Monday, December 31, 2007

Brooklyn Tabernacle New Year's eve

Pastor Jim:

No one knows the future. God does. ''Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you"
God is everywhere - But he is saying God will never leave you alone. No matter where you are God will always be there with you. No matter if the human network breaks down. God is with me.

God makes a general promise - he will be with you.

The Lord is with me. Do you know I almost got killed today? Huge truck ran a light.

Warren Wiersbe, Jim's friend said today that he talks to God 1st thing in the morning.

How would you like it if someone wouldn't talk all day? God doesn't like it either. He wants to talk with you. Even if you see nothing and feel nothing God still is with you. He loves me.

God is a good God. Comfort the feeble minded. God loves us in spite if our failure.

Heb 13:5 The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid.

Guarantee. We will have problems in 2008. Jesus has overcome. The Lord will help us. I need him 24/7. God is the helper.

Expect God's help every day this year. My emotions, my body, my spirit. We will not live in fear because the Lord is my helper. He will never leave us. Guaranteed.

God will turn the difficulties in our lives to our good.

I want to pray that God will give you revelation God will help. Thank you for the cross, Oh Lord.

After church we went to Junior's for cheesecake.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Peacemaking: a Godly Challenge

Elder Fred Atkins
Based on a book by Ken Sande
4 Principle of peace making
1. Glorify God - how can I honor the Lord? - by trusting obeying imitating Christ. Acknowledge God in whatever steps we take.
2. Get the log out of your own eye. How can I show Jesus work in me by taking responsibility for my contribution to this conflict?
Take away the blind spot. Who is holding the knife? Is the Word of God A friend or foe?
3. Gently Restore the Other. How can I lovingly serve others by helping them take responsibility for their contribution to the conflict? Friend Felix had trouble w the kids. Together his friends helped him see what he was doing wrong.
4. Go and be reconciled. Felix and I met someone in church who we did not like. After a few hours I decided to nail him in a brotherly manner. Felix said STOP! Now we thank God for the friendships have.

Missionary Don and wife felt called to go to vicious tribe of head hunters and cannibals. These people had a code of honor that honored the most treacherous among them. Fatten up friendship for the kill.
Don the missionary brought the leaders together and taught them the last week of the life of Christ. Judas became the hero.
He tries to make peace but can't until the tribes get together for a peace meeting where small children were exchanged to become the "peace child". Now Don could explain that Jesus was the eternal peacechild and Judas is the betrayer of the peacechild, and a real villain. Finally the gospel resonated with the stone age people.
After church we enjoyed brunch at the Silver Star Restaurant on 2nd Ave

A God Moment in Manhatten

Renee and I decided to go see if we could take in a show on Broadway yesterday. When we got to the TKTS booth, there was a long line up and the Les Mis show we wanted was not available at tkts so we walked to the theatre to see if they had 2 tickets. They had 1 and suggested we wait to see if other tickets would become available. So we headed back to tkts booth and when we got there we were told the line was at least a 1-hour wait. Just when I was perplexed about what to do next, someone walked up to me with, "Hi Ray!. How are you?" I looked up in surprise to see that it was our E St Paul neighbour, Ken Friesen! He called Heather and Ray who were just getting to the ticket window, and asked them to get tickets for us for either Shakespeare's Cymbeline or Mama Mia. We got tickets for Cymbeline at the Lincoln Center Theater. Imagine the chances that we would be at exactly the same place at exactly the same time in a city teeming with millions of people!

We got to see Cymbeline, the late problem play by Shakespeare which, as one critic pointed out, is not actually as seldom-seen as some might think. (Someone is doing it in the city at least every two years.) This production, however, was the first big-deal Cymbeline in a long time, with none other than Lincoln Center Theater backing it. Director Mark Lamos directed a talented and various cast that included Martha Plimpton, Michael Cerveris, Phylicia Rashad and John Cullum. Reviews were split, which some critics taking issue with the unevenness of the cast. But, given that this play usually sets reviewers to carping, there were a notable number of very positive reactions, particularly in response to Cerveris and Plimpton, who is everybody's favorite "It" girl right now.

Friday, December 28, 2007

More Micafungin

I don't know how to spell Micafungin but Renee spent 5 hrs in the hospital getting it and more platelets.

Martha & Kara left the apartment at 7:30 this morning to find that- the flight from Chicago to Winnipeg was cancelled. Then the next flight got delayed again and again. That meant Alayna could not pick them up and Martha tried to arrange for her friend Martha to pick them up. Oh, the joys of travel!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in New York! - Walking in the Winter Wonderland?

"Santa Claus is Coming to Town", "Sleigh Bells Ringing" and "Walking in the Winter Wonderland" were played over and over at the store where I do most of my grocery shopping. It helps to get you into the "Christmas mood"! I always got a kick out of "Winter Wonderland" because we have had hardly any snow here and it is all gone now. Yesterday it felt more like spring, which made it very enjoyable making all those trips to the store to get all the stuff we needed for our Christmas meals.

Ray, Alayna and Kara came back yesterday from Florida in time to go to the Christmas Eve service at Trinity - "The Messy Gift of Christmas." Jesus was born in a messy stable to show that God is not afraid of messes. He came to this messy world to help us clean up the messes that we get into all the time. All of us have to decide if we will let God do what he wants to do with our lives.

We had a really good Christmas day, starting the day off with our traditional Strawberry Blintzes. I wish Justin could have been with us, but I was so happy to have the rest of the family here and that Renee got out in time for Christmas. Renee was excited that she could help cook the meal that we started planning weeks ago! She was a bit tuckered out after all that cooking and we all were a bit tired after that yummy dinner. After we all had a little rest, we went to see the 85 foot Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. We walked all the way there, but took a cab on the way back. Finished the evening off with the delicious Cranberry Chocolate Tart that Renee had made. (We got all the recipes from
Check out Renee's elfyourself fun1 and fun2

Renee got out of the hospital last week Wednesday, December 19. That means she was in there for 5 weeks and 5 days, for a total of 40 days. Now she just has to go to the day hospital three times a week to get IV medication for the lung infection and to get transfusions as needed. She doesn't need the GCS-F shots anymore since her white cell counts are good, so the platelet counts will soon start to improve. Yesterday morning the platelets were very low. I think they should have given her two bags on Friday. The plan is to do the transplant, anywhere from the middle of January to the beginning of February.

Alayna is leaving tomorrow evening and Kara and I the day after that. The plan is that I will come back to New York on January 4, but since we mostly operate on a day to day basis, nothing is ever for sure. Ray will stay here with Renee while I am gone. I have very mixed emotions about going "home".

A big thank you to all who sent cards, packages, emails, and most of all for praying. Reminds me of 2 Cor. 1:11 from the Message. "I can see your faces even now, lifted in praise for God's deliverance of us, which your prayers played such a crucial part."

My prayer is that we will all be able to continue keeping our focus on the Lord and say as Mary did: "How I rejoice in God my Saviour....For He, the Mighty One, is holy, and he has done great things for me", during this Christmas season and all through the year, whatever it may bring.


Monday, December 24, 2007

The Messy Gift of Christmas

Keith Boyd
Christmas can be messy. Baby born in a barn wrapped in rags. Barns are messy. Mary didn't say- "Sweet they gave us the stable- what a unique birthing experience!"

This is a messy world. We can't fix it. The angel said God is coming into the mess of this world. Sometimes we think we need to fix our messes before we can come to God. We are a roomful of messy people. God is not afraid of a mess. God smiles when someone comes to him to clean up their messes.

We have to decide here tonight. You may not be buying this whole Saviour thing. That's ok. The shepherds went to check it out. They didn't know for sure either.

Lord show me how to clean up my messes. If you choose to move forward with God this next year can be your greatest ever.

When your home is a mess this Christmas remember God came into a mess.

Emmanuel we worship you. We honour you our God with us.

Church service on board the Sovereign of the Seas

Corporal Sonny Moore, Mississippi, Chaplain with the United States Army:
Phil 4:19
Be Yourself
Be Positive
Be mindful of Others
Be going Somewhere

What an encouraging time of worship with 20 other passengers. Closed the meeting in a circle of prayer

Cruise Info:
Ship launched 20 years ago
Travelled 635 miles on this cruise
2652 passengers 33 nationalities
893 crew 56 nationalities
73,529 tons
886 ft long
105 ft wide
25 ft drought
168 ft above water
25,500 lb anchor
15.9 ft dia propellers

Activities on shore included a Segway tour with Alayna ard Kara thru a park in Bahamas and a walk thru the 2B$ Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island
Alayna, Kara, and I enjoyed snorkling on Cocoa Cay Island and exploring a shipwreck and an underwater airplane crash site.

Swallowing water in the process, reminded me again of my friend Denis and his untimely death in the ocean waters off the coast of Nicaragua.

I had a wonderful time of fellowship and encouragement with our friends Carlin and Marcia Weinhauer. Thank God for sending them my way at this time.

We will miss Justin this Christmas while the rest of us spend Christmas in New York.

May God bless you this Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Renee is out!

She got out Wednesday. She needs to stick close to the hospital for further treatment related to her lung infection

Her sisters and her dad are heading to the cruise today with friends Carlin and Marcia

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cruise to Bahamas

Wow! Carlin & Marcia Weinhauer are joining Kara, Alayna and I on the cruise from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas and back. We got to know Carlin and Marcia a year ago on our travels in Thailand. I look forward to spending these days with them.

Renee got moved from her private room on the pediatric floor, to a shared room on the 7th floor which the neurology floor. She was very thankful to have this private room for as long as she did. It was so nice for her to be in her own room when Alayna and Kara were here the last two days. They could be as loud as they wanted too, without bothering anybody.

Last night Martha prepared a wonderful meal of Eggplant Lasagna with Parsley Pesto and Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce (thanks to Jerry and Chris) topped off with a delicious ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. What a way to Celebrate Alayna and Kara's birthdays! Kara is turning 19 tomorrow and Alayna turned 21 in November, so Martha and Renee had not been able to celebrate her birthday with her.

I'm writing this on the plane while on the way to the Florida Sun. Alayna is sleeping and Kara is reading. I'm trying to finish "The Family Business Doctor" by John Fast Ph.D.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thanks for the Gift, Jerry & Chris

We enjoyed that tiramisu cake at midnight last nite. Such a treat! We will enjoy the steaks (oops! it's actually a roast!)and the rest of the goodies over the Christmas holidays!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Kara and Alayna have arrived in the BIG Apple

Renee's ANC is now up again. She had a lung biopsy done this morning to see what is causing the lung infection and should know in a few days whether or not she can get out. Alayna and Karalee arrived 2 hrs later than scheduled. But that's normal for flights coming into LGA. Martha made a delicious supper that we all shared in Renee's room.

Renee's Wall of Fame

Here is her wall - room 902
Includes the Christmas gift - Advent Calendar from her Aunt Gloria

Farm grown Cavier on sale

Only $75 per ounce or per mouthful! Buy it now before someone else does!

We all enjoy fish eggs!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is Coming

In a few days The Story will be proclaimed around the world in German, Swahili, Japanese, Slovak, Spanish and many other languages.
Let every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord Amen

Song - You are Holy you are Worthy I will bow down and worship the King who is worthy. Joy to the world!

Notes - Did Noah get seasick? Did Moses have bushophobia? Did Joseph and Mary ever call Jesus Father? Did Mary say to herself God is eating my soup?

Joseph and Mary were engaged (married but not living together) to be sanctified. Huupa came later.

During this time the angel came to her, a virgin. The text is clear. She never had sex. She became pregnant. She was a good hard working chaste Jewish teenage girl. She was highly favored by God. A woman of great faith. "I am the Lord's servant. May it be as you have said" No fear of the change coming into her life. If you were Mary what would you have said? How do you respond to God today? God puts us in positions we don't understand. God gives us a path of faith. Do we say your will be done?

What about Joseph. He was righteous hard working Jewish man. Matth 118 he was considering a quiet divorce when he heard this news. He thought he knew Mary. He could have had her stoned. He loved Mary. God appeared to him in a dream. He acted on the dream. Expecting Mary's child to sit on the throne. No union till the baby was born.

Luke 2 v4 says he belonged to the house of David. This kid will be the Messiah. Joseph might have thought - I'm obedient - why is my Son born in a barn? Where is the glory in this? Where is the big picture? Sometimes God gives us only enough light for one step.

Will I be faithful even when things don't make sense? Think of the baby born in a manger who grew up to die for our sins.

Thankyou Father that you are faithful. Forgive me my disobedience and unfaithfulness. Help us to respond to you with "Lord I'm your servant"

Song - There is a king - God with us Emmanuel we worship you Emmanuel we honor you our God with us - Tommy Walker

Christmas 2007

This comes to you from New York City's MSKCC hospital. The picture comes from a website forwarded to us by our friend Laurie.

PTL! Renee's ANC is now at 0.5! It would be time to get out of jail - I mean hospital - but now Renee has some infection in the lungs. She will remain in hospital till a biopsy of the infection gets done Monday. Once they know what kind of infection it is, they will know how to treat it and that will not necessarily have to be done in the hospital. If it is a fungal infection they might have to remove a piece of her lung surgically, and that would delay the date of the transplant to the end of January or mid-February.

The transplant will be difficult, and if all goes well, Renee should be healthy 6 months after that.

Alayna, and Kara are coming to New York on Monday, and then I will go with them to Florida, and on the cruise to the Bahamas on the 21st - 24th. Because Renee, Justin and Martha can't go, one of the cabins I booked is still available. If you know of someone who would like to take that, please let me know as soon as possible. The price is right. They will not let me cancel, but they will let me change the names on the reservation.

We expect to celebrate Christmas in New York, and then Martha will join the girls at home for a week, and to celebrate Christmas with our extended families.

If you know of anyone that needs a home for the next 3 - 6 months, please send them our way. We have 3 empty bedrooms and we would be happy to have some one using them.

Have yourself a Blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Morning Glory Muffins

Martha made some for Renee!

2 c flour
1 1/4 c sugar
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
2 c carrots, grated
1/2 c raisins
1/2 c nuts
1/2 c coconut
1 apple, grated
3 eggs
1 c salad oil
2 tsp vanilla
Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Mix dry ingredients. Stir in carrots, raisins, nuts, coconut and apple. Beat 3 eggs, salad oil and vanilla, then add to above mixture. Spoon into muffin tins and bake.

Counts are UP

Today the ANC came in at .4! If she gets a .5 tomorrow, she'll get out of jail! can she join us on the family cruise next week? maybe!?
Renee cancelled her trip to her friend's wedding in the DR. Now it means filing trip insurance forms to get her money back.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can anyone come in case it's needed?


We have air miles points available for Renee's friends to come visit. Please email to arrange details. Your cost in New York would be travel to/from airport $2 bus or $30 cab each way, plus spending money. We have an empty queen bedroom available. Renee would love to see some friend's faces.

Is there any one who could come Dec 19- 24? We had booked a cruise for us all and Alayna would VERY much like to do that still, but Renee may not be leaving New York for Christmas. Justin has to work, and he is sorry that he will be stuck in Winnipeg for Christmas.

- Ray

Please make a note of our correct address:

359 E 68th Street Apt 2A (not 2B or 28 or 26)
New York, New York
10065 (not 10021)

There is another thing I wanted to clarify, in case it causes any misunderstandings. Of course the underlying cause for getting infections, such as pneumonia is the fact that the white cells get knocked out by the chemo. That's why we have to take all those precautions with the food, and why Renee is getting all the antibiotics and anti-fungal medications. But the doctor has mentioned quite a few times that moving around more helps to prevent pneumonia. However, this is very hard to do when you are in isolation or just feeling too nauseous to get out of bed.

Thank you so much for remembering us in prayer.

Once again I would just like to say thank you to God for making his presence so real to me and giving me peace in the midst of this emotional roller coaster.

- Martha

Monday, December 10, 2007

Week 6 Update

December 10 - time for another update. This time it is Martha doing the reporting. It is 30 days in the hospital and since the chemo was finished and the ANC is still only .2. Two years ago the longest it took was 31 days for the ANC to get to .5.

No fevers last week! Yeah! That is something to be thankful for! The week also went by a lot faster for both Renee and I with Ray being here in the beginning of the week and Kara for the last part of the week, including yesterday.

Renee was still having a lot of nausea caused by the antibiotics and all the medication she is on. So Renee requested to again be given anti-nausea medication around the clock. She gets platelets and red cells as needed. Today it was both.

Preparations have been started for the transplant. This week started off with a CAT scan, EKG and an echo-cardiogram. This time they sent her to the pediatric echo, which was so much nicer than the adult one she went to two years ago. When they did the Cat scan this morning they found a little bit of pneumonia, so they are going to change the anti- fungal medication. Renee came off isolation for droplet precaution on Friday. Being forced to stay in her room and not walking around enough can lead to pneumonia. Dr. Steinhertz told her almost at the end of the isolation time to walk around late in the evening when there would be less people around, but the nurse she had that night didn't think that was a good idea. It sounds like the transplant will be sooner than we had been told at first, but haven't heard a definite date. They have a donor that is a 10 out of 10 match.
Praise the Lord for that!

Please continue to pray for our family that we will all experience the peace that only Jesus can give. We will probably not be able to all be together at Christmas. Justin only gets Christmas Day off and we don't know what Renee's situation will be, whether she will be able to go any where. Justin is working as assistant manager at Subway.

Jesus is the Light of the world. With all the darkness in this world and in ourselves, we sure need that Light, the forgiveness, peace, hope, love and joy that he came to bring. As you are all preparing to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, let us rejoice that he is a God who is with us and he wants to meet us where we are.

Pray for Martha's health. She needs to stay healthy for Renee's sake.

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Raymond and Martha Dueck

359 E 68th Street Apt 2A, New York, NY 10065
Martha 917-751-0421
email phone Renee (917) 750-4128

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Vidir Morris Christmas

Flowers by Alvina. Entertainment by big hand Leland Klassen. Good clean fun.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Counts are UP!

Martha had some congestion, felt like she was coming down with a cold so she was resting at the apartment all evening while Kara was with Renee at the hospital.

ANC was .2 today, waiting for .5 to get out of the hospital. Platelets need to be up high enough to fly if she'll still be able to go to the DR.

We still hope to spend some time over Christmas relaxing in Florida. We'll see how that goes!

Tonight Justin and I had a wonderful evening with our world class sales and marketing team and their spouses at La Vieille Gare. 17 people in a dining car makes for a lively group.

Goodnight - I'm sleeepyyy

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The 5th Week!

It was snowing on Sunday morning! In the evening it was raining, so the snow was all gone in a hurry. And on Monday it was WINDY!

Our blogs have been updated

Your emails are very important to us. They provide companionship and comfort. We know many of you are praying and it warms our hearts when you tell us that.

This week has been up and down. Feeling good, not feeling good. That includes, me and most of our family. Stress can wear you out.

Renee's neutrafil count is coming up, and has reached the dizzying height of 0.1!! 0.5 is the minimum to get out of jail - sorry - I mean hospital. Renee has been in mask, gown, glove isolation room since Saturday. The big day we are waiting for is Dec 13 so
Renee can go to her friend's wedding in DR. Then on a cruise from Florida. Miracles happen!


We have air miles points available for Renee's friends to come visit. Please email to arrange details. Your cost in New York would be travel to/from airport $2 bus or $30 cab each way, plus spending money. We have an empty queen bedroom available. Renee would love to see some friend's faces.

I'm travelling back to Manitoba tomorrow via MSP while Kara is flying to NYC via YYZ. I guess I'll wave at her when we pass in the air!

Thanks again for being a friend.
Raymond and Martha Dueck

359 E 68th Street Apt 2A, New York, NY 10065
Martha 917-751-0421
email phone Renee (917) 750-4128

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stress is catching up with me

Now I'm in the hospital waiting for a doctor. I'm in pain and urinating blood.

I headed to Concordia hospital at 5:30 PM and have been waiting for doctor since then.

When stress comes it comes in piles. There is not much we can do about Renee's situation except to pray and trust God and the best professionals to do the right thing for her.

Addional stess has been added due to issues at the Arborg plant.

We had a good LifeLight meeting this morning and then it was a day filled with meetings with consultants and lawyers. At the end of the day I had a very exasperated call from one of our front line people about a big mistake that our office had made.

That's when my urine turned red.

I called Martha on the way to the hospital. She said Renee had another nausea filled day.

Thursday Renee had a bit of fever, but plenty of energy to work on her computer.

Thursday night was our first of three church Christmas dinner theatre productions and Karalee and I invited friends and relatives to join us for a delightful evening.

I hope my bladder will be OK for travel again on Sunday. Back Wednesday for sales meetings and company Christmas while Karalee travels to NYC for visit from Wednesday to Monday.

I got home at 9:15 to an empty house. Kara was volunteering at our Church Dinner theatre and Justin was working.

Went to bed early and woke up at 2am shortly before Justin came home. I read the paper and did a Soduko. After that I slept fairly well got out of bed at 9:49

We are going to Anne and Vern's for supper Saturday.

Kara has a music recital on Monday night Dec 10

Off to New York. 6:20 am flight means you got to get out of sleep mode at 4:15 am!

Renee has been moved to isolation - Caps gowns masks so the staff won't give her bug to anyone else. Otherwise she is in good spirits except for the occasional vomitting spells. Vistoral or Adavan helps for that but that makes her sleepy.

We watched several episodes of the Confessions of a Mennonite pastor on utube. I brought along a season of everybody loves Raymond. Look forward to watching that.

We also want to watch last Sunday's service at Eastview. Spiritual nourishment is so important.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week 4 Update

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Renee is still stuck in Hospital. Nothing to do. Not feeling good.

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day here and Renee's childhood friend, Rebekah, came from Maine for a very welcome visit for a few days.

Martha and I went to church this morning. Renee had a good breakfast, but then started to feel not so good. She has some fever, tummy pains and generally has been sleeping most of the day. Anytime Renee has ANY fever, we go into hyperconcern! Hopefully her tummy pains are normal, but when there is NO immunity, everything has potential to be SERIOUS!

Renee did watch a bit of Gilmore Girls and before that the church service from our church, Eastview Community Church.

I am listening to the Grey Cup Game on CJOB on the net. Can't find any place to watch it here. CBC on line video says we are in the wrong part of the world to watch the game from here!

Martha is reading "Oceans Apart" by Karen Kingsbury, and I'm reading "Love & Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Wow! What a book! It should be the first book every couple reads! Too bad it wasn't in print in 1971.

Friday I had some business meetings in Toronto.

Tomorrow it's back to Winnipeg till next Sunday.

Renee, of course, is still hoping her white cell counts will come back before Dec 14, when she is scheduled to travel to DR for a friend's wedding. Thanks for standing with her in prayer!

If you managed to read through all these ramblings, you are indeed a friend. Thanks for your friendship!

Raymond and Martha Dueck

359 E 68th Street Apt 2A, New York, NY 10065
Martha 917-751-0421
email phone Renee (917) 750-4128
Keep up to date by reading Renee's blog at

Raymond 352.235.4688

See Renee's hospital at
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What is heaven like?

The Kingdom of Heaven - James Leonard
For Adam and Eve life was perfect. Sin destroyed that.
What kinds of prayers do I pray? Something that has to do with my will - success. Win-win with God. Bargain with "God bless our will." Our plan. So we can feel good about what we want to do. Matth 16:25
If we want the kingdom, we need to deny ourselves. Jesus describes the characteristics of someone who will inherit the kingdom.
Jesus never said receive me into your heart. He said repent and be born again.
Jesus has a new administration. When Jesus takes power over a life there is a complete change.
Our self life is an addiction. We can't put it down. It'll come back.
The only way to get victory is to die to self.
AA is the most successful program. The 1st step is to admit you are powerless.
Henry Cloud comes across 2 different kinds of Christians. 1. Got it all together no problems don't associate with anyone who has problems. Or
2.Those who are ragtag admit they have problems and rely on God for growth.

Abraham was told to leave it all behind. He died to his own problems. God told him he will become the father of many nations. 40 years went by from the promise to the birth of Isaac. He loved his son. His entire future was invested in this boy. Then God tested him. How can you justify the 2? How long could he wait? The next morning he left. God knew what Isaac meant to Abraham. "your only son whom you love" God knew how much Abraham loved Isaac almost to the point of losing love for God.
This was an act of mercy to help Abraham learn to trust God completely. God stops the killing and says "now I know you love me"
God loves us so much he did not hold back his own son from death for our sake.

To experience the kingdom of God is not easy.
Do we want a God we can manage? Buy $3 worth of God. Warm milk. A pound of the eternal in a paper sack. Not someone who will change us

We need complete and utter transformation.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in New York

Lunch today was hosted by volunteers at the hospital. Turkey and all the trimmings were delicious!

Martha and I went for a long walk in Central Park. The streets are virtually empty, but the park was full of people out for a walk. Watched the skaters on the skating rink, took some pictures and generally got excercize.

After we got back we bought a rotisserie cooked chicken at Dallas Barbeque for $6.99 and white/brown/wild/red rice to make Turkey Wild Rice Soup for supper for the 4 of us. (Rebekah, a friend of Renee's since childhhood, arrived in the afternoon for a 3 day visit.) For dessert we ordered pumpkin pie from the Thanksgiving Menu at the hospital.

Renee is feeling much better today. Yesterday she had a lot of pain on the right side of the face. After a dental checkup she was given a clean bill of teeth health, but the pain only increased. She put on the Vicks Vapor Rub I got for her. She also did a thing that her cousin, who is a physical therapist had shown her to do for TMJ and it got better.

Tomorrow I will spend the day in Toronto meeting with customers and consultants. Saturday back here and home again on Monday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Mom and Dad:
59 years ago I was a gleam in your eyes! Thank you for giving me life, love, and guidance.

You are an inspiration not only to me and my siblings, but also to everyone that has had the privilege of knowing you. May God bless you with health and fulfillment for many more years.

Your firstborn

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday Tuesday

Justin; Day off from friends and work. Kind of an ugly day outside - stayed in bed. Everytime I got out of my room I asked myself why? Start work at 12 tomorrow. Spent time with Adam yesterday. Both just working like a troll. Hiding under a rock of work.

Kara; did nothing. Don't want personal info on internet. Class starts at 10:30 tomorrow.

Renee; Excited! got my wig today. It matches my real hair. They made it from the picture I emailed to them.

Martha made supper and brought it to Renee. They had watched Martha Stewart show featuring a pineapple seafood dish. They got the recipe off the website.

Alayna; too busy to join us for supper. Studying. Kara was dissappointed not to be
able to join the party last Friday. They will go out tomorrow.

I'm flying again in the morning- Oh that's boring!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks for the Lasagna!

That was delicious! Thanks to Esther Dyck, I had a delicious supper and there are 7 more meals in the freezer for Kara and Justin to enjoy!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week 3 Update

Here is Renee's Update:

I got another line put in on Friday. Hurts like crazy, but at least I don't have to keep getting my arms stuck, and typing is so much easier when you can actually use both hands. Other than that nothing has happened. My counts have stayed the same...which is nothing. I'm still in the hospital so I don't do anything. That's it.


I came home on Wednesday night and went to work Thursday and Friday. Thanks to so many wonderful people that keep things running even when I'm not there!

Karalee went to New York Friday, and will be back Monday night. Justin is busy at his job as Assistant Manager at Subway. Alayna is studying at U of W. Alayna, Justin, Jill & I celebrated Alayna's 21st birthday on Friday at Restaurant Dubrovnik. See the pictures on the blog.

Martha goes back and forth across the street from the hospital to the apartment, bringing salads and other appetizing meals to Renee for a bit of variety from the hospital food.

I'm returning to New York on Wednesday, to Toronto on Friday, and back to Winnipeg on Monday!

Hopefully Renee's white cell count will be up on time for us all to go to Florida for a week at Christmas. - Ray

Hi from Andre

We are watching the game - the Bombers will win. Only 8 secords left.
It snowed today. Ned likes snow.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Alayna's Birthday

Alayna's 21st Birthday Celebration! Restaurant Dubrovnik, one of the premier resaurants of Winnipeg is a nice place to enjoy really good food! We missed her real birthday last Saturday.

Alayna is modelling the dress we bought for her in New York.

More pictures at DueckPics

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Supper at The Empress of China.

No Challenge is too big for you.
A smile a day keeps your enemies away.
Where there is doubt, there is truth.
If all you have is a hammer you see all your problems as nails. Kara's Prof

Kara and I went out for supper. She is flying to NYC leaving YWG at 6:20 am

Life's opportunities never end. God designed you to be a continual learner, a continual doer, a continual explorer and a continual giver. Paula White.

Faith is not believing God can; it is knowing that he will. Guideposts

This past Tuesday the Governor of Georgia called a prayer meeting to pray for rain to end the drought. Wednesday it rained! CBC

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Home Again

Alayna's Birthday presents.

New York fashion in Winnipeg!


Renee is feeling good, except for the itchiness due to chemo.

She was begging for an exercise bike today. They wouldn't let her have it unless her platelet count was high enough. They were not. So she went up to the activity room on 15 and did some crafty things and to check out the library.

When I left LGA she was waiting for platelets. Renee would love to do some cooking to practice all the things they talk about on Martha Steward.

She is still hoping to go to her friend's wedding (to be the Maid of Honor) in DR Dec 14. Something to hope and pray for.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thanks for the Flowers!

A beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived today from Mennville EMC Church
Martha took them to Renee. She has been moved to 917

Our address
359e 68th Street Apt 2A NY NY 10065

Sunday, November 11, 2007

2nd Week Review

Here is this week's update from Renee:
Well, I'm in the hospital again. I got admitted on Friday because I'd been having fevers and shaking chills. Then they decided to take out my central line (which was put in barely a week ago because it might be the source of infection causing the fevors. Needless to
say I am a little annoyed by this, because it means putting IVs into my arms, which my already finicky veins do not take a liking to.

Thank goodness this round of chemo was finished already because chemo through a peripheral IV is hell. Anyway, the cultures from my central line grew back gram negative rods (no clue what that is) and the fevers have stopped so I suppose they did the right thing. They'll probably try to put in another central line soon, but they won't do it until my white cell counts come up and bit and I am completely clear of infection.

Other than that...I've been using eye drops to protect my eyes during chemo, however the eye drops really hurt my eyes and made them supersenstive to light, but they gave me different eye drops and it's okay now. I also have figured out the correct anti-nausea meds and I can eat and not throw up now, so I have more energy, which is nice I

Another good thing is that they've changed the rules to the neutropenic diet I have to be on while my counts are low. I am allowed to eat lettuce now so I can have salads!! yes, I am a nerd. I love salad.

So even thought it all sounds nice and I'm feeling better, I'll still be here in the hospital for awhile, because once they get you in they don't let you out until your counts come back up high enough. So that's the part that sucks because there isn't too much to do here and
you can't go anywhere and it's boring and lonely. I mostly watch a lot of TV and movies and listen to music on my ipod and now that my eyes are better I can get on the computer and email and stuff again.

I'm going to be giving this update to my dad to send out on his list as well as sending it out myself, so some of you might get this twice, but whatever.

Something you can pray for is that I get my old cell phone back. I am going to be disconnecting it but I still want it because it has everyone's phone numbers. I had left it in Winnipeg and my sister express posted it last week and it still hasn't arrived. If it gets lost that would suck.


Renee is feeling much better today and for that we are thankful.

I plan to be flying home this week. Kara is coming out next weekend. Our New York Address as of tomorrow will be:

The Duecks (or Renee etc)

359 e 68th Street Apt 2A, New York, NY 10065

If some of our Winnipeg friends would like to provide homemade soup or casseroles to the ones at home, please indicate by email. Thanks.

Raymond and Martha Dueck
Martha 917-751-0421
Keep up to date by reading Renee's blog at
Martha's blog

See our pictures at
We live in E St Paul MB Canada R2E 0L2 and attend Eastview Community Church
See Renee's hospital at
Support our favorite charity

Sunday in the dark

When I got to the hospital yesterday Renee was groggy and had some rash. Her chemo is finished but she has to stay in the hospital till her counts come up.

By suppertime Renee was feeling well and anxious to start eating. When she tried to order a meal they told her she was under orders not to get anything by mouth. She rang her nurse, who checked with her doctor and in no time she was allowed to order her food. She was given a neutropenic menu, she phoned the kitchen and a few minutes later, she was enjoying dinner.

This morning her eyes hurt and so all the curtains are are closed and she wears sun glasses in the darkened room. They are trying different eye drops now. Hopefully that will help.

We were in church this morning

Renee wants us to go out and buy her some lunch and plain eye drops.

So we did and Martha made a salad and we shared a meal in Renee's room.

We will be meeting Gen tomorrow to firm up the apartment rental.

Now we are in waiting mode. Praying that her counts will come up soon, and she'll be in full remission.

She's in Room 936 (isn't that a good number?)
Her phone # (917) 750-4128

Memorial Day 2007

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders Fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
- John McCrae, 1915

Trinity Baptist Church

11-11-07 Revelation 4 the Prayer of Eternity
There is someone on the throne
After the church age ch4-ff
24 elders- 3:41 the overcomers - us - the 24 orders of the priesthood. We are the Kings and Priests to serve our God. v2 someone is sitting on the throne. Someday it will all make sense.
Ruben (ruby) means Behold the Son- crystal- (clear) the promised one
Rainbow- promise- patience of God
Thunder- justice and wrath of God
God dealt with sin on the cross. At some point judgement will come.
4 living creatures are mentioned 3X. Their job is to adore God. God sees everything. He'll do something about the evil He sees. God is a Lion King- Ox - Strength, Sacrifice- he is also a man- Eagle- high and lifted up. Matthew - Man. Mark-Lion. Luke-Ox. John-King the 4 faces of God.
God is perfect holy holy holy day and night. Jesus is the Righteous one who stands in my place.
He is in control who we pray to.
Through the Cross God established Jesus as King and some day every knee WILL bow in worship to Him. The prayer of Rev4 should be our prayer today.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Apartment Hunting

For what it's worth- finding an apartment in NYC is not easy

Call - Geneveve Pacana 917.576.1906 359 68th 2B $4500/mo
meet at 7pm

11/5/07 Sandy Ira 212,861.7200 $46OO large 2br. 1OOO sft The Somerset 1365 York
Terrific Million $ view 36th floor Unit C
Gym in the building
10th floor units available for less 3995/mo

Recoments Sherrie or Jay short term rentals

Rental furniture from CORT $6oo/mo 201.259.9339 #5 train to Williamsburg Road

917.312. 8643 Kevin

917.806.3467 Scott Schiller Anchor 917.8066467

Lainie City habitat 917-2912523 Has some apartment units to show
1456 1st at 76
66 1 br 1st 72nd
Meet at 77 1466 1st Ave 9am Saturday

212879.8021 415e64 Call Wednesday

Debra 212.755.6364 420e64 425e 63 Coop takes one month to get approval

439e75 $26oo go look at it during the day 3rd floor 3A doorman "don't know enyting"

not so good too far away.25Oe63 2nd Ave $4600 12OOsft
Huge 2 bedroom 917.7700310 212.239.0900 X213
RichieLin 213 355.e72 nothing available
1br large $36oo one bath 12%

Miravel 2br IO27 sft I.4m$

212.317.7866 917.697.6774 Douglas Gomes 422 e 72nd $5250 one year rental will look fr short term

212 986 0001 Akam 420e72rd
Steven Shechter 302

For sale- Sabrina Miller Citi 917.439.5026 399 72nd e will check 355e72

Patricia Mott 212.628.6688

Urbana 220e 72nd
212.755-5645 2br $76oo mo

Janzer 311e72 212.744.4148
Beautiful old elevator building

11/3/07 Luxury 212.249.0367 201e 69
212.265.2280 219e69
212 376 8600 Goodstein 300 e 71 2127551500
415 Madison ave Gamily haft

212-5702867 ellen fader

359 68th doorman Sheila Clejau has a unit in 2 week 212.935.0719 7A $4900 Rented

9b Jonathan Adams Aida 212.292.5125 price reduced to $4.4oo furnished

Dauda 359e 68th

Across from eye ear hospital- hotel on 64th Lyden Gardens

347 436 5440 Micheal Andre Bernard reference

209 E 66 6oo sq ft $2495 too small for table and sofa
213 3d small elevator $2695 elect extra gas included intercoms
12% 1 yr maybe sub lease? Officially no
Adam Cantor

Birchwood 235- 69th and 2nd 518.829 6791 nis

3oo 69th 646 210 3127
Captains bed 270 e 78 $1750 #1 lives at #4

1269 1st 718.337.4357 nis

Finsbury mgmt Jeff 201.947.7300 401 e 68 LM

1505 @ week hospital rate One large room.
Onebedroom 168o a week Dec9
Belair Hotel 71st
435 70th Carol - 212.606.1989 $399 @ day 1 bedroom

Victorian mgmt 212.768.7540 421 th
Forsale Kingsley
212.381 3325 Dan
917.312.5375 cell 550 sqft $659,000
Debra rent 1101 917.494.4566


212 249 2887 3D
1270 1st Ave at 68 Alvera Super
Jeff 201 947 7300 21oo/mo 6mo
(201) 947-5930 floor needs Varnish 2br small bath

Ellen Fader 212.570.2867 Bed & Breakfast $95 night luxury

212 376 8600 Goodstein 300 e 71 2127551500

Lainie City habitat 917-2912523
11/9/07 Changed to 11am
Meet at 77 1466 1st Ave 9am Saturday

Has some apartments units to show
1456 1st at 76
66 1 br 1st 72nd
Paul Hunt
Citi Habitats, Inc.
250 Park Ave South Floor 5
New York, NY 10003

C: 646-641-3252

71st and 1st se
It is $2800 plus fee $2500
Shoshi Kushnir Lee beautiful Russian agent
210e68 Nofee $3150 12K

Happy Birthday Alayna!

So sorry we can't be with you on this important day.

We pray that you will have a good and blessed day. May the God of peace and comfort be with. May His face shine on you and give you peace.

We'll throw a party for you whenever it works out.

Love and Prayers

Mom and Dad

Friday, November 09, 2007


I had to go to Atlanta for the Convenience Store Show put on by the Petroleum Association. We showed our Propane Vending Carousel.

Renee continued getting her 3 days of chemo. Nausea and ultimately fever came with that. They pulled the central line and started 2 I.V.'s admitting her to hospital for treatment. Martha will stay the night with her. Fortunately she is in a private room.

This evening the fever was coming down with treatment.

I'm stuck in Memphis waiting for the flight that is 2 hrs late. It will be midnight by the time I get to New York

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Ronald McDonald House (RMH) is spending a fortune getting ready for the annual fund raising thing. All the living room furniture has to go into storage and replaced by some fancy rental stuff. The kitchens are still a mess.

Still looking for an apartment. Saw a 2 bedroom 2 bath unit on 75 with a cranky doorman. Not worth $2600

Meeting w Ira at the Sommerset. He has a 10th floor unit for $3995/mo. Not so good - No view.

My computer quit doing the wireless thing. I guess I should buy a new one. Best Buy has a lot of variety. Verizon has a high speed internet package for a decent price.

I'm booked to fly to Atlanta tomorrow. Come back Friday.

Renee is starting her next round of chemo tomorrow. She is not feeling good today. She will feel worse in a few days. Now would be a good time to call her (917) 750-4128 or email

We are traveling to Brooklyn to shop at Target. At 7pm we will meet w Genevieve to sign for the apartment.

Raymond Dueck-

this email generated on Pocket PC containsTypos

Monday, November 05, 2007


What is better?
A) $35 a day for a small room at Ronald McDonald

B) $4500 @ month across the street from the hospital furnished - no view and noisy 2nd floor near 1st Ave.
C) $4600 unfurnished large 1000 sqft with a million-dollar view overlooking East River and Rooseveld Island
D) $2600 unfurnished no view 5 blocks away

We are still at Ronald McDonald. Renee is tired but otherwise feeling ok. She had eggs bacon and toast for breakfast

Renee's new phone # (917) 750-4128
Martha's (917) 751-0421


Now and then it's good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy. Guillaume Apollinaire

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. Marcel Proust

Renee in New York 3

You may already have heard that our daughter Renee was diagnosed with a recurrence of leukemia. She was treated 2 years ago in New York at MSKCC. This time they will have to do a bone marrow transplant. They have identified a matching donor but because of an unmatched bone marrow transplant when she was a baby, this will be a first and therefore a scary one!

I plan to be in New York till Martha and Renee are settled into a new apartment. I will then travel between Winnipeg and New York on a regular basis.

We update our blogs on a regular basis and send emails to the people who ask to be on the list, once or twice a week. We appreciate your prayers and we want to keep you informed if that is your desire.

Renee's Blog
Martha's Blog
My Blog
Renee's facebook email

Trauma of the Heart

Update 4

Not Happy

Update 6


Week 1 Review

This email comes from NY, NY, 10021
US cell 352.235.4688 Canada cell 204-782-2112

Sunday New York Marathon

The greatest event of the year in the greatest city in the world 30,000 runners from around the world. $500,000 purse to the winner

Renee was feeling lousy this morning so Martha and I walked to Church along 1st Ave and we had walk past 58 to cross 1st and get back to 61st and 2nd to get to

Pastor Keith Boyd spoke on prayer and the music team led in singing

How could I but love you
How could I but serve you
God Almighty

We also celebrated the Lord's Supper and rented 2 novels from the library.

I went for a walk with Renee. I wanted to take a picture of her in front of the 17 Mile marker but she said today was a "no pictures day"

Supper tonight (12 Course buffet) at Ronald McDonald house was put on by the 28 chefs of Cucina Gourmet at CitiCorp and hosted by the rich young lady owner. She does this kind of thing at a cancer facility once a year.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Week 1 Review

Last week Thursday and Wednesday I was on an Innovations Insight Tour into North Dakota to tour best practices at Friesen, Case IH Steiger, and Pheonix John Deere, with a number of our key business team members. On the way home, we heard from Renee, that her leukemia diagnosis had been confirmed.

Martha and I traveled to Vancouver 1st thing Friday morning, met with Dr Hogge, and agreed that Renee should travel to New York for medical care.

We flew to Winnipeg Monday and to New York Tuesday. Saw the doctors on Wednesday and Renee started chemo on Thursday, and Martha donated blood so they could start building the monoclonal antibodies to create a 2ndary treatment option. Later that day we got a call from BC Health confirming that Renee had been approved for chemo and bone marrow transplant costs in New York. PTL! The first prescription cost $9,544.76 for a small bagful of stuff!

Friday we spent a bunch of time looking for apartments. They range in price from less than $1,750 a month to $5,500 a month. Some furnished, some unfurnished. We were even offered a 550 sq ft condo for $659,000!

For $4,500 we can get a fully furnished 2 bedroom month to month rental in the same building we were in 18 years ago at 201 e 69th Street.

That requires a $9,000 deposit so I went to the bank where I had deposited a cheque on Tuesday night, expecting that the funds would be there. When I got there, they told me they had sent the cheque back to my mailing address. That might be our Florida office address, or the apartment we had 2 years ago, or our address in East St Paul. Since I could not get that money anytime soon, I called the Credit Union in Winnipeg for a wire transfer. It was after 3pm and they could not do it till Monday. I needed to send them a fax authorizing it. I wrote it up and gave it to the bank here to fax over, but Winnipeg didn’t get it. So Winnipeg gave me an email address, and that bounced! Turns out they have changed their email addresses and the staff gave me the wrong one.

So here is hoping the apartment is still available Tuesday when the money from Winnipeg should get here.

Renee elected to start chemo right away so she could get over it as soon as possible. Her regimen included a 30 hour infusion so she had to stay in the hospital overnight. We expect that by late tonight she will be allowed out. She has been very nauseous and miserable. She was a strong and healthy as can be on Tuesday. She will get very sick in the next few days and loose her hair, etc


This is NO FUN!

Good thing is that this is the place to be. There is no where else in the work where they have ever done this kind of treatment. The doctors here at MSKCC have been experimenting with this dual HLA transplant on mice for a long time, and they think they have the solution. Pray that God would give wisdom, and keep Renee from getting really sick. Pray that the right combination of treatments will result in a lifetime cure.

Thank you so much for caring and praying. I know that too often, I am not thoughtful enough for the needs of others and it is humbling to know that you care. Your emails are a great comfort. Send to and JustinJustin on facebook

Martha’s blog
Renee’s blog
Renee’s facebook

Next week I was scheduled to be in Atlanta for the Convenience Store show where we want to show propane vending systems – a new product for us. Since the apartment rental is not complete yet, I guess David and Jonathan will do that show without me. I’m sure they’ll be just fine.

Right now Renee is sleeping. We are still at Ronald McDonald house. Hopefully we will find better accommodation soon.

She has to come into the clinic again on Wednesday if she doesn’t get sick.

Ron and Len winterized my boat today so I don’t have to worry about it freezing up over the winter. Thanks guys!

NEW YORK Marathon tomorrow! We’ll be watching! 26 miles of Manhattan has portable steel fencing on both sides, and no overnight parking tonight!

Friday, November 02, 2007



this thing made by Bill Gates seems to have lost the posting I worked on today so I'm going to bed.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

God Answers Prayer

Psalm 65.1-13

Our God, you deserve praise in Zion, where we keep our promises to you. Everyone will come to you because you answer prayer. Our terrible sins get us down, but you forgive us. You bless your chosen ones, and you invite them to live near you in your temple. We will enjoy your house,
the sacred temple.

Does Jesus care?

Frank Graeff went through some very difficult trials. The period beforewriting this song was one of great despondency, doubt and physical pain.When he turned to God's Word, 1 Peter 5:7 gave him wonderful comfort: "Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about what happens to you." After meditating on that truth, Graeff wrote these lyrics, with the resounding affirmation in the chorus, "Oh yes, He cares..." May this truth also encourage you today and in the days to come! I'm praying for you. --
Martha K.

Does Jesus Care?
Does Jesus care when my heart is pained
Too deeply for mirth or song,
As the burdens press, and the cares distress
And the way grows weary and long?

Does Jesus care when my way is dark
With a nameless dread and fear?
As the daylight fades into deep night shades,
Does He care enough to be near?

Oh yes, He cares, I know He cares,
His heart is touched with my grief;
When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,
I know my Saviour cares.

Renee 6 New York

We had on uneventful trip. Kara missed a class and Justin arranged to start work at noon so they could accompany us to the airport.

When we come home from Vancouver Monday night, Kara had the house cleaned and waiting. Grandma and Grandpa Dueck and Rose and Gloria, brought delicious borsht soup for supper. Renee's cousin Krista and sister Alayna joined us to make it 11 people around the table for a wonderful time of fellowship.

Ronald McDonald house here is 0K but there still appears to be no real management in place. Everything is filthy. They have lots of staff that say ''hello" readily enough, but do nothing all day. The kitchen has 20 year old mosaic tile counters with black in the grout lines. This morning at 8:30 all the dining room chairs were on the tables upside down (with all the chair seat filth and last night's ice cream transferred to the table tops). While I was trying to eat someone came in with an old upright vacuum and started vacuuming the floor.

We saw Dr O'Reilley and Dr Steinherz yesterday. This morning Martha is donating blood so they can start some new procedure for which they think they will get FDA approval by mid-December. Renee will get a line put in this morning and get her spinal fluid chemo while under sedation.

When we saw the hospital accounts manager yesterday he made sure we understood not to worry about payment for anything. The Physician's Billings department had just called earlier in the morning asking for payment for $30,000 outstanding from 2 years ago. He said not to worry - he would take care of it. Clearly this is a unique situation. The American Medical Association has already approved this mysterious procedure.

Dr O'Reilley tried to explain it- I made some notes I can't understand either: 10/31/07 Renee went into easy remission last time - let's do it again-
2 plans to get rid of leukemia includes 2ndary transplant
We have found a matching unrelated donor. If we do a normal transplant Renee could get graft vs. graft response that could potentially be fatal.

Will bleed Martha to create WT1 antigens. We expect FDA approval by Dec 15

White Cells only
Peptides of proteins treatment is Now on IRB approved protocol
1. Chemo to remission
Transplant from unrelated donor. T cell depleted.
Martha's cells would be backup. Those cells would be like autologous donor.
We need to train Martha's cells to fight leukemia. 8 weeks to get that squared off. Transplant in January
Maybe out for Christmas in remission.

That journey starts again today.

Last night we took a walk though Central Park and took a horse and carriage ride to Times Square for dinner at Le Tre-Venezie Italian restaurant and then to George Bernard Shaw's play "Pygmalion" the play that inspired the Musical "My Fair Lady". What a show! When Renee read that it was playing she wanted to go there. When she checked the web it showed the show starting Nov 1. How disappointing! When we got to TKTS they were showing 1/2 price tickets available.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not happy

This is not a happy day. Renee is not smiling not talking - just going through the motions.

We are in Chicago on the plane for New York.

Appointment with Dr O'Reiley at 2 PM tomorrow

Raymond Dueck

check out

Monday, October 29, 2007

Renee Update 4

we are flying to Winnipeg today
to New York tomorrow
If you know of an apartment or furnishings available near 67 and 1st
please let us know
Raymond and Martha Dueck
Keep up to date by reading Renee's blog at

Raymond 204-782-2112

See our pictures at
We live in E St Paul MB Canada R2E 0L2 and attend Eastview Community Church
See Renee's hospital at
Visit us at
Support our favorite charity

If you prefer not getting our emails please reply with REMOVE in the subject
line. Thanks.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hello to the family

I am sorry to hear of the devastating news that has come to your family. I did not want to reply right away to be honest I just didn't know what to say. Is God's grace sufficient for us, you bet it is.

I believe in it with all my heart. I did not want to answer you all and be flippant as Job's friends were to him as he lamented about the state of his life. I see they only worsened Job's pain and I want to support you in love and in encouragement and in prayer. You are an amazing family and I thank God that you have the connections to get your daughter the extra care.

I came across this verse in the book of Jeremiah as I was doing my devotions the other day and I felt led to send it to you.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
And whose hope is the Lord.
For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters,
Which spreads out its roots by the river,

And will not fear when the heat comes;
But it's leaf will be green,
And will not be anxious in the year of drought,
Nor will cease from yielding fruit."
(Jeremiah 17:7-8)

I do not have the answers as to why but I do know that our suffering is not in vain, and I look with the focus of eternity so as to notlose my hope. We will continue to uphold you and your family in prayer.

May His grace indeed be sufficient for you and may you allow yourselves to be weak. He alone has the power over life and death, He alone. Do not fear the heat, and let not your hearts be troubled or dismayed for the Lord our God is with you. He will uphold you with His righteous right hand,

All my love,

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trauma of the Heart





Vancouver General Hospital

10/26/07 We met with Dr Hogge today and she assured us that New York is the way to go for Renee. They are the only ones that can help with this. They need to work Renee up to prepare for the transplant. No one anywhere has ever done a difficult transplant like this.  It is important that the right initial chemo-therapy is initiated to prevent organ damage.

This is a really difficult circumstance.  She said she had consulted with other key doctors in Vancouver and they were all agreed. Everybody is rooting for Renee.

This is a special circumstance and if we start something in Vancouver we might be sorry later. The doctors in New York know her. Dr Hogge reiterated that she and her colleagues would help the best they can at each step.

Dr O?Reilley has 30 years experience and he is the best there is.

?Renee are you willing to go to New York??, Dr Hogge asked.  Renee finds it very difficult to leave her friends in Vancouver and fly all across the continent for what she knows will be an extremely difficult time. 

Her counts are low - platelets 60 and Neutrophils are at 0.5. That means Renee should wear mask on the plane and in public.

Dr Hogge said she will write a letter to Ministry of Health Monday morning. There should be no problem getting the health care costs covered.  Of course, the travel and living costs are not covered.

It really would be for the best to go to NYC as soon as possible.

She stressed that we need to be careful about fever. Renee might need a platelets transfusion.  She has an appointment on Saturday for further blood counts and a possible infusion.

By Monday evening we should be home in Winnipeg.  By Tuesday they want to see Renee in New York.

It is difficult to express the aguish and distress this causes all of us.  We want to trust that the Almighty knows what?s going on, and that many of His People are interceding for all of our family.

He said:  My grace is sufficient for you.  Is it?

Thank you for your prayers.

Raymond & Martha, Justin, Renee, Alayna, Kara

For more information on this journey check out our blog

During our stay in New York in 2005 Martha took a lot of good pictures.  One of them ended up on the cover of The Living LifeLight.

Dr. Donna Hogge joined the medical staff at Vancouver General Hospital in 1984 and became the Director of the Cell Separator Unit in 1987. She became an Attending Staff on the Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program in 1996 and this has become her exclusive clinical practice.

Dr. Hogge continues to supervise a laboratory at the Terry Fox Laboratory and is especially interested in the behaviour of AML cells and translating this into novel transplant and non-transplant therapies.

Vancouver General Hospital 6th floor 855W 12th

From Our Daily Bread: Hope in God?it?s the only solution for the deep traumas of the heart. ?Bill Crowder

No one is hopeless whose hope is in God.

In Psalm 119:71, David wrote, "It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes." And Hebrews 12:11 says that chastening "yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness."

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Dear Friends:

Renee's doctor in Vancouver confirmed today that Renee's leukemia has returned and treatment will be needed. We are booked to fly 1st thing in the morning and stay till treatment questions are dealt with. The questions include: Should treatment start in Vancouver ASAP or should she go to New York right away?

Later the question of bone marrow transplant may have to be dealt with. That can only be done in New York, and we trust that BC Health will stand by her again.

Monique has been and continues to be a wonderful friend and cousin at Renee's side in Vancouver. We are thankful for her care and help. We are grateful that Renee is feeling reasonably well at this time.

Again, your prayers are appreciated and many of you have already sent us your support. Thank you

Raymond and Martha Dueck
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Renee - health update

Renee attended Capilano College last year learning about film
production. She got a summer job that grew into a more or less full
time job as Production Assistant on a number of TV shows and movies.

In the last few months she developed a persistant cough and in a
recent blood test her counts were low. She had a bone marrow tap
today so the doctor could try to figure out what was going on. She
has an appointment at the clinic tomorrow to get preliminary results.
Needless to say, she is quite worried about the situation. She would
appreciate your prayers on her behalf, that God would give her and her
family the peace and calm that only God can give, and that if it be
possible her test results be good.

Thank you for your prayers.
Raymond and Martha Dueck

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We live in E St Paul MB Canada R2E 0L2 and attend Eastview Community Church
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Monday, September 24, 2007

My Friend Dennis Kroeker

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Dennis Kroeker on Saturday, March 17, 2007, while serving his Lord and Savior in Nicaragua. We are comforted to know that he is in paradise. He will however, be greatly missed by his wife Janice of 35 years; his sons Nathan (Genevieve) and Merle (Lorna) and his daughter Karla (Harri) Leinonen, and his beloved grandchildren, Nico, Teya, Mia, Brynn, Tyrone and Blake.
Dennis is also survived by his mother Elizabeth Kroeker, and eight brothers and sisters: Rosalind (Irvin) Dueck, Laura (AI) Friesen, Irma Kroeker, Dave (Agnes) Kroeker, Elda (John) Enns, Ray (Luella) Kroeker, Clarice (Roger) Plett and Vern (Anne) Kroeker, and numerous nieces and nephews. Dennis was predeceased by his father, a brother in infancy and two grandchildren, also in infancy.
Dennis was born in Morris, Man., but he grew up and spent most of his life farming in the Riverton area with his brothers. His life was always filled with adventures, including many winters spent hauling freight to various northern Manitoba communities. In 2000, Dennis left his career on the farm and moved into the town of Arborg in order to pursue other opportunities.
With a love for agriculture, he thoroughly enjoyed working for Manitoba Crop Insurance as an adjuster, enabling him to interact with farmers throughout Manitoba, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for the Puratone Corporation. In addition, he enjoyed traveling, mission-work, snowmobiling and camping, allowing him to make many precious memories with his family.
Dennis always had a passion for people, whether it was his children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors and friends, or the new people he enjoyed getting to know during his last afternoon in Nicaragua, and he always had time for conversation. He will be missed by many.
We would like to express our appreciation for the tremendous outpouring of love we have been experiencing during this difficult time. Thank you so much for all the prayers on our behalf.
His Family