Sunday, June 19, 2011

Put Down the Kool-Aid: If a Little is good, More must be better For on-line audio

When oceans rise and thunders roar I will soar
above the storm I will be still and know you are God

Dave Ens-
''I want it all" the cultural lies. Is having more better? A friend with drug addiction had an epiphany that he had chronic discontent fuelled by wanting more. Drug use creates dopamine release to drive us to more brain rewards. Things feel good when narcotics are involved. So the brain wants more and more drugs. Then everything else goes flat.

In many ways we do the same things. Retail therapy. ''I have nothing to wear" Come home raid the fridge and pantry and say ''why is there no food in the house?" while looking for chocolate.

Drugs. What a cycle of shame! Then you need more drugs and you end up more ashamed! Addicts keep feeding the addiction to dopamine. And the cycle continues.

Truth of scripture speaks against the lies. I Cor: 1:26 God is the source of life in Christ Jesus. Everything good comes from God. We can't ever lift ourselves out of the cycle of shame. God's grace / strength is made complete in Christ.

We always want things to make us feel good about ourselves.

Deut 7 God talks about all the things he will do for Israel. Not because you earned it but because I love you.
Matth 6:25 Is not life more than food and clothing? Find value / pleasure in other things.
The birds - God feeds them. Aren't you of more value? v27 Can you add one hour to your life?

C S Lewis- Consider the staggering nature of the rewards God has for us. Our sights are set too low! God wants to give us more.
v32 Strive for the kingdom of God.
Let your worth be derived from the One who created you! Seek pleasure in Him.

To often we point at ourselves as the reason for our existence. God has a better plan. Outside of ourselves. Instead of a church picnic for ourselves why not have a Keenleyside picnic to bring joy to an underprivileged community? June 30 - be there

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