Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Spirit Factor; Unforgettable Gift
Song Quartet: Come make a place for me
Today will be a time of songs sharing communion baptism
Several semi-trailers full of Christmas Shoe boxes left Eastview this week.
Dinner theatre was a phenomenal and remarkable event.
5 testimonies:
L Friesen: teaching the kids at Eastview helped me grow. God has not gone anywhere. I want to baptized.
W. Penner: I accepted Jesus at an early age. I grew up with 2 older siblings. That made me feel insignificant and alone. Went on a SOAR trip to the inner city. Been on 3 mission trips and each trip has drawn me closer to God. I trust God and request baptism today
Jeanette Krahn: born in Paraguay
Had a bad group of friends, went on SOAR 2011 and grew. Got 2 God visions. Now I want to be baptized
A Balichowski married 10 years. Baptized at EKMB
came to church hour of prayer. Had a daughter. Aug 10 dad had cancer Lots of people kept praying
Signed up to pray for Thailand and really found God.
Every human being has a God shaped Vacuum. Lord I believe, help me to overcome my unbelief.
Avery Koop: Become Christian at age 4 and this summer discovered God can be trusted. Now have been consumed by the love of Christ and now I want to serve God. I love the Lord Jesus so much and I'm so excited to follow Him.
Song: Make me a vessel of mercy.
Oh come all ye faithful Glory to God. O come let us adore Him.
Come thou long expected Jesus.
Emmanuel God incarnate here to dwell The Son of God born to bleed. Praise His name
Pastor Del was in Thailand last Sunday. Had lurch with the Church there after baptism. We are part of the family of God. We covenant to walk together and support our new members. Pray for them one by one. Pray for growth. Guidance and protection rejoicing and weeping together. Willingness to testify
Be joyful always give thanks
Lord's Supper. What a good way to end such a celebration
Surely God is my salvation. With joy I will drink from the wells of salvation.
Bread symbolizes Jesus' broken body and the fruit of the wine to symbolize the blood of Christ.

O come O cone Emmanuel Rejoice Rejoice. May envy strife and quarrels cease.
Take and drink.

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