Sunday, January 10, 2021

Attention: Editor. Extended lockdown distressing and counter productive.

I'm a strong Conservative but I agree with the NDP on this one. The Premier needs to be the one facing the public. A butt protecting bureaucrat should never be given the power to destroy the economy. He should not be seen in public. 

Every year approximately 5,000 Canadians per million die of all causes. This last year, 500 deaths per million were attributed to COVID. This is not a pandemic. Total death rate in 2020 was slightly lower than in any of the previous 4 years.

Thousands of Manitoba businesses are needlessly closed or limited due to our government's health orders, while big businesses remain open and unaffected. Why is the government forcing us to shop Amazon? These orders do not promote equal opportunity to all Manitobans.

Myself, along with the vast majority of Manitoba business owners believe that the incomes of all Manitobans are essential. We are calling on our government to reopen all businesses effective immediately. We will not tolerate a government that dictates whether we are able to earn an income and provide work to employees.

The safety of Manitobans is important. Our businesses can and must reopen safely and responsibly by implementing the same safety and hygiene protocol used by the businesses which have remained open. 

The local Smitty's and Sals have taken isolation protocols seriously and are not contributing to the spread of COVID. They and their customers should not be punished. 

Blocking the sales of books and Christmas cards is beyond silly. The recent kerfuffle of vilifying churches that choose to hold drive-in services, is another way to discredit the province's efforts at controlling the virus. Please don't continue to stoop to those levels of silliness and then forget to protect our vulnerable seniors. Dr Roussin should be replaced or hidden.

There are proven tools for fighting Covid infections. Use them. and more info at

I look forward to your reply. 

Raymond Dueck

The wisdom of many is better than the wisdom of one.