Sunday, December 26, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Start Today

Greg Armstrong -how now shall we live?
If I have experienced that God the Savior of the world came for me, my world should be a different place.
An elderly woman is taking care of her great grandsons. She asked for a Christmas hamper. The boys lost their parents in a car accident last year.

Artaban the Magi stopped to help an injured man. He missed the visit to the Christ child. He saved a baby in Bethlehem with one of his gifts. He paid the ransom to save a Christian woman from slavery.
Then he saw 3 Crosses and recognized the King of Kings. Jesus reminded him that his good deeds were done for Jesus.
Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Oh praise Him.
An old song says: Jesus Jesus Jesus There is Something about that name. If you don't know him start asking how to get to know him better. ''Pay It Forward" has a good story even though the movie is not all good.
Think of an idea that will introduce Christ's hope to another person and put it into action!
Go from here and see the face of God in everything.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Eastview: Life Interrupted

What if Joseph and Mary had shared their story on Facebook? What would their postings look like?

The Innkeeper: I could have done things differently. The Son of God born in my stable? I could have given them my bedroom.

Song: O little town of Bethlehem, holy child be born in us today.

Joseph: I'm a carpenter. Engaged to be married. Happily looking forward to the wedding. Found out Mary was pregnant with God's Son. That changes everything

Song: Hark! The herald Angels sing Glory to the newborn king.

Mary: Engaged to Joseph. An amazing man. Shortly after the engagement an angel came to announce the miraculous virgin birth of the Saviour of the world. Life Interrupted by God.

Song: My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord. Holy Holy is his name.

Away in a manger. I love you Lord Jesus.

Shepherd: Good easy job. Great outdoors, stars, fresh air. Interrupted by Singing Angels. Off to Bethlehem. The Peace & awe felt like heaven. This is one boy's journey I have to watch.

Song: The first Noel the angels sang.

G: Raised in a Christian home. Don't drink or gamble. I'm forgiven by God's grace. Jesus interrupted my life. His grace is greater than all my sins.

Pastor Del: Coffee is good for you. Satisfies. There is a craving beyond that. Deep within. My soul craves more intimacy. The desire to be loved. There is a craving for destiny and meaning. To make a difference.
As we move closer to Christ we find the answers. Answer the call of your soul tonight. Christmas 2010 can make a difference around the world.
Burmese Christians are the most persecuted. We want to help them tonight. Churches are growing.

Silent Night Holy Night
Shepherds quake at the sight. The dawn of redeeming grace.

Joy to the world Let every heart prepare him room.

Have a blessed Christmas

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Growing Branch: A Renewed Hope
Allan Bartel passed away a few days ago. Pray for Ron & Val Woods
Join us for Christmas eve services 3:30 5:30 6:30
Next Sunday Service 10am only

Dave Ens - Adult Ministries Pastor:
Next week is Christmas.
A little branch- Isaiah talks about hope. How can we be bringers of hope? To be part of helping the Burmese grow in hope & faith. Christmas changes everything. Jesus came to save and change for all time. It should be Normal for us to be Zealous Passionate about Jesus all year. If you are zealous about something you will be prepared to go to great lengths. When you walk into the mall you "feel the zeal" of shopping. Where your Zeal is that's where your heart's treasure is. What if our focus on Christmas day was to celebrate what change God has brought info our lives?
Isaiah 9:2-9 the Zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish the passion God has for us. God put a star in the sky and sent angels to burst unto the scene. The darkness of this world cannot prevent Gods light from changing this world. Changing human history.
If we lived a life of Zeal what would it look like? Not like the Pharisees who ignored Justice Mercy and Faith.
It's not about following rules. Not about abolishing fun. What does God want to do in your life?
God will give you an understanding heart. Transformed. God is Zealous for you. Why? Some day we will understand. If God was about rules He would not have come as a baby.

Not external holiness so much as a heart transformation. Growth and reliance on God. Integrity in and out. God knows our heart.
God can change you. Matth 23:27-28. Pharisees were all about showing by the rules that they were very religious Jews. White washed comfort. A culture of sameness.
God will fill us with life. Radical obedience to God will change us. Will you be changed by Christmas?
Cardboard testimonies. What was I? Who am I now? Are there still lives that are being changed? The email response to this was overwhelming. So moved by the transformation people shared. As long as we cover up our brokeness God's light can't shine on us.
What would your card say? Slave to empire building? Bulemia? Insignificant? Confused? Depressed? Never good enough? Slave to alcohol? Lost father? Worldly success? Looking for change? Drugs? Porn? Unfaithful? Unloved? Abused?

May this Christmas change you!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Frank Sinatra Christmas

We just came back from a fabulous evening of music at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra featured Karl Kohut on bass, vocals by Jimmy Summers of Calgary, Gary Grosvenor and Adam O'Conner. The BEST song was "Oh Holy Night" sung with deep passion by Jimmy Summers.

When Hope Draws Near

Announcement: On Jan 9 join 30,000 others at MTS Centre for a city wide church service
Dave and Louise Sinclair-Peters
They have been missionaries in Thailand for 10 years. They are working with Burmese people in northern Thailand. Not sure what it would be like for the kids to grow up in 30 degree heavy traffic driving bikes. Daughter broke her foot in the bike wheel.
All that stress becomes normal after a while. An elephant on the street has become a normal nuisance.
Often things become normal that should not. Daughter said: Comfort and security in Canada is overrated.
We want kids to be nice and safe. Jesus wants our kids to be willing to face danger and change the world.
We've been chased out of factories trying to bring hope to the Burmese.
Louise was invited into a factory, met a leader there and got to know his family. The wife had been trafficked to Thailand and abused for years. When she become a Christian she started talking to her husband. Soon they were studying the Bible. Louise gave him a guitar and he learned to sing worship songs. He is now free from the prison of darkness and now leads a church.
Life would be boring in Canada compared to life in Thailand. To reach out to our neighbours not staying in our safe place. Bring hope and healing to others.
Do we believe that God's hope is greater than our fears? The power to change.
We ask the Holy Spirit to fill us and present ourselves to people.
What can we say to attract people? -tell them about the love of Jesus.
Learn to share the gospel with your neighbors. Be dangerous this Christmas.
We want to raise $30,000 this Christmas to help bring the hope and joy of Jesus to Thailand.

That may mean that we will need to live and give dangerously.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Choir Christmas Program
The Voices of Christmas
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Happy holidays felice navidad
Voices of Christmas
Silent Night Good News of Great Joy.
Joy to the World.
Oh Come all ye Faithful

Silent Night Holy Night
Hark the herald angels sing
Voices of Christmas are not always happy
Clydesdale "Where are you Christmas?"
As a child I loved Christmas, now I dread it. So lonely. So many pains. Missing loved ones.
So many questions. Where can we find a song again? Where can we find the Messiah?

Don Nancy Besing: Emmanuel Soon Will Appear In the dark of night God will send us his light. One little child so sweet and mild born on a winter night Bringing us peace and light.

For 2000 years Isreal waited for the Savior. Micah 5:2
Emmanuel God with us. Spirit revealed in us. That we may show your hope to the world.

The time had finally come! Elizabeth and Zacharia had the miracle baby John in their old age. They believed that the Messiah would come. They believed Mary.

Did Elizabeth talk your ear off? Zacharia was in the temple. Angel showed up and told him that the Promised one was coming.

Of the Father's Love begotten. Lo how a Rose is blooming
Isaiah twas foretold it the world's Redeemer.

Mary: Jesus my little boy. God has been good. Elizabeth blessed me. Joseph took me as his wife even though I was already pregnant. God sent his angel to tell me God is with you.

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord. He has done great things for us. His Name will be forever exalted. Holy holy is His name

Jill Galena: He is born the holy one Come and Praise God's chosen son Born to be God's chosen King.

Hallelujah. The first voice of Christmas.
Angels we have heard on high

Born is now Emmanuel

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Morweena EMC, NW of Arborg

Announcements: Youth pastor Donavan would like to be full time.
They have lots of activities going on. They need a chocolate stop for the carolers Christmas Eve.
Barry is recuperating but keep praying for him.
Looking for a senior pastor starting January '11
Stan Loewen, Song Leader:
Hosanna in the Highest - I see a near revival
The Love of God #86

Tim Reimer Preacher /Teacher:
Elijah and Elijah
Mal 4 Luke 1 John 1
Mom's 80th birthday

What Leads to the Christmas story?
Luke 1 Elijah is someone else than Elijah of OT
He will be a joy, great, filled with HS, bring revival, go before the Lord, restore relationships,

Jesus has made God known. Full of Grace and Truth. The law did not bring grace. Not grace OR truth. Why not?
Books: Doctrines, Hard Questions are Bible School things.
AND truth
Truth applied
Age 12 with teachers. Fasted 40 days, spent nights in prayer,
Grace- Jesus was gracious in relationships.
John 8 woman- Jesus does not condemn her.
Math 28 v17 has a D word some doubted. Great Commission was given to unreliable and ungracious people.
Lots of things are referred to as ''Christian". Do Christian homes reflect grace and truth? Christian schools, businesses?

Do our politicians sense truth and grace from us?

Grace and Truth came from Jesus Christ.

Song: Everyday I can be your light to the world Everyday I'll follow after you. It's you I live for every day.