Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is Coming

In a few days The Story will be proclaimed around the world in German, Swahili, Japanese, Slovak, Spanish and many other languages.
Let every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord Amen

Song - You are Holy you are Worthy I will bow down and worship the King who is worthy. Joy to the world!

Notes - Did Noah get seasick? Did Moses have bushophobia? Did Joseph and Mary ever call Jesus Father? Did Mary say to herself God is eating my soup?

Joseph and Mary were engaged (married but not living together) to be sanctified. Huupa came later.

During this time the angel came to her, a virgin. The text is clear. She never had sex. She became pregnant. She was a good hard working chaste Jewish teenage girl. She was highly favored by God. A woman of great faith. "I am the Lord's servant. May it be as you have said" No fear of the change coming into her life. If you were Mary what would you have said? How do you respond to God today? God puts us in positions we don't understand. God gives us a path of faith. Do we say your will be done?

What about Joseph. He was righteous hard working Jewish man. Matth 118 he was considering a quiet divorce when he heard this news. He thought he knew Mary. He could have had her stoned. He loved Mary. God appeared to him in a dream. He acted on the dream. Expecting Mary's child to sit on the throne. No union till the baby was born.

Luke 2 v4 says he belonged to the house of David. This kid will be the Messiah. Joseph might have thought - I'm obedient - why is my Son born in a barn? Where is the glory in this? Where is the big picture? Sometimes God gives us only enough light for one step.

Will I be faithful even when things don't make sense? Think of the baby born in a manger who grew up to die for our sins.

Thankyou Father that you are faithful. Forgive me my disobedience and unfaithfulness. Help us to respond to you with "Lord I'm your servant"

Song - There is a king - God with us Emmanuel we worship you Emmanuel we honor you our God with us - Tommy Walker

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