Sunday, April 22, 2012

SOAR Sunday

Welcome to SOAR Sunday
Sponsored by MB Missions. Student outreach to the inner city over spring break

Worship service at church
God of this city the King of these people the Lord of this nation you are.  Greater things are yet
to come.
There is no one like our God.
Blessed be your name

SOAR report:
22 kids received Christ as Savior
Some worked at Siloam mission where they prepared food and served it. Others worked at 188 Princess. Cleaning up. Hope is desiring to see something better.
Love. Jeanette ~ Inner city Chad greeted the teens. He had lost his wife in January. He relapsed into drugs. He asked lots of questions. Never saw him again. Hopefully he is alright. Studied Scripture to be able to answer his questions. It was good to share the gospel.

Others worked at Keenleyside with kids that are wonderful. 22 kids accepted Christ.
(how many of those become disciples?)

Corey Bell- youth leader. Put your sticky notes in the basket. What does God's love mean to you?

God loves us even if we don't feel it.

The cross is the evidence of God's love.  Everyone was asked to write on a sticky note what God's love meant to them.  The notes were collected and stuck on a large board at the front of the church to form a valentine.

Ask questions. Learn more about God. What does Jesus' love mean? How am I translatirg God's love to the people I meet?

God's love changes people. I have to understand it.

This church has a group of wonderful young people that love Jesus

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Song: It is well with my soul (a maritime disaster song appropriate to sing on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic)

Easter Sunday was amazing
Now it's your turn - go be disciples. I will will be with you to the end.

Did you let go of something for Lent? Coffee? To embrace something new?

We always want to be in control.

When we look in the mirror we see our sin and shame. Let go of it. When you put a seed into the ground it has to die before it can grow. Each plant has a beginning. Am I growing? Am I pruning the branches God wants me to prune?
Are we building for security? Status? Comfort?
Jesus' teaching entrances me.
Jesus went ahead of us. He gave us the gift of peace. Do not be troubled or afraid. No matter what comes our way.
When we tried to close on the building 188 Princess St. we had to wait for all the fine print before we could close. What ls Jesus' fine print? Unsatisfied expectations are not part of His promises. Conflict, Joyless life are not part of the deal. Joy is for those who have confessed their sin and have forgiveness.
Where are you God? Loneliness - Frodo has to carry the ring alone. But there is joy along the way.
God will comfort the lonely and abused.
God - do whatever you have to to.
The bonsai tree needs to be watered every week so it continues to grow. We are shaped by the circumstances around us.

Thank you God for not leaving us for transforming us.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Christ is Risen!

He is risen indeed! Baptismal Sunday.
Amy was a preemie who came home on Easter Sunday. Baptized today.
Kristin grew up German. Attending EastView since 2006. Depression anxiety are past. She is majoring in German at U of M. Jesus as washed me white as I stand before Him.
Keziah accepted Jesus at age 7. Read the
Bible for its history. When dark times came she began to realize she needed a deeper relationship.
Andrea grew up in a Christian home. Got baptized 11 years ago. God called her to be a child advocate. Pray about every thing.
Kyle grew up as a Christian in Altona. Moved to Prairie Bible School. YWAM to Mexico. Spent 9 years in Calgary. Drifted. Bought and read many books on self-help. That was a chasing after wind. Then I started to read the Bible. From cover to cover. Recommitted his life. Now reading through the Bible the 3rd time. Enrolled in 2 years of Discipleship International.
Peter went to church every Sunday. Got drunk at age 13. Got married had a daughter. Drinking got worse. After 10 years got kicked out. Ended up sleeping on the street. Heard about Forward House from a friend. Eventually called Joanne and was accepted and got baptized in 06. Wants to transfer membership. Pastor Delbert needed 732 words to share his story.

If any one is in Christ there is a new creation. We are ambassadors for Christ.

Baptism in the Name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Cheering hugs and applause!

The greatest day in history Jesus is alive oh happy day I'll never be the same.

Christ is risen from the dead. Come awake. Trampling over death by death. Oh death where is your sting.

In Christ Alone
My hope is found what heights of love. Fullness of God in helpless babe. Here in the death of Christ I live.

Bless the Lord O my Soul worship his Holy name.

Jesus paid the price and prepared a place for you and me. He is the truth and the life. Are you at peace. If not will you accept king of Life?

He become sin who knew sin that we might become righteous.
Jesus Messiah blessed Redeemer Emmanuel Lord of all

Friday, April 06, 2012

GOOD Friday - By his wounds we are healed
Choir all dressed in black
I am Peter I turned my back on my best friend
Come walk with me
Soldier: I put lots of men on crosses because I have to. It's disgusting. Murderers and thieves deserve it. This Man does not deserve it. You want him executed. Why?
Father forgive them they know not what they do.
We mocked him and spat on him. We brought him here to Golgotha - the place of the skull. We crucified him and cast lots for his clothes. Not much of a king now
Father forgive them they know not what they do.
Sister of thief: My brother got caught up in the wrong crowd. If only he would have found Jesus earlier.
I heard Jesus say to him Truly I say you will be with me in paradise.
Your sins erased today. Today you will be with me in paradise.
Finally we will be rid of him. If he is the Son of God let him get off the cross.
Mary mother of God: My son! You died for our sin. God forgive my unbelief - I know you were born for this. God send your angels to minister to my son! I heard him breathe his last. Words of care and love. Oh God give me strength
See his weeping mother stand with his weeping friends hear Him say Woman behold your son friend behold your mother Care for one another.
The shepherdess remembers his birth: Suddenly the skies were filled with angels. We ran to the stable. I will never forget that holy night. Where are the angels now? How could they watch this? How could God allow it?
How deep the Father's love for us. His dying breath has brought me life. His wounds have paid my ransom.
Drama - I thirst.
God came to this earth sending his only Son to the people he created.
Jesus told us He would go away but we would see him again and rejoice.
Cool clear water. One day I came to him I was so thirsty. He gave me water but for that he died. He said I thirst yet he made the rivers. He made the seas. In His Great Thirst He brought water to me.
Pastor Dave
The greatest achiement is usually a display of strength. Not The cross. But He is still in control. He put himself on the cross. Willingly. Something comes out of it. Your freedom and mine.
Jesus instituted the eucharist communion Lord's table. Take it eat it remember.
If you understand the profound magnificent defeat please take part in the Lord's Supper. We are thankful for what you offer us.
Music: Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Do you tremble?
"Take and eat in remembrance of me."

This Cup holds the promise of life.

On an April evening the Lamb of God. On a Cross

Drink the cup of promise. Or this dark day we call good. Reflect. May God bless you.

Children's choir
God loves his children so he sent his son to save us.
Choir & solo
My God why hast thou forsaken me?
Into thy hands I commit my Spirit. It is finished. Amen.
Truly he was the Son of God.
Maryanne on the violin.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Congratulations to the team at V-Bins Ontario LP

1st bin manufactured and powder coated in Ontario! V-Bins smooth wall bulk tanks and bins are baked with top quality DuPont diamond powder coat and V-Slip finish!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Funeral for Ray Hobin

I got to know Ray early in the lumberyard days (1972?). He called on us way out in the country in the days when my office was a room in the chicken barn. I bet he sometimes wondered what he was doing there. I'm sure he held his nose when he came into the yard and his eyes would have watered up with the strong odor in the office. I wonder what he said to Margaret about the smell he brought home with him. He never let on that that it bothered him. He was always the consummate professional informational salesman. His advice helped us to grow our lumber and construction business.

Within the last 2 years he hoped that I would help him bring his knee saver invention into the market. That did not work for me at the time. I'm glad he found someone else that could do it.

One week ago he told our pastor: I've done what is needed and I'm ready to face Jesus. Margaret, his wife of 56 years said there was not a mean streak in him.
Does Jesus care? I know my Savior cares.

Born in Ontario during the depression and he joked he was still depressed. Bought the McLoed store in Gimli. Soft spoken.
Inventor of the knee saver plumber's table.

Lived with cancer for 8 years. He was not afraid to die. Loving husband and father we will miss him.

He inspired his family. He advised believe trust love. He was a wonderful grandfather. He bore his pain and suffering so eloquently.

Death is nothing. I have just slipped into the other room.

He taught me to respect myself and women. That goes together. Grand kids say you rock papa.

2nd son; His wise words would fill a up a room. He was my hero. He was happy to have grand children. He always understood. I have always wanted to fit into his shoes. Dad said - my shoes are old. Your shoes fit you. My children have shoes of their own to walk their own path. That's the gift my father gave me.

The family sat with Ray when he passed away. Isa 43 do not fear I have redeemed you.
We seek God's wisdom and comfort. Love and care are so important.

He, a Scotsman, married a Mennonite - he was a faithful loving husband.
He was a very forgiving father. He was a son of the living God. He was who he was because he was a child of God.

There's peace when I can say I will rise when He calls my name.

Internment in Gimli.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Magnificent Defeat: Mirror

Come to Church for Good Friday 9:15 11:15 Easter baptismal services 9:15 11:15

Michael W Smith Calvary Temple May 10
World Serve Calvary Temple April 19

Dave Ens:
Today is Palm Sunday. Please stop to read the story again.
Today is April fools day - it's trick day. We think we are masters of deceit. We deceive ourselves.
The other day I was trying to a be good father and put on a good front. But my mind was elsewhere. Finally Nicole said: if you are not here why don't you go elsewhere?
We stand in front of the mirror and we blame what we see on the lights or other things. We try to deceive ourselves. Palm Sunday is like that. We expect Jesus to fix all our problems. "You really need Jesus" we say to others.
We need to stand in front of the mirror Isaiah 53:6 Jesus was despised and stricken with our iniquities.
These words define what's going on. Our sins crushed him. All our sins were piled on him. Am I that bad? Why did it have to happen? Such a cruel death.
Look in the mirror: we see SIN - denying it perpetuates it. Jesus died for what I did? He died for the source of what I do. The heart is evil.
SHAME - it cloaks us. Not easily removed. God created us in His image - male & female. They were naked and not ashamed. We break, corrupt what God has made. When they sinned they tried to cover their nakedness.
The Romans conquered the world by threatening crucifixion to all opponents. So opponents surrendered quickly.
Shame sits on us. Jesus takes our shame to renew the image of God in our lives. He took it defiantly and conquered the shame.
If we let our culture define our values we can't win. Only one has created us. Why don't we let him define us. While we were still sinners Christ died for us. To set us free.
You have a choice. You can stand in front of the mirror trying to define yourself. Or you can let your Creator define you.