Saturday, December 31, 2011


Every theory of culture assumes an anthropology. Rational, Loving or Liturgical?
What do you want? What you want is who you are.
Our habits are the fulcrum of our lives. Habits are Not inscribed in us. They are the products of our rituals. Communal practices. Not through intellectual efforts. We follow our intellect about 5% of the time. We are pulled by our wants and our society's pressures.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011
Choir program
Christmas - the Annual Festival of Christ's Birth
Ring Christmas Bells
The baby manger wisemen shepherds - the grand finale - the beginning - in the beginning was the Word and - the Word (Jesus) was God
Before the universe existed you were on His mind. He created male and female.
He was thinking about a relationship with you
Lord of all creation
God of wonders beyond our galaxy when I stumble in the darkness I will call Your Name
Precious Lad reveal your heart to me
Father hold me

God hasn't left you you are not looking for him. Whining is not the same as looking for him
God with us. Paying the way to be with God.
O come O come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel - Come O come Messiah King so we may tell the wondrous matchless love

Bethlehem the day all creation has been waiting for. Away in a manger
O little town Of Bethlehem Silent Night Holy Night Glories scream from heaven Alleluia Christ the Savior is born
Luke 2:13 a new star
A Baby- Welcome to our world - Tears are falling hearts are breaking Bring your peace into our violence Fragile finger sent to heal us.
How does the story end? This is just the beginning. It leads to another finale. Baby Jesus sent to heal us. They crucified him. He is risen. His life leads to your life. Choose your own ending. Baby? Personal God?
The sun has arisen in heavenly glory to God be the glory. The heavenly Son has come Changes night into day.
One of the ironies of this season is that it lasts but for a moment. Is there a perfect moment? Change is hard to do. That's why Jesus came. It leads Him to the cross.
This joy can last and be the normal for my life. God is with us. Change is possible when God is with you. You are invited to be with God. God chose you to be part the changes He wants to bring to this world.
We want to be part of what God is doing in this world. Help in Thailand, at Forward House, and the Tyndale Church. You are invited to be part of this.

Sing the Hallelujah chorus with us.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He shall reign for ever and ever hallelujah

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Spirit Factor: Unexpected Worship
Announcement: Jan 8 Giant church service at MTS centre. (Bring ear plugs)

Come and worship
It came upon the midnight clear to hear the angels sing Peace will come over all the earth and it will give back the song which now the angels sing
Children sang: Unto us a child is given Wonderful Counselor the mighty God the Everlasting Father The Prince of Peace. Unto us a son is given.
Mary's Song: My soul glorifies the Lord.
Hark the herald angels sing Glory to the new born King. Veiled in flesh the incarnate Deity.
Joy to the world the Lord has come.
Luke 1: Zachariah and Elizabeth had no children. 18,000 priests worked in the temple. He was chosen by lot to do the ceremony. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Then he meets the angel. God had been silent for 400 years. He froze. "You will have a son. He will be filled with the Holy Spirit." He responded in unbelief- how can this be? My wife is old.
God said: "Watch! I'm going to do something unbelievable."
God is a God of action. Z was comfortable with the presence of God. He was not so comfortable with what God was going to do. We tend to be uncomfortable with what God wants to do. Z used fear to filter what God was saying. We tend to do that too. We struggle with decisions.
Luke 1: We meet Mary. They were in the engagement period. An angel shows up. Her response was not fear. She was perplexed disturbed and confused. A bit scared. "How can this be? I'm a virgin." For her to get pregnant she was to become an outcast.
God works with the despised in society. Would we accept her in our church?
The Spirit challenges us to accept what God is doing. Are we willing to do what God is doing? Mary stood at the cross And she understood why he had to die.
"Here I am, a servant of the Lord." Trust. That's where change starts.
Z and Mary were both asked to trust God. God will bring it to completion -do you trust Him enough to keep following Him?
So much of the season is so inward focussed it is hard to be part of something bigger.

We want to raise funds for:
1. Church plant in Tyndale
2. A new van for Forward House
3. Flood relief for Thailand
The advent appeal is above the church budget.
Can we buy one less gift for ourselves and give to others?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Spirit Factor: Uncontrollable Joy
Choir Songs
My heart shall rejoice Lord Jesus there is room in my heart for thee
Do you see what I see? a star? Do you hear what I hear? A song high above the clouds with a voice as big as the sea. A child shivers in the cold, let us bring him silver and gold. He will bring as goodness and light.
Angels from the realms of glory Come and worship Christ the new born king
I bring an offering of worship to my king The sun cannot compare to your glory
All praise and thanks to God (with beautiful musical accompaniment)

Pastor Del:
Thy will be done on earth as in heaven. What would it look like if we actually lived God's will? It's not easy
I am pulled in so many directions. Why? It will make me happy?
Let's get plugged into the Holy Spirit
The Spirit factor: Uncontrollable Joy
When I'm not plugged in everything will fail to bring real joy.
I love water skiing. Tried to ski on one ski and it did not work until someone said put the prop deeper. They needed more power.
A row boat will not work.
Hooked up - to the source of power. That makes all the difference.
But I need to be thirsty for the Living water that only Jesus can give us.
Acts 1:8 You will receive power. When? When I'm done with my own (row boat) power
When we are hooked up to God's power we can have that inexpressible joy.
You will walk through dark tunnels. You will get angry. Why does that baby have to cry for 13 hours in the plane to Thailand? Why do I get angry?
While we feel the tension the Holy Spirit is hovering right there. There is a river that flows. Are you planted near the river? The HS wants to flow through you to others.
the HS may be prompting us but we ignore it. Because we had too many bad habits etc.
Plugged in leads to follow him.
Isaiah - bring good news to the poor. Survey of 100 year old people said they would have liked to risk more and do more things that would have eternal benefits.
Lighthouse ministry in Thailand attracts Burmese refugees. Maw is one of those who got baptized 2 weeks ago. She felt Jesus' kiss on her forehead and was overjoyed at the forgiveness she received.
God wants us each to be a river of blessing to others.

Dec 24 offering to church in Tyndale, Forward House Van, and Thailand church.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Poinsettia Lane

At Shelmerdine the Christmas store

The Christmas Experience

The 8' Nordman Fir Tree

The Spirit Factor; Unforgettable Gift
Song Quartet: Come make a place for me
Today will be a time of songs sharing communion baptism
Several semi-trailers full of Christmas Shoe boxes left Eastview this week.
Dinner theatre was a phenomenal and remarkable event.
5 testimonies:
L Friesen: teaching the kids at Eastview helped me grow. God has not gone anywhere. I want to baptized.
W. Penner: I accepted Jesus at an early age. I grew up with 2 older siblings. That made me feel insignificant and alone. Went on a SOAR trip to the inner city. Been on 3 mission trips and each trip has drawn me closer to God. I trust God and request baptism today
Jeanette Krahn: born in Paraguay
Had a bad group of friends, went on SOAR 2011 and grew. Got 2 God visions. Now I want to be baptized
A Balichowski married 10 years. Baptized at EKMB
came to church hour of prayer. Had a daughter. Aug 10 dad had cancer Lots of people kept praying
Signed up to pray for Thailand and really found God.
Every human being has a God shaped Vacuum. Lord I believe, help me to overcome my unbelief.
Avery Koop: Become Christian at age 4 and this summer discovered God can be trusted. Now have been consumed by the love of Christ and now I want to serve God. I love the Lord Jesus so much and I'm so excited to follow Him.
Song: Make me a vessel of mercy.
Oh come all ye faithful Glory to God. O come let us adore Him.
Come thou long expected Jesus.
Emmanuel God incarnate here to dwell The Son of God born to bleed. Praise His name
Pastor Del was in Thailand last Sunday. Had lurch with the Church there after baptism. We are part of the family of God. We covenant to walk together and support our new members. Pray for them one by one. Pray for growth. Guidance and protection rejoicing and weeping together. Willingness to testify
Be joyful always give thanks
Lord's Supper. What a good way to end such a celebration
Surely God is my salvation. With joy I will drink from the wells of salvation.
Bread symbolizes Jesus' broken body and the fruit of the wine to symbolize the blood of Christ.

O come O cone Emmanuel Rejoice Rejoice. May envy strife and quarrels cease.
Take and drink.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Calvary Temple The Christmas Prayer

They love very loud operatic yodeling. Their audio quality - not so good.
The story line is of the snotty rich lady during The Depression who hates the filthy little kids across the street in shanty town. Then her parents tell her about the poverty they lived in. How they shielded her from the hardships. Through it all I thank God for what he has done. I've learned to depend upon His Word. We love you and our heavenly Father loves you even more. Talk to Him.
Sometimes we carry the burdens of our actions. We need to lay them at Jesus' feet.
We pray for healing. We doubt your goodness we doubt your love.
I had to plug my ears for that song - way too loud.

Pain is God's megaphone. Things that you thought were out if control have brought you to this place. Raindrops of despair can become raindrops of blessings.
How do you go through 3 years of hell and not become a skeptic?

Christmas day the rich family has a good breakfast and Mrs Snotty decides to share her rich Christmas dinner with a poor family. They make up and everyone is happy.

Really good children's choir. Not such a good duet.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Main Street Christmas

Dinner theatre 6.oo PM
Small town busy body wants to put on a spectacular Christmas eve production in the town square where the local church wants to do a Christmas pageant.
Dinner starts with salad followed by grilled chicken breast.
Orange chiffon cake dessert.
Get your tickets NOW! Only 2 more performances!