural prejudices.
Christ is the answer but what is the question?
45000 denominations tell us that there are different cultures.
Celebrate diversity in the kingdom of God. Here and now!
Help to build capacity of 3rd world people.
When Giving Hurts is a book every one should read. We have 2 million mission tourists a year now. Those tourists need to be trained to be useful.
What do you do versus tell me about your character.
The role is not nearly important as the attitude. Prestige.
Meditations of a missionary. If I do not have love I achieve nothing.