Sunday, May 29, 2011


The word is thought to have its origin in the Aramaic language, in which abra (אברא) means "to create" and cadabra (כדברא) which means "as I say", providing a translation of abracadabra as "create as I say". This was the basis of our message in church today. I forgot my PDA at home, so that's the summary of Dave Ens message for today!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Put Down the Kool-Aid: Love is All You Need

Operation Christmas Child Ryan will do a presentation on Tuesday evening showing the distribution he was involved in in Haiti.
Volunteers Celebration Monday May 30 with comedian entertainment

Dave Ens:
Love gives us a good feeling. The world tells us to get rid of everything that does not give us a good feeling.
Our Sunday School teacher told us to love the bully.
How do we define love? Physical love, emotion, feeling. Eros is very self centered. Easily distracted. Lusting after a feeling. Neighbour's grass is greener? Love becomes God? Advertizers are asking as to need things to satisfy ourselves.

Steadfast love in the Bible. Hessad- a Hebrew word that means loyalty, faithful, promise, covenant, till death us part. Agape is the Greek action word for the Hebrew word.

Jonah 4 - Nineveh repents. You are a gracious God abounding in Hessad love - to help others thrive. Irrational commitment. Unselfish

Eros is selfish - what can you do to make me happy? It becomes an idol.

Hessad love - how can I help you thrive? Love everyone. Reflect the character of God.
What does God ask of us? Love the world the way He loves the world. Live life with wide open eyes.

How would hessad love change what you do with your money?

New playmobile boys have a nicer haircut so kids need these now. We now need new high defination video phones. Selfish.

Michael Porter speaker -how do we respond to the needs of our society? The church has the greatest potential to do good and a great potential to destroy when they leave a project in the winds of change.

What would it look like if you lived your life with eyes wide open?

Communion. God's beautiful example of hessad love. For 2ooo years the church has done this in remembrance.

Amazed and overwhelmed
Wonderful God Savior wonderful Love None could compare

The broken bread, a symbol of Christ's body broken for us.

Behold what you are become what you receive (what dos this mean?)Take up this bread and wine embrace the Mystery.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Put down the Kool-Aid: Money will make you happy

(Friday night Martha and I went to see Soul Surfer. Excellent movie.)

Soul Sanctuary has a family seminar tonight.
Pray for the flood victims
We stand and lift up our hands.
You are Holy (Prince of Peace)
You will never let me go.
He Knows My Name
Choir: What Wondrous Love is This? For my soul. When from death I'm free I'll sing on through eternity.

Video Clip. Money makes me happy.
Pastor Dave Ens:
Nov 18, 1978 800 people committed suicide by drinking cyanide laced Kool-Aid. (shortly after that we did a survey, for Here's Life and some people responded with this event as an example of the badness of religion)
Put down the Kool-Aid. There is abundant life available.
Money is often a big lie. We have embraced the lie that money is the best thing in life.
Go to a higher paying job. Everyone understands.
An island off the coast of Australia, Nauru was mined of fertilizer till it was uninhabitable.
Soon they could not grow any food. Today they have no local food. Everyone will die of over eating junk food. One Islander bought a Lamborghini but was too fat to get in the car. (only 13,000 inhabitants they now have an international debt of $1B)

We pursue money. That should not be our goal. The way we use money should show that we have been changed by God. Sell everything? Is your money for yourself? Where your treasure is your heart will be.
Think about your first dating relationship. Your whole being gets wrapped up in it.
Zack the wealthy tax man. Jesus did not lay out any rules. He built a relationship and it changed Zack.
Has your Money been transformed?
In 2004 3.5 B$ was spent on cellphone ringtones. Is that a transformed perspective?
Eternal perspective? Nauru people lives off trust funds today.
2Cor 9:6-8 she one who sows bountifully reaps bountifully. Join God-He is generous. We are most like God when we give. Tithe - a tenth part. Give it to God. We need to learn to be generous. Train kids to share.

Tithing trains us to be generous. When we turn money over to God it changes us. May your wallet be transformed.

What does the Bible mean when it says-
Work if you want to eat?
Work as unto the Lord?
Don't be a sluggard?
"Work" appears 555 times in the Bible?
Work will be rewarded?
God will judge the quality of each man's work?
I worked much harder?
Work- do something useful?
Could it be that the Protestant work ethic is obedience to God? Could it be that the "manana" work ethic causes poverty?
Why should we feel guilty about having worked and earned?
Could it be that the only way to help the poor is to provide them with the gospel?

The Peking Acrobats

With WSO
The Lion Dance a terrific light hearted intro to the show followed by impossible contortions of the Glass Dance. Transition by a clown to the Hat Dance
Fabulous acts that can't be described. During the Rope Act One of the acro fell headfirst almost all the way to the floor. Lots of ooohs!
Ring dance lots of muscle and skill while jumping through a turning hoop.
Fabalous flower pot and tables dance where 3 girls twirl objects with their feet. They do things that can't be done.
7 plate twirling maidens twirling 6 plates each while doing impossible acrobatics.
The chair tower builder built a 24 ft stack of chairs on top of 4 bottles and then performed acrobatics on the top of the pile.
10 Chinese on one bicycle!
17 acrobats in all plus 4 musicians

All in all a good show. But not as good as the one we saw in Shanghai.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Eastview Fusion Service

Who keeps going when things get tough?
Naomi & her family had to travel to Moab. Things were going well until her husband died. Her sons got married and then they died.
Naomi and Ruth went back to Israel. Ruth got married and had a baby who became the grandfather of King David and an ancestor of Jesus.

She did not give up. Michael Jordan got cut from the high school basketball team. He did not give up.

Don't give up. Maybe someday someone will talk about you about as an example.

Moms give out the best advice. Study all summer? Or play laser tag? Don't give up.

Pastor Dave Ens:
Endure. James says when (not if) you go through trials consider it joy. Testing produces endurance.

Maybe you are at a stage where you are ready to give up. Persevere. Endure. Beauty will come.

Song; You (Jesus) never let go of me through the calm and through storm.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

SOAR Mission Sunday
Combined with other churches Eastview youth spent Spring Break working in the inner city of Winnipeg. They did DVBS, house and school cleaning. They got /became worn out refreshed awkward Comfortable Judgmental understand unsure bold focussed impatient patient lazy disciplined confused clarified Confident Know-it-all understanding naive aware
Kathy grew up Catholic. She joined SOAR to hear God. She took a workshop where she learned 1 Cor 3 Paul & Appollos were both workers with God.

God used learners to teach others. Now more dedicated and reading the Bible cover to cover
Adam - SOAR leader. Very unsure to start. As a YWAM grad, was anxious to be involved in missions. 4 hrs of sleep was hard but worth it. Now have more compassion. People 1st Now going to Thailand with MBMSI for the summer.

This has been a wonderful missions trip to own own city. There is a lot of sadness in our own mission field. We are all on a missions trip for the rest of our lives.
SOAR is an orientation for life. Where are you going to join up with God? Is your life going to be a life of missions? Where are you going to serve God? Where is God calling you? Corey Bell.

I will follow. Where you go I'll go I will follow you.
If this life I lose I will follow you.