Friday, December 02, 2011

Calvary Temple The Christmas Prayer

They love very loud operatic yodeling. Their audio quality - not so good.
The story line is of the snotty rich lady during The Depression who hates the filthy little kids across the street in shanty town. Then her parents tell her about the poverty they lived in. How they shielded her from the hardships. Through it all I thank God for what he has done. I've learned to depend upon His Word. We love you and our heavenly Father loves you even more. Talk to Him.
Sometimes we carry the burdens of our actions. We need to lay them at Jesus' feet.
We pray for healing. We doubt your goodness we doubt your love.
I had to plug my ears for that song - way too loud.

Pain is God's megaphone. Things that you thought were out if control have brought you to this place. Raindrops of despair can become raindrops of blessings.
How do you go through 3 years of hell and not become a skeptic?

Christmas day the rich family has a good breakfast and Mrs Snotty decides to share her rich Christmas dinner with a poor family. They make up and everyone is happy.

Really good children's choir. Not such a good duet.

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