Sunday, June 07, 2009


Why does the pain keep rolling in? When will it ever stop?

How are you? Still gets answered with "surviving" but sometimes I'm not sure that it is actually true.
Martha is reading a book written by a pastor that lost his 3 year old son, Jonathan. It took him through a lot of depression over several years while maintaining his role as pastor.
I might do a synopsis of that book when I get around to reading it. If I ever have enough energy for that.

I booked a flight to Vancouver for a YWAM meeting on the 18th because the 9th didn't work on account of the Arbitration with my former partners. Now they screwed up the arbitration schedule by refusing to submit the documents the judge ordered them to provide. And I really should be in Regina from the 16th to 20th for the farm show.

Why? Why? Why? is everything so messed up?

And I sold the motorhome for $7000 when it is easily worth close to $15,000 and we could use it from time to time for business and at the cottage. Why do I do those kinds of silly things?

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