Saturday, December 31, 2011


Every theory of culture assumes an anthropology. Rational, Loving or Liturgical?
What do you want? What you want is who you are.
Our habits are the fulcrum of our lives. Habits are Not inscribed in us. They are the products of our rituals. Communal practices. Not through intellectual efforts. We follow our intellect about 5% of the time. We are pulled by our wants and our society's pressures.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011
Choir program
Christmas - the Annual Festival of Christ's Birth
Ring Christmas Bells
The baby manger wisemen shepherds - the grand finale - the beginning - in the beginning was the Word and - the Word (Jesus) was God
Before the universe existed you were on His mind. He created male and female.
He was thinking about a relationship with you
Lord of all creation
God of wonders beyond our galaxy when I stumble in the darkness I will call Your Name
Precious Lad reveal your heart to me
Father hold me

God hasn't left you you are not looking for him. Whining is not the same as looking for him
God with us. Paying the way to be with God.
O come O come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel - Come O come Messiah King so we may tell the wondrous matchless love

Bethlehem the day all creation has been waiting for. Away in a manger
O little town Of Bethlehem Silent Night Holy Night Glories scream from heaven Alleluia Christ the Savior is born
Luke 2:13 a new star
A Baby- Welcome to our world - Tears are falling hearts are breaking Bring your peace into our violence Fragile finger sent to heal us.
How does the story end? This is just the beginning. It leads to another finale. Baby Jesus sent to heal us. They crucified him. He is risen. His life leads to your life. Choose your own ending. Baby? Personal God?
The sun has arisen in heavenly glory to God be the glory. The heavenly Son has come Changes night into day.
One of the ironies of this season is that it lasts but for a moment. Is there a perfect moment? Change is hard to do. That's why Jesus came. It leads Him to the cross.
This joy can last and be the normal for my life. God is with us. Change is possible when God is with you. You are invited to be with God. God chose you to be part the changes He wants to bring to this world.
We want to be part of what God is doing in this world. Help in Thailand, at Forward House, and the Tyndale Church. You are invited to be part of this.

Sing the Hallelujah chorus with us.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He shall reign for ever and ever hallelujah

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Spirit Factor: Unexpected Worship
Announcement: Jan 8 Giant church service at MTS centre. (Bring ear plugs)

Come and worship
It came upon the midnight clear to hear the angels sing Peace will come over all the earth and it will give back the song which now the angels sing
Children sang: Unto us a child is given Wonderful Counselor the mighty God the Everlasting Father The Prince of Peace. Unto us a son is given.
Mary's Song: My soul glorifies the Lord.
Hark the herald angels sing Glory to the new born King. Veiled in flesh the incarnate Deity.
Joy to the world the Lord has come.
Luke 1: Zachariah and Elizabeth had no children. 18,000 priests worked in the temple. He was chosen by lot to do the ceremony. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Then he meets the angel. God had been silent for 400 years. He froze. "You will have a son. He will be filled with the Holy Spirit." He responded in unbelief- how can this be? My wife is old.
God said: "Watch! I'm going to do something unbelievable."
God is a God of action. Z was comfortable with the presence of God. He was not so comfortable with what God was going to do. We tend to be uncomfortable with what God wants to do. Z used fear to filter what God was saying. We tend to do that too. We struggle with decisions.
Luke 1: We meet Mary. They were in the engagement period. An angel shows up. Her response was not fear. She was perplexed disturbed and confused. A bit scared. "How can this be? I'm a virgin." For her to get pregnant she was to become an outcast.
God works with the despised in society. Would we accept her in our church?
The Spirit challenges us to accept what God is doing. Are we willing to do what God is doing? Mary stood at the cross And she understood why he had to die.
"Here I am, a servant of the Lord." Trust. That's where change starts.
Z and Mary were both asked to trust God. God will bring it to completion -do you trust Him enough to keep following Him?
So much of the season is so inward focussed it is hard to be part of something bigger.

We want to raise funds for:
1. Church plant in Tyndale
2. A new van for Forward House
3. Flood relief for Thailand
The advent appeal is above the church budget.
Can we buy one less gift for ourselves and give to others?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Spirit Factor: Uncontrollable Joy
Choir Songs
My heart shall rejoice Lord Jesus there is room in my heart for thee
Do you see what I see? a star? Do you hear what I hear? A song high above the clouds with a voice as big as the sea. A child shivers in the cold, let us bring him silver and gold. He will bring as goodness and light.
Angels from the realms of glory Come and worship Christ the new born king
I bring an offering of worship to my king The sun cannot compare to your glory
All praise and thanks to God (with beautiful musical accompaniment)

Pastor Del:
Thy will be done on earth as in heaven. What would it look like if we actually lived God's will? It's not easy
I am pulled in so many directions. Why? It will make me happy?
Let's get plugged into the Holy Spirit
The Spirit factor: Uncontrollable Joy
When I'm not plugged in everything will fail to bring real joy.
I love water skiing. Tried to ski on one ski and it did not work until someone said put the prop deeper. They needed more power.
A row boat will not work.
Hooked up - to the source of power. That makes all the difference.
But I need to be thirsty for the Living water that only Jesus can give us.
Acts 1:8 You will receive power. When? When I'm done with my own (row boat) power
When we are hooked up to God's power we can have that inexpressible joy.
You will walk through dark tunnels. You will get angry. Why does that baby have to cry for 13 hours in the plane to Thailand? Why do I get angry?
While we feel the tension the Holy Spirit is hovering right there. There is a river that flows. Are you planted near the river? The HS wants to flow through you to others.
the HS may be prompting us but we ignore it. Because we had too many bad habits etc.
Plugged in leads to follow him.
Isaiah - bring good news to the poor. Survey of 100 year old people said they would have liked to risk more and do more things that would have eternal benefits.
Lighthouse ministry in Thailand attracts Burmese refugees. Maw is one of those who got baptized 2 weeks ago. She felt Jesus' kiss on her forehead and was overjoyed at the forgiveness she received.
God wants us each to be a river of blessing to others.

Dec 24 offering to church in Tyndale, Forward House Van, and Thailand church.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Poinsettia Lane

At Shelmerdine the Christmas store

The Christmas Experience

The 8' Nordman Fir Tree

The Spirit Factor; Unforgettable Gift
Song Quartet: Come make a place for me
Today will be a time of songs sharing communion baptism
Several semi-trailers full of Christmas Shoe boxes left Eastview this week.
Dinner theatre was a phenomenal and remarkable event.
5 testimonies:
L Friesen: teaching the kids at Eastview helped me grow. God has not gone anywhere. I want to baptized.
W. Penner: I accepted Jesus at an early age. I grew up with 2 older siblings. That made me feel insignificant and alone. Went on a SOAR trip to the inner city. Been on 3 mission trips and each trip has drawn me closer to God. I trust God and request baptism today
Jeanette Krahn: born in Paraguay
Had a bad group of friends, went on SOAR 2011 and grew. Got 2 God visions. Now I want to be baptized
A Balichowski married 10 years. Baptized at EKMB
came to church hour of prayer. Had a daughter. Aug 10 dad had cancer Lots of people kept praying
Signed up to pray for Thailand and really found God.
Every human being has a God shaped Vacuum. Lord I believe, help me to overcome my unbelief.
Avery Koop: Become Christian at age 4 and this summer discovered God can be trusted. Now have been consumed by the love of Christ and now I want to serve God. I love the Lord Jesus so much and I'm so excited to follow Him.
Song: Make me a vessel of mercy.
Oh come all ye faithful Glory to God. O come let us adore Him.
Come thou long expected Jesus.
Emmanuel God incarnate here to dwell The Son of God born to bleed. Praise His name
Pastor Del was in Thailand last Sunday. Had lurch with the Church there after baptism. We are part of the family of God. We covenant to walk together and support our new members. Pray for them one by one. Pray for growth. Guidance and protection rejoicing and weeping together. Willingness to testify
Be joyful always give thanks
Lord's Supper. What a good way to end such a celebration
Surely God is my salvation. With joy I will drink from the wells of salvation.
Bread symbolizes Jesus' broken body and the fruit of the wine to symbolize the blood of Christ.

O come O cone Emmanuel Rejoice Rejoice. May envy strife and quarrels cease.
Take and drink.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Calvary Temple The Christmas Prayer

They love very loud operatic yodeling. Their audio quality - not so good.
The story line is of the snotty rich lady during The Depression who hates the filthy little kids across the street in shanty town. Then her parents tell her about the poverty they lived in. How they shielded her from the hardships. Through it all I thank God for what he has done. I've learned to depend upon His Word. We love you and our heavenly Father loves you even more. Talk to Him.
Sometimes we carry the burdens of our actions. We need to lay them at Jesus' feet.
We pray for healing. We doubt your goodness we doubt your love.
I had to plug my ears for that song - way too loud.

Pain is God's megaphone. Things that you thought were out if control have brought you to this place. Raindrops of despair can become raindrops of blessings.
How do you go through 3 years of hell and not become a skeptic?

Christmas day the rich family has a good breakfast and Mrs Snotty decides to share her rich Christmas dinner with a poor family. They make up and everyone is happy.

Really good children's choir. Not such a good duet.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Main Street Christmas

Dinner theatre 6.oo PM
Small town busy body wants to put on a spectacular Christmas eve production in the town square where the local church wants to do a Christmas pageant.
Dinner starts with salad followed by grilled chicken breast.
Orange chiffon cake dessert.
Get your tickets NOW! Only 2 more performances!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

the Spirit Factor: Undeserved Certainty

www.EastView.Org Pastor Dave Ens
Not much in life can we be certain about. Are the Bombers going to win? Is yellow round or square? Will our investments give us a return?
God is in the business of change Eph 1: 13-14 God has given us a seal (signet) (engagement ring) of certainty. Homefree. Future promise changes what we do today. The guarantee of certainty. Gen 1 The spirit of God. Created life. From chaos to order. Ezekiel was told to prophesy for the bones to stand up. And they do. Mary was told the Spirit would impregnate her. It did.
Isaiah 11 from a stump God will bring life.

We love the fact that the Spirit gives us a promise for the future but we forget that he also enables us to live a Christlike life.
We can't live that by ourselves.
A nail gun with all the nails and parts does nothing unless it has the pneuma in it. You could use it as a hammer but eventually it would be destroyed. Only when used as intended will it perform as expected the way it was made to work.
Mario said he had every opportunity to live right, but without the Spirit he failed. Now he walks in the Spirit.
Rom 8:5-9 the Spirit of God dwells in you.
Embrace the Spirit in your life. It will change you.

Christmas Eve offering $40,000
3 prongs this year -
1. Forward house
2. church plant in Tyndale
3. Thailand flood relief.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Risk IT! Finish your Race
Delbert Enns Pastor
Acts 28 going through the book. This is the final chapter of the series. Messages available on-line.
Paul was also a human being. He had dark times. God, where are you in the darkness?
It is not about a destination. It's about the journey. Jer 29 God knows the path for us. He loves and cares for us.
Paul was on this ship with 1,000 tons of grain. They encountered a big storm and were smashed on the isle of Malta in St Paul's Bay. Every one was saved. The inhabitants welcomed them. Everything went wrong. There Paul got bitten by a poisonous snake. They decided Paul was a God.

How are you going to finish the race?
4 steps.
1. Hope for the future. Faithfulness. Acts begins with the story of the church and ends with Paul's journey. Each of us must finish our own race alone
2. Personal morally good people won't make it. Paul was on his own journey. Learn to live with troubles and pitfalls. Helen Keller said character cannot be developed in peace. Only in the difficult periods of life. Trust God in the storm. So much of life is inconvenient interruptions of life. They can lead us into deeper relationships. It's not over till it's over.
3. Inclusive I am not the only one going through the difficulties. God puts people into our lives. To help us walk through the difficulties. Some of our difficulties come from the community of faith. Sometimes our help comes from non-Christians. People who do not have faith. They can be kind and loving. We must learn to accept help from un-believers. We are all called to kindle a fire. Of justice passion and love.
4. Paul was expected to die. He had a further purpose. What is God teaching me right now. The mayor noted the miracle and soon there were many people who got healed and believed the gospel. A revival on Malta.
Paul said I finished the race.
1968 Olympics in Mexico. A single runner came in late - limping. He wanted to finish the race on his own. When he crossed the line he fell. my country sent me 7000 miles to finish the race. We are all called to finish the race no matter how unfair it all is.

Paul finished well. Not easy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


11/11/11 University Professor Dr Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Department of Geology:

Today you get to show your family & friends what you've been up to. When I showed my grandma my Doctorate, she said: "Couldn't you have become a real doctor?"

We have found out that life is more than photosynthsis. There is Chemosynthetic life deep underground or deep under water. There is life there. When we explore the darkness the miner's lamp gives no peripheral vision. It requires team work to see what's there. The shadowbiosphere was discovered 30 years ago.

Today is your day. The focussed beam of light. What are you missing outside your main line of focus? Remember the shadow biosphere. Celebrate your achievements

Awarding degrees:

Dr of Philosophy all red gowns.

Master of Arts.

Alayna Dueck Medieval Studies

Master of Science.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

All People's Church Falcon Lake

Reading Psalm. The voice of the Lord makes the deer to calve
The longer I serve Him the sweeter He grows
God we pray when our brains are confused your loving arms are holding us. Forgive us, restore us to be the people you want us to be. We need you in every aspect of our lives. Thank you for Gordon Turner's life, for Dodi in her last days. Pray for Roger. Touch him, bring him out of this coma.
We pray for earthquake victims. Thailand flood. We pray for missionaries and those preparing to go out.
We pray for those who serve us in public.

Message Pastor:
Joseph. Rm 8:28 in all things God works for the good. Tragedies happen. In Fredericton a wonderful young deacon and bank manager got struck with pancreatic cancer and he was gone.
Joseph the 2nd youngest of 12. Hated because he was favored. Got the special Technicolor Dream Coat.
Dad sent him to check up on the boys. They sold him to the gypsies. He went from a charmed life to a slave. He became the favored servant falsely accused of rape and sent to prison. Years later Joseph said "You meant it for harm God meant if for good."
3 teenagers recently died in Alberta why?
God Cares. He sees everything. He cares. Joseph must have been overwhelmed many times. But "the Lord was with Joseph". God has given every one freedom of choice. We can choose to ignore God or trust him.
God allowed Joseph's brothers to sin against him then turned it around for His glory. Joseph was almost at death a few times. God turned it around. He has given us free choice. He turns the bad things around. Joseph continually trusted in the Lord. I was in a no win situation with stress mounting praying Thank you Lord you knew I was going to go though this before this trauma hit me. That helped a great deal.
4 sources of strength
1. God's Plan God will make it work out for good. We are tempted to say Goa rejected me. One moment we feel good then it goes off the rails. Then He turns my mourning into dancing. God can turn failures around.
2 The 7000 Promises of God. They tell us God is always with us. Write them out. Stick them everywhere. What a difference that makes in my life. To realize God is with me.
3. The People of God. Loneliness makes our troubles more overwhelming. When we support each other we encourage each other and help us grow. The people of God are here to be our helpers. A great cloud of witnesses is cheering us on.
4. The Presence of God in Jesus Christ and our personal relationship with him. We can succumb to bitterness or bring the broken pieces to Jesus to help put our lives back together again. He can transform us because He knows what's best for us. With our heavenly father who has created a loving community

God be with you till we meet again

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living Waters Dessert Night

At Holy Eucharist Hall 460 Munroe
Decorations are included in the rentals.

We sat with missionary Pete Friesen. Long informational conversation.

Tye Gamie re sexual orientation. We ask the tough difficult questions. Take Living Waters' stones and pray for us. It takes courage and inner strength for people to leave the sinful lifestyle.
National office in Vancouver.
Tye & Nancy went to India recently to start a ministry there.

Asst national director -Daniel - welcome the Jets to Winnipeg.

Living Waters is a tough ministry. Sexual relational brokeness issues are messy and difficult. Grew up in Calgary. Japanese. Very role oriented. No physical affection or affirmation. A Japanese man loved his wife so much that he almost told her.
Brother died when 12, Just shut off all emotions. Who am I? A month later he got introduced to pornography. Become a drug user. Got sick of that. Went to Bible School. Had a desire to change. L W gave me a safe space to get in touch with my emotions. Got a transformed view of God.

Time to raise funds for the ministry. Everyone on staff has to raise their own support. Here to support LW Winnipeg. $100 Sounds cheap. $10 a month is almost nothing but it's what sustains the ministry.
Life is now worth living. I am loveable and not alone. God sees me as good and holy. All He is asking is for us to come to Him.

Risk IT! Grace In a Merciless World.

Annual Meeting tonight.

Song! You lived you died you opened the way for the world to live again. Hallelujah for all you've done.
Mighty to Save. Everyone needs Compassion. Forgiveness. Jesus conquered the grave. Savior he can move the mountains
Tithes and offerings.
Oh Lord you made me wonderful as you knit me together in my mother's womb.
Our God is greater awesome in power.
'Twas grace that taught me unending love amazing grace. My chains are gone I've been set free. My God my Savior has ransomed me.
Your grace is sufficient for me. All that I cling to I lay at Your feet. Your strength is made perfect when I am weak.

Message by Elton DaSilva Exec Dir MB Conference of MB churches.

Beautiful day. Born in Belay Brazil. One of the hottest cities on earth. Now in Winnipeg one of the Coldest. God has a sense of humour.
Grace is so big. The Core of Christianity. If we miss it we missed the core. Grace is counterintuitive to humans
Acts 9:1-19 Luke. God models grace. He asks us to model grace. God put his hands on Saul when he was persecuting Christians.
Luke 10:30-35 the Samaritan took care of a stronger.
Risk it acrostic
Recognizes undeserving individual. Jesus rescued Saul. He could have struck him dead. We are here today for the grace of God. You can read the Bible upside down but we are saved by grace.
We always want to outdo each other and get even. Take a risk On grace. Show it.
Interrupts - our plans. God interrupted Saul's plans. We are always busy on our way - He interrupts. The Samaritan allowed God to interrupt so grace can be shown.
Stirs our hearts. Jesus showed compassion to Saul. The Samaritan had compassion. He felt the pain. The churches now serve breakfast in school. Compassion. You can't just walk by.
Kindness is messy. The man was hurt. Mix blood dirt oil and wine on this naked man and put him in your car you get messy. God gets involved in messes. God calls you to help messy people.
Inconveniences us. The Samaritan got Off his donkey to help. Get out of your Comfort Zone and comfort others. Get off your donkey. (your ass) It's so easy to say it's not my problem.
Transformation takes time. We don't know where the story goes from here. God writes the end of the story. Tell God "Use me to walk in the story."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Living Waters Annual Dessert Night

At Holy Eucharist Hall 460 Munroe
Decorations are included in the rentals.

We sat with missionary Pete Friesen. Long informational conversation.

Tye Gamie re sexual orientation. We ask the tough difficult questions. Take Living Waters' stones and pray for us. It takes courage and inner strength for people to leave the sinful lifestyle.
National office in Vancouver.
Tye & Nancy went to India recently to start a ministry there.

Asst national director -Daniel - welcome the Jets to Winnipeg.

Living Waters is a tough ministry. Sexual relational brokeness issues are messy and difficult. Grew up in Calgary. Japanese. Very role oriented. No physical affection or affirmation. A Japanese man loved his wife so much that he almost told her.
Brother died when 12, Just shut off all emotions. Who am I? A month later he got introduced to pornography. Become a drug user. Got sick of that. Went to Bible School. Had a desire to change. L W gave me a safe space to get in touch with my emotions. Got a transformed view of God.

Time to raise funds for the ministry. Everyone on staff has to raise their own support. Here to support LW Winnipeg. $100 Sounds cheap. $10 a month is almost nothing but it's what sustains the ministry.
Life is now worth living. I am loveable and not alone. God sees me as good and holy. All He is asking is for us to come to Him.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carlene's Funeral

Packed Transcona United church.
She was a very happy 19 year old blond that laughed a lot. She loved. We will all miss her.
If you had said a week ago that I would experience the greatest pain ever, I would not have believed it. My life is diminished without Carlene in it.
I will tell my children I love them. I am Charlene's cool uncle.
Parents, my heart bleeds for you. I can't take away your pain.
Remember me
Carlene if I had a magic Penney.
God speed
The soul afraid of dying will never learn to live
She did not leave a room without everyone knowing her.
She was full of energy. She played ball with the guys. She loved animals.
She recently volunteered with Feed My Lambs.
She explored new experiences. She sang in church.
Life is difficult. God's love holds us. He loves each of us.
Death is a horizon. When we get there we find a new horizon.
Cindy Don Carl Corinne parents

Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer Missions
3 church youth teams went on mission trips this summer.
One MB Action team went to Thailand a Buddhist Country. Cory Bell leader
Sawadika Thai hello song. They sang it with the Burmese Christians in northern Thailand.
Mingalaba Burmese version
Budabay Brazilian hug kiss song
Another team went to Brazil.
I can set light that is coming oh no never let go through the storm
Take my life and let be Consecrated Lord to you. Take my hands and let the move for you. My feet - swift and beautiful for you. Take my voice to sing your praise.
Samantha Garbacki Thai Team Thais build relationships first before they do anything
Neufeld Brazil Team. 6 weeks. Not all fun but good.
Kyle- media team. Being in the field is a risk but a small thing in God's big plan.
Song: Where you go I'll go. I will follow you. In you there is life everlasting. Whom you love I will love.
In the quiet in the stillness I know you are God and when you call I won't refuse. My delight is in you Lord. There is no one else for me - Jesus crucified to set me free.

Kristin Pauls: Media Team using my gifts
Acksanna Bell. Thailand gave up preparation for school to help. Being obedient. Built a deck for a lady whose house was in a swamp.

David- Brazil team.
Met Genio in Sao Paulo now a pastor. Had a good life and got called to seminary. Quit his job and lost his girlfriend. Almost in seminary when he was invited to join a professional soccer team. That was hard. Now in a 120 member on-fire church.
Aaron took a risk in Thailand. Telling God's story was hard. Generously Bold in my faith to nourish others
Jody - Thailand. Risk. Had to miss family events to follow God.
Cory we risked when we sent money to Dave & Louise. 30 people come to Christ this summer.

Sam baptisms. Lighthouse church in Thailand. Genuine worship there. Drove 3 hrs to the ocean for the baptism. The joy of the Lord was there. They had a dance line while going into the ocean for baptism. What did it cost the Thais? A day of work 1 day of food. Betal church led by Nat a young woman.
At the end of Action to come home to routine is a risk. Will I be bold to step out of my comfort zone?
To sit down and share my life seems like to big of a thing. How can I do that?
Please continue to pray for the youth of this church. Learn to give God the glory.
Be bold and risk for God. Coming home is where real missions begin.

Dave Ens: Risky generosity - when you step out to serve a generous God. What does that look like? May God bless us as we bring glory to God.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Peter Loewen Memorial Service

When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed Count your many blessings.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Obit: married in 54 started feed mill in the 60s
His greatest joy was to distribute Scriptures. He witnessed many a changed life.
He enjoyed boating and teaching others to water ski. Impossible was not in his vocabulary.
He always promoted and participated in everything. He was full of ideas. A real problem solver.
He believed in his kids potential. There are doers and dreamers and Peter was a doer.

Grand kids memories:
Jokes; Pete and repeat went into a store. Pete came out who was left?
A man had twenty-sick sheep. One died. How many did he have left? 19.
Grandpa was generous. On a Bible delivery trip he said the boat war an investment in his kids.
Never too young to drive a lawn mower.
No matter who you are God's love needs to be shared.
Never be ashamed of the gospel. Encourage everyone to share their faith.
He taught us to trust God. We'll see him in heaven.
Where your treasure is your heart will be also.

Song: 45 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Safely his hand will lead me to the mansions he has prepared for me.

Kim Stoesz Pastor at Braeside:
He became the grandpa of Breaside. He ran a stop sign to get the attention of a police officer so he could share the gospel with him. He had lots of stories of Scripture distribution.
He kept busy always coming back with more stories of sharing LifeLight Scriptures.
He was ready to go because he knew what was waiting for him on the other side. John 14. Trust in God. Let not your heart be troubled. Your hearts are sad became you miss him.
Without tickets you can't get into the sports venue. But there is room in God's house. Jesus is the way to heaven. Choosing Jesus means to strive to be like Jesus. He is the way to God.
John 3:16 was a verse Peter shared whenever he could. God so loved Peter Loewen so much that if Peter believed he could have eternal life.
Following Jesus is not always easy. Peter had a lot of pain. He always gave an honest answer. Always with a positive attitude.
Peace beyond human understanding gave Peter the joy to look forward to going ''home".
Peter started a Bible table here at church. He gave away 80 Bibles at a community event. Now others are giving away Bibles.
He is happy to be at home. But we will all miss him so much.


Roger and Andrew were working on a cell tower when it collapsed and they fell 35 ft. Andrew has broken bones but was able to call 911. Roger was still uncounsious last night. The doctor said he had contusions and time will tell. Pray for Roger & Anita and the family.

Today is Peter Loewen's funeral. He was instrumental in the establishment of LifeLight and he was passionately involved in Scripture distribution. He distributed 10s of thousands of The LifeLight New Testaments to our native friends in northern Manitoba. He will be missed.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pray for Roger

He was in a serious accident. Cell tower fell. Head trauma. To hospital by helicopter. Going there now

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Risk IT! Compassion Beyond Measure

Risk IT! Compassion Beyond Measure - Dave Ens

Behold He comes Riding on the clouds Shining the like the sun Out of Zion's hill salvation comes.

MCC helps Africans build dams to help them grow their own food. Mac & Cheese lunch after church today.
School breakfast program. Pastor Greg Armstrong started it at Hempstead school. 47,000 meals were served last year.

My Savior Redeemer you came near lifted me

Lord you never let go of me. Through the calm and through the storm.

Skit: Are we over newsed? 30,000 people dying on the other side of the world. Can we carry the tragedies? Can we care enough? Does it bother us that it doesn't bother us?

Mourning turns to songs of praise? We will rise with you lifted on your wings. There is hope in your name.

Ramsy Unruh, our first music pastor, passed away on Thursday. Shannon and 3 kids and friends are left to mourn his passing.

Come thou fount of every blessing. Tune my heart to ping thy praise.

Pastor Dave:
Friend asked for a ride to the airport wanted a ride to the airport from Brandon to Winnipeg. After a struggle he agreed to pick him up in Brandon.

Compassion can be very hard. Uncomfortable. Jesus raised that bar. Acts 2:46-47 the early church had wonderful community. Acts 3 the beggar asked for money. Peter healed him up in the name of Jesus. The early church had compassion changing people's lives.
Shmah Jewish - listen. Love the Lord Deut 6 The shmah is the 1st thing Jewish kids memorize. Wear them. Recite them. Write them on your walls. This is the heart of becoming a mature follower of God. Jesus added something to this. Love your neighbor as yourself. This is what makes you more like God.
Is compassion an interruption for you? Some people are being so religious but without compassion they are incomplete. Compassion changes people's lives. It involves risk. Do I risk giving the bigger money? The table is a huge risk. In Jesus day He sat with all the wrong people. The religious people were very condemning.
Jesus sets the table for us. Because of Gad's compassion. When you sit at the table it changes the dynamics. Scott Knight: "we don't know what to do."
Jesus goes to the fringes and invites us to the table. How would the world change if we cared? We can observe tragedy but if we don't act nothing changes.
Go and do what Jesus did. Sit with compassionate hearts and eyes wide open.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Midlife is when you reach the top of the ladder only to discover it's leaning against the wrong wall. Joseph Campbell

Sunday, September 25, 2011

87 Years of Blessing

Mom Reimer is 87! Healthy and living by herself. Time to party!

Risk IT! Community in a Timmy's World
Cheers- there is someone who knows you! Jesus calls you by name.

Praise is rising in Your presence all our fears are washed away. Hosanna we welcome you here Lord Jesus. In your kingdom broken lives are made new. 'Cause when we see you we find strength to face the day.

Wonderful intimate beautiful God of Love. Our God is good faithful strong able faithful in the way you father me
Tuesday The Prodigal God study starts.
Oct 2 fall festival at Eastview free lunch. Alpha Course starts in Rm108 at 9:15 am
Oct 21-23 Marriage Retreat
Dec 1,2,3 Dinner Theatre

Risk IT! Community in a Timmy's World
Pastor Delbert Enns Acts 2:42-47

I want a godly family where everyone is addicted to coffee. Tim's world - Not as good as Starbucks.
Coffee bars in some churches are real fancy.
Coffee was developed in China. Ethiopians loved coffee - the Queen of Sheba may have shared coffee with King Solomon.

The Jerusalem coffee shop shared everything with all believers. Jehovah Java Blend.
They praised God together. One heart one mind devoted to one purpose. Devoted mother. Devoted father. What do they look like?

Passion is an emotional response to an experience. Sports.

Requirements for replacement of Judas. Must be someone who was with Jesus during his ministry time. Peter spoke up because he had been forgiven. He spoke powerfully. This Jesus you crucified is the Lord and Messiah. Save yourselves from complacency. We need more passion. Passion & loyalty = devotion.

Manitobans are not loyal shoppers. They drive miles to save a penny. Marriage is not wonderful all the time. But 40 years of marriage faithfulness is well worth it.

Book- The Gospel According to Starbucks.
E - epic experience is unique. What surrounds the product? Entertainment is not what it's about. Study the Prodigal God Book
Roll up the rim to win. Roll up your sleeves to win people to Christ next Sunday. Get involved. Give invitations to your neighbours.
6:30 dialogue about last View future
Image Epic: The book of Acts church developed symbols. The Cross. Digging into the Word. The Cup and the Bread. Celebrate Jesus' death. There has never been an epic event like that. Jesus paid the price.

All to Jesus I surrender Lord I give myself to you. Fill me with your love and power.

Epic- c- Connection- Know each other by name
Invite someone for lunch today. Participate with each other.

You paint the night you count the stars by name - God you reign. Forever and ever

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Risk IT: Intimacy in a Facebook world

We survived another week! Barely.

Risk IT: Intimacy in a Facebook world
Pastor Dave Ens Acts 2:1-12

Songs: What's not to love about you? You are the light that frees us. We will sing and make music with the heavens. Grateful that you hear us. Lift high the name of Jesus.

I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene. My song shall ever be: How marvelous how wonderful is my Saviour's love for me.

Revelation Song the vision of the last surviving witness of Jesus life. Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power. I will adore him.

Jesus Messiah name above all names. All our hope is in you.

Within one minute of the earthquake on Vancouver Island there were 40,000 messages about it. What good is that?

Real friends add social capital to our lives.

On the Save Darfur Fasebook page the average member donated $0.09. Were those people committed?

Encourage involvement without really doing anything.

The church provides high social capital. They made a difference on that 1st day of Pentecost.

Risk- Jesus is asking us to make a difference. The church spread rapidly. Persecution triggered growth

We want to be part of something. I remembered the day I asked Nicole's parents for permission to marry her. 1 still sweat about that time. I was so tongue tied.

Are we going to - be witnesses of Jesus or not? Will we make real sacrifices? This is a social place and sometimes we rub each other the wrong way. God's plan for you is bigger than what you can do on your own. We need a sense of humility. Be authentic. Be true to the message. Inauthenticity demotivates.
Authentic is to be known and to know.
Risk is not natural. ? We can't love others if we exist for ourselves.

Sacrifice. Risk. Big words. We need to live that together.

Oct 2 is our fall start up event. Make mac & cheese and bring your neighbours. Donate to MCC for east Africa.

We live in a world where easy participation means decreased commitment.

We ask for a power full movement of your spirit.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Maxime's for supper

Whatever you order don't order the Greek Salad unless you like wilted lettuce.

The barbeque ribs were Very good. Maybe a bit too sweet. They forgot to bring wetnaps

Home for coffee and Martha's peach pie!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Falcon Lake 9.11.11 Service

Pastor Ted Hull 21 years Grant Memorial church there till 2006. Then with Empower ministry. Now in a counseling ministry and church leadership development. New book coming out. Not a New York Times bestseller.

Went to Cuba in 2001 with Ron Pierce World Serve. Watched the 9/11 news on a small old color TV.

For $350 cash you could fly out of Veraderro. Enjoyed the beach for a few more days.

Parables. They did not make a lot of sense to the hearers. Would you leave 99 sheep to go find a lost one? Fold your arms and listen to the story.

We are not supposed to hate our family. We need to choose Jesus every time there is a choice.

The raw cost of raising children is $250,000. If we stop to calculate the cost we are already disqualified from parenthood. We give everything we have to raise our kids including every dollar for medical treatment in the U. S.

Me and Bobby McGee freedom is just another word for having nothing to lose.

When you build a tower you calculate the cost. The king will not back down even if he knows he will lose. There is no turning back.

Following Jesus means no turning back no matter what.

Are we overwhelmed when we recognize that he chose us? I don't care what the cost, I will follow Him.

Discipleship means not bailing out. Trust God let him figure out where it will land.

Be willing to take a chance. Parenting - your heart breaks for the lost children.

Discipleship is "Lord what would you have me do today?"

We need to consider what God is calling us to today but do not count the cost. Just follow. Find delight in Jesus.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

St Paul's Anglican

227 Bloor Street East
Sermon Rev Tim Haughton

Money Luke 12:13-21
When we rely on God, we can be delivered from the need for the security money can bring. Jesus re-told a well known parable when he told the story of the rich man and his barns.

Beautiful choral music

We pray for the church around the world. We pray for the leaders of our churches. We pray for all in our city We seek the welfare of our city. Let them see your mercy in us. We pray for the small groups that they will see Jesus better.
Lord in your mercy hear our prayer.
Gracious God we trust in your provision for the future. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
The Lord be with you and also with you.
Choir: Holy holy hosanna in the highest.
Communion: We do not presume to come to this table, trusting in our own righteousness, but in your abundant and great mercies.
All who are baptized in any Christian church and seek to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior may receive the bread and wine.

What an experience! To walk down the aisle of this monumental church to the soft music of the majestic pipe organ and then to kneel at the rail to partake of the bread and wine with the words "Jesus died for you!"

Closing hymn: For the beauty of the earth.

Mary Jane came to talk to me after.

9:30 is the relaxed service we were at the 11am

See more pictures on

Pray for Tim's son Josh(3). He has to have another heart operation this week

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unlikely hero: Face Your Giant
Refresh Recommit Renew Marriage retreat Oct 21-23 Wilderness Edge

Henry Schmidt died yesterday. Pray for the family.

Tuesday night 7pm Rock the River training. Preparation for Spt 17 at The Forks.

Songs: Glorious - Look beyond the tombstone see the living God. My eyes have seen the glorious Lord.

You make everything glorious and I am yours. (repeat 100x for edification?) (music too loud)
God is the only ''thing" worthy of praise, long preachy prayer by song leader. Not even in Jesus' name.
God saves - In the name of the Father, Son, Spirit gathered together to lift up your name. Hear the loud noise of our offering. Mourning turns to songs of praise. We will rise with you lifted on your wings. There is hope in your name.

Children's story. Miss Andrea. How God changed David's life. He made good and bad choices. He felt sorry for what he did. The consequences did not go away. Pride was the problem. He felt so good about himself he forgot about God. BFFN Best friends for now. They give the best gifts. If I focus only on the gift from my best friend and forget about my best friend, that is pride.
David sent auditors to count his army of 1,300,000 soldiers -that took 9 months. Then he realized his foolishness. He asked God to forgive. But there were consequences. God gave him 3 choices: Famine, enemies, plague. The plague killed 70,000
Let's not forget God wants to be our best friend. All we have is from God.

Song: Our God- water turned into wine. There's no one else like you. Our God is awesome in power. If our God is with us then what can stand against us.
O praise Him he is Holy (repeat 100x) followed by another long prayer by song leader. Amen.

Pastor Del Enns
David the unlikely hero. Next Sunday it concludes w communion.
To get to know David, read the psalms - why am I discouraged? He had many roller coaster experiences. Ps 38 exhausted crushed
We are a meaning machine. I have an identify. Christ gives us a meaningful identity. And a worthy destiny. When David the shepherd boy he killed Goliath because he lived humbly in God's identity. Ps 34 exalt God together. Spirit of humility. Turned to body lust. He had never lost a battle and now he abused his power -no boundaries for him. The greatest battle was in his humanness - Lust. His heart was full of Pride. Pride caused David to stumble.
He took a census.
His family was not all together. Do yovh are hate in your circle of influence. Trash talk? Manipulation? Gossip? David lost control. He wanted his identity back. Looked to push himself up -pride. He dismissed his advisors. Spent 9 months counting soldiers without following the rules. God wanted them counted before Him where everyone would pay God a ransom.
David allowed his conscience to bother him. He had diagnosed correctly- ''I have sinned" Sorry was not enough.
How do we fit?
David asked God to punish him to stop the plague. On Mount Moriah the mountain of pride the same place where Abraham sacrificed his son. Where Solomon's temple was built later. He bought the oxen and the threshing floor. It cost him to worship God. Then he said; I know that my redeemer lives. That's what Christ has done for you. Now is the time to surrender your life to Him.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rock the Dock - Gimli Harbour

Martha and I went to Gimli to meet Karyn for supper on the beach. Sushi and fancy pizza.

Rock the Dock is a weekly Friday night event during the summer. Organized by Anders as an outreach ministry they feature different Christian groups including Fresh I.E. last week. Today it was a group from Morris (reINSTATE the EP) as well as Jordon St Cyr from _ _ _
Some nights they have a 1000 people in the audience - 67 today.

Met cousin Marie and her grand daughter here. Bernie went to Camp board meeting at Gimli Bible Camp.

Song called Fire: gasoline you know what I mean set me on fire.

Song: Let go Let go

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unlikely Hero: Identity Theft

2 Sam 11:1-27, 12 Ps 52 Messages available online

Pandamania VBS was a wonderful experience - 100+ self-volunteered volunteers taught 200 kids. Jordan was a high maintenance kid from a disadvantaged home 2 years ago when he accepted Christ at VBS. Now he was a small group leader.

Songs: All God's children singing glory glory he reigns.
Sing Sing Sing And make music with the heavens Lift high the name of Jesus. What's not to love about you? You are the love that frees us.

2 more weeks till school starts. The stories of David. He became king. A man after God's own heart.
Mostly he made good choices. One day David made a very bad choice. He spied a really beautiful girl. Bethsheba. Problem. She was married to someone else. He arranged the death of her husband so he could have her for himself. Sin. Nasty.
We have all sinned. We all have nasty goo all over us. David realized he had messed up. And he asked God to clean up and change his heart. God helped David he can help us too! If we ask God to forgive us, he will wipe away all the goo. And make us new.

Songs: He knows my name. I have a maker He formed my heart. He sees each tear that falls. I have a father he calls me his own he'll never leave me.

Clip: Craving - Erwin McManus the meaning of life. Why do we exist? We search for meaning. Who are you? Meaning is to try to make sense of life. Especially when you experience loss.

Pastor Del: we find meaning in many ways. Money. Status. Power. Philosophy. Religion.
We bring meaning into our lives but we cannot predetermine our destiny.
We shape our world view by what we say read and do. That eventually determines our destiny. Meaning = identity = destination.
Destiny suggests the future is determined by God. Identity = meaning = destiny.
Would I want to get to know the author of our destiny? There is someone who wants to rob your destiny. Satan. He's out to steal your identity.

Moscow was always a dreaded destination. The Secret Police wanted to intimidate.
Every 79 seconds there is an identity theft in NA. Satan works even harder to steal your identity.
Identity is a core to the existence of God.

Moses wanted to know God's identity. God said I am. I am sent Moses to the Israelites.

David was 50 years old when he went through an identity crisis. He forgot he was king and did not go to war with his troops. He committed adultery and murdered his faithful personal guard.

Jesus' identity was established in his baptism.

Your destiny is always on hold until you settle your identity.

Jesus was tempted in the desert. Satan says "if you are" in trying to take his identity -that's how Satan always tempts. He never gives up accusing you of any failings you may have. But if your identity is clear he has no hold on you. Do you know the Book of God? My identity "is written"
David worshipped the idol of lust and lost his identity of "a man after God's own heart". That led him to a lot of heartache.

When you are tempted tell Satan: I am a son or daughter of the most High God. Then Satan can't win.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Unlikely Hero; Dinner is on Me

Songs: Oh Praise Him He is holy. Alleluia

Pandamania VBS is happening this week. 120 Volunteers 200 kids. Come see what's happening on Thursday 7pm

I stand amazed in the presence Of Jesus the Nazarene oh how marvelous how wonderful
When with the ransomed in glory his face I at last shall see
Glorious see the risen Savior victorious and strong. My eyes have seen the glory of the throne. He stands above the rulers of the earth Look beyond the tombstone. (repeat until you fall over)

Neil children's story. We've seen David become a caveman. The story of Mephibosheth - David thought of his promise to take care of Jonathan's family. When Saul and Jonathan died, Mephibosheth's maid dropped him and he was crippled.

It's the song of the nations he reigns All God's children singing glory glory hallelujah
It's the song

Give thanks to the Lord Our God and King his love endures forever. Forever God is faithful. From the rising to the setting sun.

Gerry Goertzen author counselor:
Why Eastview? Soft seats. Gets their attention. Food. Dinner on me?

Food for thought. We've had a hero theme.
Shame is an almost insurmountable monster. Who saw my zipper? that type of embarrassment is not the same as shame.

Guilt -I did something wrong. Behavior.
Shame feels bad for who I am. Identity.
Martin Luther King grew up in an era of segregation. Based on Christian values he led a protest movement and was assassinated at age 39.
To be shamed is to be told you are of less value. You are a loser. Shame strips away self esteem.
It takes character to say shame shall not pass this way again.
It takes miraculous intervention I'm not all bad - am I?
When deep question stay unanswered. Sarcasm can impart shame.

It was expected that the new king would exterminate all remnants of the old regime. But David did not. Helped Jonathan's son.
Mephibosheth's name means - Shame unto you for you are crippled and your parents are dead. "No progress" was his servant.
God wants to promote the handicapped.
David had Meph on his ''bucket list"
Does God have a "bucket list" for you? Are they the same?
Meph called himself a dead dog. David accepted him unconditionally.
But Meph had to bow his knees and accept the gift of fellowship with the king. Do you know someone who is living in shame?
Meph was a hopeless shameful cripple taken into the splendor of the palace to look into the eyes of the king

It takes someone to seek the broken person and help him heal.
Meph was invited and responded to "dinner is on me". Has that happened to you - Me?

Mexico and Italy

The last day of Folklorma. To win a trip for 2 on Westjet you need to know what the mascot is. It dosn't say that anywhere. But Kara knows - she works full-time with Folklorama 20 days straight! it's the LLama

Folklorama, the largest and longest running multicultural event of its kind in the world!

I brought my ear plugs with me. With them in music is just fine. They are sold out of deserts so we have tortillas and salsa.

Salsa meets Cirque du Soleil a dance troup from Mexico City. Very strenouous twirling flipping throwing dance routines. Don't try this at home - you'll end up in 6 months of intensive care

Monterrey Ballet had a wonderful performance

Then off to
- Now 150 years old
Chow and Salute the 150 years. 1861

Ear plugs? Not for the 1st song. IL Canto Degli Italiani. They used to be 7 countries. Italy is only 6 years older than Canada

Addio Mia Bella Addio beautiful Italian songs.
We need to go to Italy again- that was such a wonderful experience in 2000

Splendora D'Italia Tarantella Wedding Song
Le Ragazze Italiane

More Italian songs follow by wannabe Luciano Pavarottis

Mambo Italiano was a lively departure from the Pavarotti style.

7 singers sang "A Soldier in Love".

Quando, Quando, Quando, we can share a love divine

Italia Italia sung in Italian with tear-jerking passion


Folklorama 2011 is over!

Polish Apple Pie

Fabulous food - Liquid Polish apple pie! excellent dances

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Funeral for Rachel

Dietrich Bonhofer wrote:
Nothing can make up for the absence of someone we love. It would be wrong to try to find a substitute. For the gap as long as it remains unfulfilled preserves the bond between us It is nonsense to say God fills the gap. The dearer and richer our memories, the more difficult the separation

Tribute from her family.
Ethan: I made her laugh. Abigail: I made her laugh.

Kendra: Rachel was such a happy child. She had a special bond with her siblings
She loved to play with her mommy. She'd lie on my lap and stick her feet in my mouth and laugh when I bit her. I will miss her. She loved to hear Jesus loves me. She is now with Jesus.
Rachel you were loved just because you were mine. I honor you for all your life has been.

David: Thank you to all the friends that have carried us. I am honored to be Rachel's daddy. Wish we could be tired again. But we are saying goodbye. We have a vibrant hope. We know we will see our daughter again. Thank you for coming.

Pastor Corey Herlevsen: Each of us is made in the image of God and bears his staggering dignity.

Rachel's smile was bright - an echo of the joy of creation. She reminds us that life is precious. It has changed us all. We are living. More authentic. Forgive more honestly. The impact goes on and on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


For 25 years we have gone to Rainbow Stage for Justin's birthday. We did it again with Hairspray.

Good morning Baltimore.
The 1960s with outrageous hairstyles and the Corny Collins show. The obligatory fat people watching the show "dilinquent teenagers"
We must guide them.
Mother stop telling me what to do. Mama I'm a big girl now.
I can hear the bells because he touched me.
Would you support integration. Yes it's the new frontier. I wish every day was negro day.
I'd make every day negro day if I was President.
They say it's a man's world, but what is a man without his woman by his side? It takes 2!
We can't change the show!
Hey mama look around the whole world is listening to a brand new sound. Welcome to the 60s and Mr Pinky's Hefty Hideaway.

Do what's right. Segregation is wrong. How can they break through on TV? Maybe at the mother daughter show? If you say I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful. No matter how big or what colour!
You are timeless to me. Dance with me. You are stuck with me. The real deal. Hugs and kisses.

To lose you is to lose myself. They can't keep us from singing. I'm in love with you no matter what you weigh. I'll be yours forever.
No one said integration would be easy. Keep trying till someone breaks through.
There is a light burning bright showing me the way. There is a great future but a stuggle we have to face.
You can try to stop the hands of time but you can't.
I like the way I am. The world keeps spinning round and round. Tomorrow is a brand new day you car't stop the ocean

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Philippines - Pearl of the Orient

Folklorama - our last show of week 1. Tomorrow is our mom day. Got to get lunch ready.

World class performances - young award winning dancers and singers
A performance of the rituals of a Christian Philippine wedding
The candle dance was most impressive
Wow! All those beautiful smiling faces - there must be a hundred of them! They had so much fun including the bamboo sticks dance. I asked one of the dancers whether she ever got her foot smashed. She said "no- hardly ever!"

Folklorama Hungary-Panonia & Ethiopia & Korea

Hungary - Goulach soup, Cabbage roll, Sausage, Delvideki Lecso and Langos very satisfying food. Energetic dances. Colorful Costumes. Encore presentation.

Ethiopia - Ethiopian beer (not addicting) at the Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg Cultural Centre. Where they smoke the place up with freshly roasted coffee.
The oldest continuous Society in the world. The only African country never colonized. 6 major tribes including the Oroma Tribe. Coffee originated in Ethiopia from an area called coffa. Ethiopians are the most beautiful people in the world. Descendents of Solomon and the Queen Of Ethiopia. Emperor Haili Salasi was the last Lion of Judah.
Tigray People. Signature Slow walk LOUD drum beat dance.
Gurage People are even LOUDER. Where are my ear plugs? Full body workout! Dance lessons available.
Wolyita People. Southern Tribes. Courting song. 2 guys courting one woman. Hip dance.
Amhara People. Goodbye!
Sponsored by Modern east African restaurant 354 Portage Ave.

Korea - our 3rd country for tonight.
Korea is a peaceful country. They have never attacked another country.
Started with an artistic and delightful Five Drum Dance. Hanbok costumes.
Little Puppet's Dance by 6 cute girls.
Kimchi is the healthiest food in the world.
The graceful fan dance was well choreographed and easily worth the $6 admission.
Tae Kwon Do demonstration of martial arts is thousands of years old. This group participated in the Arnold Schwartzeneger Martial arts academy.
All young women now-a-days should take it for self defence.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Folklorama Time 2011

We started this year's multi cultural celebration at the Pavilion of Scotland with meat pies and mashed potatoes. Music and dancing was good always.
Sing-a-long included:
Scotland the Brave
Towering in gallant fame Scotland my mountain hame
We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'
Mairi's Wedding
Donald where's your Troosers?
Land of my heart forever Scotland the brave.

After that we went to Belgium. Martha's Mom still talks about that one from last year. Unfortunately it was full.

From there we went to Celtic Ireland for a standing room only show. Next time let's remember to bring ear plugs. Very enthusiastic audience. And bring money $$$ $6 for admission 3/4 hr show. $8 for good food $5 for drink.

Terrific tap dancing colorful costumes

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unlikely Hero: Getting Even Isn't Even 1 Sam 24:1-22
Songs: this is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. I won't worry about tomorrow. I'm trusting I'm trusting what you say. I will stand upon your truth. I'm giving you my tears and sorrow.
Hosanna praise is rising. Hope is stirring. In Your presence our tears are washed away. You are the God who saves us.

David is on the run hiding in the caves of Engedi. Saul and his men are hunting for David. Saul needed a potty stop. David's 600 men are hiding in that cave. David cut off a piece of robe off God's anointed king. David could have become king that day. But he did what's right. He waited for God's time.

Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty

Pastor Dave Ens:
Only once did a destination elude me. Not really lost. 12 year old boys brigade walked and walked. Fear and excitement set in.

Vacationed on Lake Erie when Alexander suddenly disappeared under the waves. Fear gave his dad total clarity and energy.

Saul dedicated all his time to try to get rid of David. David had to flee. This may have caused David to examine his life. When we get cast into the wilderness we don't choose to go there. James says consider it pure joy. As a pastor I've seen people on their death bed with complete clarity.

David may have written Psalm 57 while in that cave. God will send me peace while I lie among lions. My heart is steadfast awake my soul make music. Written while a maniac was chasing him.
There are lots of wilderness stories.

In most of them David prays - not fight. God guided him - the times he fails is when he forgets to pray. Stop and listen to what God has to say. That can be hard because it takes time. Prayer changes us to do what God wants us to do. David came out of the wilderness with prayer.
Sometimes we try to get out of the wilderness so we say God must want me to do this because I want to. We cloak it in religious language and do what we want. Gaining clarity from God means waiting.

We vilify others to justify the evil we do to them. God doesn't do that. David saw Saul through God's eyes.
Rom 12.14-19 bless those who persecute you. Live peaceably with all. Vengeance is God's.

The wilderness is a scary place.
May you in that situation find clarity of who you are called to be.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unlikely Hero: Who Needs Friends
Pray for the teams in Thailand.

God only wise You are the Lord of space and time. All that we are is Yours alone.
2. Our God Saves There is hope in your Name. We are gathered to lift up your Name. And the world will see that our God Saves.
3. Then sings my soul my Savior God to You How great you are! Oh Lord my God when I think that God his Son not sparing He bled and died to set me free.

Children's Story- David & Jonathan - Good friends take care of each other.

Song; Lord of all creation you are holy. Lord of heaven and earth. God of wonders beyond our galaxy the universe declares your majesty you are holy.
Praise is rising we long for you hosanna you are the God who saves us.

Pastor Dave Ens:
David has a mandate. David is growing. Saul's momentum is fading. The songs of the people make Saul angry. He wants to eliminate David 6x in 3 chapters. David & Jonathan's friendship grows at the same time. David was on the right track but came up against barriers and opposition. Ps 7 Save me from my pursuers. If I have done wrong kill me. Why are my enemies so relentless? Not everyone finds us as likeable as we really are. Eugene Peterson. Taking the right path is not always easy. That may cause us to doubt. So do we build walls to shut off others? David could have decided to kill Saul, but did not do so.
Friendliness vs. friendship. Friendly is easy. Friendship is hard. It requires entering into the other person's pain. To get into the nitty gritty of life.
Every once in a while someone enters your life that is willing to enter into your pain. the Soul of Jonathan was bound to the soul of David. Soul = heart.
Friendship is not convenient. Not efficient. Friend seeks core good in others. Trudge through the tough times. You might run out of energy. A friend can help you through. AA understands that you need friends.
Let's reclaim friendship and let's stop using friendliness to keep people out.
Friends lowered the lame man through the roof. Jesus said your sins are forgiven.

Go and make friends this week. Make connections. Help others keep walking in their spiritual walk. We need real friends to do that.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

All People's Church Falcon Lake

Announcements included 5oth Anniversary for Jake & Fran Funk and 4oth for Raymond & Martha Dueck

Michelle Sawatzky, her son Tyson, and Michelle's sister in law did a number of songs including:
Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.
Yes I love my Jesus deep down in my heart.
Victory is won and I will rise when he calls my name no more sorrow no more pain. And I hear the voice of angels crying out worthy is the lamb. I will rise on eagles wings. Before my God fall on my knees.

Pastor Brian Hamilton
Positive preaching- God's vision for his people.
God gives us lots of positives. Not always does things turn out right but we car have a positive out look in Christ
Positive Pricey playful Party Prosperous Powerful

Paul said forgetting what is behind and pressing forward. v13 he had not yet achieved
Strength in Christ allows me to be positive.
Toss what is behind, in the river of God's grace.
Bring those who are in turmoil a measure of your peace.

Michelle & Shannon: we are pilgrims on a journey of the narrow road. Surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses. May all who come behind us find us faithful. May the clues that they discover become the light that helps them find The Way.
Michelle: Time for a Christmas Song:
Jesus came like the winter snow. He could have come in a hurricane, or in the Fire of heaven, but He came quietly. Not like a tidal wave. Soft and Slow like snow. From the sky to the earth below.

Phil 3: God's Vision for His people
There is a positivism in Christ. Paul was the chief of sinners. He had a terrible past but he moved forward. Positive.
Frank Lloyd Wright at age 83 said the next project is his masterpiece.

We live in a world with negativism. News is too full of negativism. Limburger cheese in our attitude? The whole world stinks? Believers tend to say that.
Negative people are so tense.
Someday you will stand around my grave. Will you be able to say he loved God?
Negative thinking keeps us from enjoying life. Paul was unjustly imprisoned yet he wrote Rejoice and again I say rejoice.
God is with us and can use us in every situation. Negative thinking limits our potential. Joshua and Caleb were positive but 10 emissaries were negative and hence they had to wander in the desert for 40 years.

Attitude Building Blocks:
Choice. Choose to believe God is who He is. Choices Of the journey. Walk forward.
Bible. Filled with examples of victory NOTHING can separate us from the love of God. God's Comforter will be with us
The more we pray the closer we get to God's heartbeat. Like John the beloved disciple.
With God all things are possible.
Circumstances are different every day. Goal to reach our eternal home.

Michelle: Lord God of all build up your kingdom in me. Father take my life everything I am. God of all of me. Reign over dreams I dare not speak.
Father take my heart hold it in your hand. Keeper of my soul.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday at mom & dad's

Church for me today was watching the prayer service conducted on the deck of HMS Montreal for our future King & Queen.
CBC was very rude and kept interrupting the service with all kinds of prattle.

We went to Arborg bringing lunch for my parents and after Martha's delicious food a new family settling in Riverton came to entertain mom & dad with some very slow singing. Jim & Tina Kennimon with their children John & Kimberley sang a for a long time. They lived in Bloodvein for 8 years and got to know Neil & Edith Von Gunton quite well.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Jazz on the Rooftop

It's a hot day for that! 33c outside. But this jazz was in air conditioned comfort in the WAG auditorium. Fabulous music by the Ron Paley Big Band featuring several world class soloists, including trumpeter Mike Harriot and trombonist Brad Shigata as well as our friend Karl Kohut on bass.

We rushed home from work (not too fast with all the cops out there!) enjoyed Martha and Justin's pulled pork and rushed downtown.

I really enjoy this jazz, in part, because all the band members enjoy what they are doing.

The quilt on display in the art gallery was a millenium project started in Ontario and represents Canadians from around the world. It is 120 ft x 10 ft. The colors at the top of the center section represents the Canadian flag. More info

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ontario Trip

We flew to London Wednesday. We planned to visit Taunte Truta,
my mom's oldest sibling and my favorite aunt, but when I called her number there was no answer. When I finally got ahold of my dad, he informed me that she had died 2 weeks ago. I knew she had recently been diagnosed with cancer, but this was quite a shock.

We had business meetings in Aylmer and Cambridge. Our Cambridge business friend introduced us to Glenn and to the Coping Center in Cambridge, an organization dedicated to help families deal with grief and help them mourn their loss. Is there a need for such a centre in Winnipeg?

After fighting Toronto traffic for 2 hours we had supper with Alayna before she went to work. Something in my food did not agree with me.

Saturday we spent the day with Alayna. Lunch at the market and then Toronto Zoo for the afternoon. That Zoo has to be one of the best in the world. Lots of greenspace, trees & valleys and animals from around the world including camel rides for those so inclined.

Supper at The House On Parliament was fabulous. Then time to say goodbye again and "auf viedersehen"

This morning we wanted to see Aunt Esther but she had left for church before we were ready. By that time we had to head off to the airport for our flight home.

Our church was on board Westjet with Lorna Dueck's "Listen Up" broadcast. Her guests included Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi and Eugene Peterson talking about the Bible and how it has changed the world.

After that we watched "The Hour of Power". They had Evangelist Jay Lawder on the program with a good solid message. They spent a lot of time begging for money.
''The Best Life Possible" who wants that? Jesus said Love God and others. Then you will have the best life possible.
Commandment six: Don't kill. Jesus said don't use words to kill. The power of words. Words can kill. Words have the Power to give Life. ''You saved my life" with words of life from the Hour of Power. People need Words of Life. Dream Center of LA is helping many people in LA. So many people have been saved. One man was shot and left for dead. Then restored through his wife's prayers.

John 11 The Story of Lazarus. Jesus said "I am the resurrection and the Life" His sisters called Jesus expecting him to hurry on over and help them. But Lazarus died. Jesus did not come. Why not? Why not? Where is Jesus when your kids fall into substance abuse?

When Jesus finally showed up he asked- Do you believe? Jesus asked to go to the tomb. Open it up! No way! He's been left for dead for 4 days.
Jesus says "Come out of the tomb of your pain". Accept Jesus' resurrection power today.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Put Down the Kool-Aid: If a Little is good, More must be better For on-line audio

When oceans rise and thunders roar I will soar
above the storm I will be still and know you are God

Dave Ens-
''I want it all" the cultural lies. Is having more better? A friend with drug addiction had an epiphany that he had chronic discontent fuelled by wanting more. Drug use creates dopamine release to drive us to more brain rewards. Things feel good when narcotics are involved. So the brain wants more and more drugs. Then everything else goes flat.

In many ways we do the same things. Retail therapy. ''I have nothing to wear" Come home raid the fridge and pantry and say ''why is there no food in the house?" while looking for chocolate.

Drugs. What a cycle of shame! Then you need more drugs and you end up more ashamed! Addicts keep feeding the addiction to dopamine. And the cycle continues.

Truth of scripture speaks against the lies. I Cor: 1:26 God is the source of life in Christ Jesus. Everything good comes from God. We can't ever lift ourselves out of the cycle of shame. God's grace / strength is made complete in Christ.

We always want things to make us feel good about ourselves.

Deut 7 God talks about all the things he will do for Israel. Not because you earned it but because I love you.
Matth 6:25 Is not life more than food and clothing? Find value / pleasure in other things.
The birds - God feeds them. Aren't you of more value? v27 Can you add one hour to your life?

C S Lewis- Consider the staggering nature of the rewards God has for us. Our sights are set too low! God wants to give us more.
v32 Strive for the kingdom of God.
Let your worth be derived from the One who created you! Seek pleasure in Him.

To often we point at ourselves as the reason for our existence. God has a better plan. Outside of ourselves. Instead of a church picnic for ourselves why not have a Keenleyside picnic to bring joy to an underprivileged community? June 30 - be there

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Turning on the Light Christian Fellowship (EMC) Calgary

Pastor David & Kendra Funk
Need your voices today. Summer is here - the season for traveling.
Imagine driving at night and coming to a town with no lights. What would you think? Many of us have the same problem. We have an inexhaustible supply of Light- the Holy Spirit. He was there at creation, when Christ was baptized, and at Pentecost.
One thing that is clear in the book of Acts is that it is the power of the Holy Spirit that built the church.
If the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from us, today's church work would mostly continue as is.
When we come to the Father through Jesus we become the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. You are in His presence, always
"Turn on the lights - I am His dwelling place." The dwelling place of the Living God.
Rachael had a very bad spell on Friday. Saturday I was working through this. Where is God why does he let it happen? This sermon applies directly. I am sad and emotionally strung out but I know that the God of Creation is with me.
"Turn on the lights - I am His dwelling place."
God is not reducible to our feelings. A wasted prayer is "God be with me today". Rather thank God for being with me today. Bank on the Love of God. His love is perfect. That's a fact. Grow in awareness that God is passionately and compassionately with you.
If we serve God with that awareness, what would it do?
You and I are always in God's loving presence.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trent & Liisa Wedding Song

God's love is warmer than the warmest sunshine, softer than a sigh
His love is deeper than the deepest ocean, wider than the sky
God's love is brighter than the brightest star that shines every night above
There is nothing in this world that can ever change God's love
Something happened to my heart the day that I met Him
Something that I never felt before
He is always on my mind no matter what I do
And everyday, it seems I Love Him more
His love is warmer than the warmest sunshine, softer than a sigh
His love is deeper than the deepest ocean, wider than the sky
His love is brighter than the brightest star that shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world that can ever change His love

Once, I thought that love was meant for everyone else but me
Once, I thought He'd never come my way
Now, it only goes to show how wrong we all can be
For now, I have to tell you everyday
His love is warmer than the warmest sunshine, softer than a sigh
His love is deeper than the deepest ocean, wider than the sky
His love is brighter than the brightest star that shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world that can ever change His love
His love is warmer than the warmest sunshine, softer than a sigh
His love is deeper than the deepest ocean, wider than the sky
His love is brighter than the brightest star that shines every night above
And there is nothing in this world that can ever change His love

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Nice soccor evening

At the plus 55 Centre in Gimli. Looks like Roger and friends need a pep talk!
We went to Mennville to plant weeping evergreens at the cemetary memorial garden. Roger and Anita helped with that. Thank you.

Put Down the Kool-Aid: I've got the Power
Birthday Song for Pastor Delbert Enns.

Daydreaming is a form of walking away from it all.
Abracadabra of fantasy is our ideal. We wish we could speak it and it would happen
Retirement fantasies drive us to pursue our dreams. What is the prime motivation? We have fundamental desires for a free enjoyable life.
Ryan went to Haiti and gave a report - with a good work ethic anything is possible. We are made to believe we can do anything we want to do. It's a lie! but it affects us in all sorts of ways.
Adam and Eve had a problem. They thought they could enjoy life. That they had access to infinite power and control.
ML King said: I have a dream. But it cost many lives. Not easy.
The dream of a life with no responsibilities is a hoax.
Look at History - the book of Acts. Simon the sorcerer had a following. Like Lady Gaga. They have nothing They have nothing real to offer. When Phillip the evangelist showed up, the sorcerer was being shown as a fraud. He then decided he would try to buy Phillip's power. He had shallow faith and was baptized but really had no idea what the gospel was all about.

Simon did not live with the power of the Holy Spirit. Phillip was bringing revival. Church H. O. sent Peter & John to check up on Phillip.
We often believe that we can do the same. I paid my dues. Now God has to give me what I want
We do not want God to change us.
The sorcerer wanted the good life under his own control. We do the same thing. Peter told him to repent. There is no evidence that he repented. Tradition says that he led many Christians into agnosticism.

Christ is the visible manifestation of the invisible God, everything was created in and through Him.
Jesus IS God. We need Jesus. Not power.

Let us confess that we have lived a lie thinking we con do things in our power.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


The word is thought to have its origin in the Aramaic language, in which abra (אברא) means "to create" and cadabra (כדברא) which means "as I say", providing a translation of abracadabra as "create as I say". This was the basis of our message in church today. I forgot my PDA at home, so that's the summary of Dave Ens message for today!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Put Down the Kool-Aid: Love is All You Need

Operation Christmas Child Ryan will do a presentation on Tuesday evening showing the distribution he was involved in in Haiti.
Volunteers Celebration Monday May 30 with comedian entertainment

Dave Ens:
Love gives us a good feeling. The world tells us to get rid of everything that does not give us a good feeling.
Our Sunday School teacher told us to love the bully.
How do we define love? Physical love, emotion, feeling. Eros is very self centered. Easily distracted. Lusting after a feeling. Neighbour's grass is greener? Love becomes God? Advertizers are asking as to need things to satisfy ourselves.

Steadfast love in the Bible. Hessad- a Hebrew word that means loyalty, faithful, promise, covenant, till death us part. Agape is the Greek action word for the Hebrew word.

Jonah 4 - Nineveh repents. You are a gracious God abounding in Hessad love - to help others thrive. Irrational commitment. Unselfish

Eros is selfish - what can you do to make me happy? It becomes an idol.

Hessad love - how can I help you thrive? Love everyone. Reflect the character of God.
What does God ask of us? Love the world the way He loves the world. Live life with wide open eyes.

How would hessad love change what you do with your money?

New playmobile boys have a nicer haircut so kids need these now. We now need new high defination video phones. Selfish.

Michael Porter speaker -how do we respond to the needs of our society? The church has the greatest potential to do good and a great potential to destroy when they leave a project in the winds of change.

What would it look like if you lived your life with eyes wide open?

Communion. God's beautiful example of hessad love. For 2ooo years the church has done this in remembrance.

Amazed and overwhelmed
Wonderful God Savior wonderful Love None could compare

The broken bread, a symbol of Christ's body broken for us.

Behold what you are become what you receive (what dos this mean?)Take up this bread and wine embrace the Mystery.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Put down the Kool-Aid: Money will make you happy

(Friday night Martha and I went to see Soul Surfer. Excellent movie.)

Soul Sanctuary has a family seminar tonight.
Pray for the flood victims
We stand and lift up our hands.
You are Holy (Prince of Peace)
You will never let me go.
He Knows My Name
Choir: What Wondrous Love is This? For my soul. When from death I'm free I'll sing on through eternity.

Video Clip. Money makes me happy.
Pastor Dave Ens:
Nov 18, 1978 800 people committed suicide by drinking cyanide laced Kool-Aid. (shortly after that we did a survey, for Here's Life and some people responded with this event as an example of the badness of religion)
Put down the Kool-Aid. There is abundant life available.
Money is often a big lie. We have embraced the lie that money is the best thing in life.
Go to a higher paying job. Everyone understands.
An island off the coast of Australia, Nauru was mined of fertilizer till it was uninhabitable.
Soon they could not grow any food. Today they have no local food. Everyone will die of over eating junk food. One Islander bought a Lamborghini but was too fat to get in the car. (only 13,000 inhabitants they now have an international debt of $1B)

We pursue money. That should not be our goal. The way we use money should show that we have been changed by God. Sell everything? Is your money for yourself? Where your treasure is your heart will be.
Think about your first dating relationship. Your whole being gets wrapped up in it.
Zack the wealthy tax man. Jesus did not lay out any rules. He built a relationship and it changed Zack.
Has your Money been transformed?
In 2004 3.5 B$ was spent on cellphone ringtones. Is that a transformed perspective?
Eternal perspective? Nauru people lives off trust funds today.
2Cor 9:6-8 she one who sows bountifully reaps bountifully. Join God-He is generous. We are most like God when we give. Tithe - a tenth part. Give it to God. We need to learn to be generous. Train kids to share.

Tithing trains us to be generous. When we turn money over to God it changes us. May your wallet be transformed.

What does the Bible mean when it says-
Work if you want to eat?
Work as unto the Lord?
Don't be a sluggard?
"Work" appears 555 times in the Bible?
Work will be rewarded?
God will judge the quality of each man's work?
I worked much harder?
Work- do something useful?
Could it be that the Protestant work ethic is obedience to God? Could it be that the "manana" work ethic causes poverty?
Why should we feel guilty about having worked and earned?
Could it be that the only way to help the poor is to provide them with the gospel?