Monday, December 24, 2007

Church service on board the Sovereign of the Seas

Corporal Sonny Moore, Mississippi, Chaplain with the United States Army:
Phil 4:19
Be Yourself
Be Positive
Be mindful of Others
Be going Somewhere

What an encouraging time of worship with 20 other passengers. Closed the meeting in a circle of prayer

Cruise Info:
Ship launched 20 years ago
Travelled 635 miles on this cruise
2652 passengers 33 nationalities
893 crew 56 nationalities
73,529 tons
886 ft long
105 ft wide
25 ft drought
168 ft above water
25,500 lb anchor
15.9 ft dia propellers

Activities on shore included a Segway tour with Alayna ard Kara thru a park in Bahamas and a walk thru the 2B$ Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island
Alayna, Kara, and I enjoyed snorkling on Cocoa Cay Island and exploring a shipwreck and an underwater airplane crash site.

Swallowing water in the process, reminded me again of my friend Denis and his untimely death in the ocean waters off the coast of Nicaragua.

I had a wonderful time of fellowship and encouragement with our friends Carlin and Marcia Weinhauer. Thank God for sending them my way at this time.

We will miss Justin this Christmas while the rest of us spend Christmas in New York.

May God bless you this Christmas.

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