Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The 5th Week!

It was snowing on Sunday morning! In the evening it was raining, so the snow was all gone in a hurry. And on Monday it was WINDY!

Our blogs have been updated

Your emails are very important to us. They provide companionship and comfort. We know many of you are praying and it warms our hearts when you tell us that.

This week has been up and down. Feeling good, not feeling good. That includes, me and most of our family. Stress can wear you out.

Renee's neutrafil count is coming up, and has reached the dizzying height of 0.1!! 0.5 is the minimum to get out of jail - sorry - I mean hospital. Renee has been in mask, gown, glove isolation room since Saturday. The big day we are waiting for is Dec 13 so
Renee can go to her friend's wedding in DR. Then on a cruise from Florida. Miracles happen!


We have air miles points available for Renee's friends to come visit. Please email to arrange details. Your cost in New York would be travel to/from airport $2 bus or $30 cab each way, plus spending money. We have an empty queen bedroom available. Renee would love to see some friend's faces.

I'm travelling back to Manitoba tomorrow via MSP while Kara is flying to NYC via YYZ. I guess I'll wave at her when we pass in the air!

Thanks again for being a friend.
Raymond and Martha Dueck

359 E 68th Street Apt 2A, New York, NY 10065
Martha 917-751-0421
email ReneeDueck@gmail.com phone Renee (917) 750-4128

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