Sunday, June 12, 2011

Turning on the Light Christian Fellowship (EMC) Calgary

Pastor David & Kendra Funk
Need your voices today. Summer is here - the season for traveling.
Imagine driving at night and coming to a town with no lights. What would you think? Many of us have the same problem. We have an inexhaustible supply of Light- the Holy Spirit. He was there at creation, when Christ was baptized, and at Pentecost.
One thing that is clear in the book of Acts is that it is the power of the Holy Spirit that built the church.
If the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from us, today's church work would mostly continue as is.
When we come to the Father through Jesus we become the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. You are in His presence, always
"Turn on the lights - I am His dwelling place." The dwelling place of the Living God.
Rachael had a very bad spell on Friday. Saturday I was working through this. Where is God why does he let it happen? This sermon applies directly. I am sad and emotionally strung out but I know that the God of Creation is with me.
"Turn on the lights - I am His dwelling place."
God is not reducible to our feelings. A wasted prayer is "God be with me today". Rather thank God for being with me today. Bank on the Love of God. His love is perfect. That's a fact. Grow in awareness that God is passionately and compassionately with you.
If we serve God with that awareness, what would it do?
You and I are always in God's loving presence.

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