Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life is a Highway - A Reliable GPS

Pastor Del -

Using the internet, FLN broadcasts around the world live from the Winnipeg studios.
We live in a global Village where we connect electronically not face to face.

How do we build Community?
We need to learn to use God's Positioning System (GPS) - the Bible
Psalm 1 helps us make the right choices. It is The Beginning of the highway of life. Home base.
GPS set-up.
A. Informing - Blessed is the one who does not walk /stand /sit in the council of the wicked.
B. Uploading - day and night. Homebase uploading is to read the Psalms daily for the next 30 days
C. Destination to be less critical more loving, kind, considerate, unselfish, etc
D. Recalculating - the Lord watches over those who are perishing. To Un-slump yourself is not easily done. Dr Seus

Today I choose to follow you
Ps 139:1-6 Oh Lord you have searched me....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mom's concern of the day

I visited mom and dad this morning. Brenda was providing respite for the day. Rose and Gloria had gone to Prince Albert for the weekend. Doris came to stay with them for the rest of the time.
This clip is the line mom kept repeating over and over all morning. There was no way to distract her from it for hours. If we wanted to change the subject she felt we did not want to listen to her.
She felt she had failed to tell everyone that Jesus had died to save us and we should tell everyone. When I suggested that I video tape her and post the video on the net, so she could tell everyone the story, she was happy. But that did not stop her from ongoing repetitions.
Last night mom & dad didn't get much sleep. Mom had kept repeating a negative theme way into the night, repeating herself over and over. This is really hard on dad.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thanks for the Shirt, Renee!

It's Father's Day again and I miss you. Thanks for the shirt you and Kara picked for me. I will wear it every Father's Day to remember your love!

First Things First

It is hard to be a father
Prov 4:23 Guard your heart Is the One thing God asks us to do.
Everything you do or are stems from your heart
What happens if your heart is not well.
Unguarded heart. General George Custer
The little big horn - Custer's last stand. They all died.
He made 3 Mistakes.
1. Self Serving agenda -he wanted to go to the White House
2. A Complacent heart. Caught off guard.
3. An-attended - "all about me" attitude.
Who gives the "more" and fills your tank?
John 10:10 Jesus promised that by faith in him we would have an Abundant life.
Heart checkup
1. Look under the hood
Is the ignition system working? Tuned? Find out what's wrong. Shut of the computer. Cell & e-mail. Can I sustain the pace?
When we are not dire to God we mistreat the ones we love.
2. Look in the mirror, look up. Who will sharpen you?
3. Look up Ps 139:3-4 Not just around. Do you need heart surgery?
Heart killer diagnosis
1. An unclear purpose
2. An unemployed talent
3. An unbalanced schedule
4. Unconfessed sin
5. Unresolved conflict
6. life style
9. Unsupported spirit take time w God
God gives beauty for ashes
Are you ready to receive that? Is Jesus the leader of your Camp?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Beautiful Evening

A walk in the neighbourhood

Dave & Elfrieda Loewen

50 years of marriage. 30 years at Camp Arnes. 2 years as directors of the Winnipeg nativity parade. 20 years in Russia with Kingdom Ventures.
Dave & Elfrieda have influenced so many people.
Words to describe the family:
Encouragement. Follow your interests. You Can. Grounded. Every day Principles. Trust. Focus on ministry. Eternal living - life with perspectives.
Rook is in the family.
Lifetime commitment to God, each other and the family. Celebrating Uniqueness. Dave the dreamer. Elfrieda the wings that make the dreams fly.
Celebrations of Joy!
Life is a precious gift and an awesome responsibility.
2001 Clinton had a serious accident in 2002 Elfrieda had cancer.
God has granted healing. And 50 wonderful years.
Hope for the future and a prayer of blessing. A life well lived.

Jessica's Gift

Here is a reading Renee did from New York for her grandma just before Christmas 2007 as her Christmas gift to grandma. Do you think Renee tried to say something to her parents and friends when she selected this particular story? Click here to listen to it.

Make sure you have your Kleenex handy. I wept a ton of tears when I listened to it the first time.


Why does the pain keep rolling in? When will it ever stop?

How are you? Still gets answered with "surviving" but sometimes I'm not sure that it is actually true.
Martha is reading a book written by a pastor that lost his 3 year old son, Jonathan. It took him through a lot of depression over several years while maintaining his role as pastor.
I might do a synopsis of that book when I get around to reading it. If I ever have enough energy for that.

I booked a flight to Vancouver for a YWAM meeting on the 18th because the 9th didn't work on account of the Arbitration with my former partners. Now they screwed up the arbitration schedule by refusing to submit the documents the judge ordered them to provide. And I really should be in Regina from the 16th to 20th for the farm show.

Why? Why? Why? is everything so messed up?

And I sold the motorhome for $7000 when it is easily worth close to $15,000 and we could use it from time to time for business and at the cottage. Why do I do those kinds of silly things?

Seizing the Grander Moment

Del Enns Eastview
Starbucks $4m investment became a $250m public company in 5 years.

Esther 4:13-14 Esther seized her moment and become willing to die. All of us must do the same. Esther was calm and collected. She calculated the cost. She put her life on the line. She understood the grandor moment.
This morning we have 8 Christ followers willing to cross the line. Be baptized or transfer membership to Eastview.
Jordon attended Christian School. Loves worship music. Grew up in Kamloops. MBCl since grade 8. Bible Classes had a huge impact. Working at Rousseau River had a further impact. Mark 8:36 Jesus is my refuge
Amy grew up in Eastview. MB Pioneer Camp. Have learned a lot about God there.
Even when you feel like giving up you need to keep going.
Baptism has been on my mind for a long time.
Josh became a Christian at age 3. Parents divorced. Mom got remarried to an abusive man. Found a friend at church. Went to Mexico with the church group. Worked at Pioneer Camp where he met Amy.
Josh MBCI gr 8-12 Eph 2:8 Gift of God.
My life has a foundation on Jesus. Follow Jesus in baptism

Amazing Grace. He has called me here below- he'll be forever mine.