Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dave & Elfrieda Loewen

50 years of marriage. 30 years at Camp Arnes. 2 years as directors of the Winnipeg nativity parade. 20 years in Russia with Kingdom Ventures.
Dave & Elfrieda have influenced so many people.
Words to describe the family:
Encouragement. Follow your interests. You Can. Grounded. Every day Principles. Trust. Focus on ministry. Eternal living - life with perspectives.
Rook is in the family.
Lifetime commitment to God, each other and the family. Celebrating Uniqueness. Dave the dreamer. Elfrieda the wings that make the dreams fly.
Celebrations of Joy!
Life is a precious gift and an awesome responsibility.
2001 Clinton had a serious accident in 2002 Elfrieda had cancer.
God has granted healing. And 50 wonderful years.
Hope for the future and a prayer of blessing. A life well lived.

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