Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mom's concern of the day

I visited mom and dad this morning. Brenda was providing respite for the day. Rose and Gloria had gone to Prince Albert for the weekend. Doris came to stay with them for the rest of the time.
This clip is the line mom kept repeating over and over all morning. There was no way to distract her from it for hours. If we wanted to change the subject she felt we did not want to listen to her.
She felt she had failed to tell everyone that Jesus had died to save us and we should tell everyone. When I suggested that I video tape her and post the video on the net, so she could tell everyone the story, she was happy. But that did not stop her from ongoing repetitions.
Last night mom & dad didn't get much sleep. Mom had kept repeating a negative theme way into the night, repeating herself over and over. This is really hard on dad.

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