Sunday, June 05, 2011

Put Down the Kool-Aid: I've got the Power
Birthday Song for Pastor Delbert Enns.

Daydreaming is a form of walking away from it all.
Abracadabra of fantasy is our ideal. We wish we could speak it and it would happen
Retirement fantasies drive us to pursue our dreams. What is the prime motivation? We have fundamental desires for a free enjoyable life.
Ryan went to Haiti and gave a report - with a good work ethic anything is possible. We are made to believe we can do anything we want to do. It's a lie! but it affects us in all sorts of ways.
Adam and Eve had a problem. They thought they could enjoy life. That they had access to infinite power and control.
ML King said: I have a dream. But it cost many lives. Not easy.
The dream of a life with no responsibilities is a hoax.
Look at History - the book of Acts. Simon the sorcerer had a following. Like Lady Gaga. They have nothing They have nothing real to offer. When Phillip the evangelist showed up, the sorcerer was being shown as a fraud. He then decided he would try to buy Phillip's power. He had shallow faith and was baptized but really had no idea what the gospel was all about.

Simon did not live with the power of the Holy Spirit. Phillip was bringing revival. Church H. O. sent Peter & John to check up on Phillip.
We often believe that we can do the same. I paid my dues. Now God has to give me what I want
We do not want God to change us.
The sorcerer wanted the good life under his own control. We do the same thing. Peter told him to repent. There is no evidence that he repented. Tradition says that he led many Christians into agnosticism.

Christ is the visible manifestation of the invisible God, everything was created in and through Him.
Jesus IS God. We need Jesus. Not power.

Let us confess that we have lived a lie thinking we con do things in our power.

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