Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nailing Fear: Temptation

We went to the early service at . Got there late. Music too loud. Too much perfume up front.
Going to my folks today. Rainy day. Sleepless night. Brain spinning. What or how to talk about the ungoing pain of getting shafted from the family business? And the ongoing trauma of trying to run a emotionallly draining business. And the far greater  associated pain of losing Renee. And the pain of neglecting her when she needed me while I was distracted with the kick-out.  The pain of what is no more far exceeds the joy of what was.

Pastor Dave Ens
Nailing Fear: Temptation

Think about a temptation you deal with often. Now tell the person next to you! Not really. Were you tempted to change your temptation.
Temptation leads to places you don't want to be.
We pray around it. Jesus said to pray lead us not into temptation but deliver us... From temptation? No_ from the evil one who uses temptation to lead us astray.
We face temptation all the time. Where does the Bible say resist temptation? Temptation is not the point- the evil one wants the temptation to become the focus of your life. Smoke and mirrors. To try to distract us from God not spending time to listen to God. It takes tons of willpower
James 1:12-16 you are blessed if you endure temptation. We are tempted by our own desires uniquely created. The devil has a big tackle box with all kinds of lures. Based on who I am. Those lures are attractive.
God has given you a choice. You can follow God or not. NLT Temptations entice and drag us away from God. Temptations are almost always related to our calling.
The early church was tempted to compromise the Message. They remained faitful
We know the things that tempt us. Do we have someone asking us keeping us accountable? Have you been true to God's Calling this week? that's far more important than worrying about temptation
Blessed are you when you endure- you get the crown. Eternal life and what's the most important in life here and now.
Deliver me from the distractor so I can do what you have Called me to be.
Remember Jesus and the two elements of bread and wine. I have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.
Take and eat
My God is mighty to save

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nailing Fear: Misunderstanding

Nailing Fear: Misunderstanding
Delbert Enns Pastor
Frustration Failure Discouragement Series.
O Lord my God how great you are
In you Lord we find strength
Bill Hillys show was all about Misunderstanding
You always get it wrong leads to frustration and broken relationships
The preacher often gets misunderstood
I am part of the Problem. Just don't tell me that
Nothing you say is ever right?
How can we nail the fear of being misunderstood?
The disciples were afraid after the resurrection! How could they explain who Jesus was? Jesus was supposed to be the savior of the Jews.
It takes 2 people to have flght. walking away does not solve the problem
Jesus was NW of Jerusalem when a Gentile woman came for help.
3 reasons for misunderstanding
1. Cultural differences. Latin America is all about emotions vs NA intellectual approach to everything. In God's kingdom there are no cultural barriers. Matthew said a "Woman of Cana" (enemy) came to see Jesus. She called Jesus Son of David Messiah and asks for help for her daughter.
3. Jesus did not respond right away. Awkward. On hold. She kept begging. Send her away said the disciples. Now the plot thickens. The woman did not walk away. She was persistent.
Finally something happens. Jesus tested her. She kneeled and begged. Jews called her a dog but she did not give up. Jesus was teaching equality to his disciples.
Pathways to understanding
1. Humility not self defense. Rethink. WWJjD? Jesus turned the story around and healed.
2. Forgiveness. Jesus showed us what that means.
Col 3. God chose you. Clothe yourself with tender mercies.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Nailing Fear: Failure

Nailing the Fear of Failure
Pastor Delbert Enns
Do you have failure written on your face?
Do I deserve this? Why did my kids not be turn out perfect?

Jesus is able to change things
The only man who makes no mistakes never does anything. -Rooseveld.
We are all losers.
Albert Einstein was kicked out of school. It took 10,000 tries to invent the light bulb.
We are often considered failures. God uses the shame link to do things. David a man after God's own heart committed adultery and murder. Peter denied Jesus 3 times.
How does Jesus embrace failure? The godly fall 7 times and get up. The wicked fail and give up.
Resurrection morning - go tell the disciples including Peter. Failure and self dislike go together.
Peter was specifically included in the invitation. Jesus did not write him off. Peter went fishing to hide. Delbert stole a sandwich in Gr 3 and felt guilty for 3 months.
How does Jesus deal with failure? He confronted Peter.
Jesus made breakfast and publically asked Peter- do you love me? Me? 3X
Jesus' love re-instates us. Failure reveals our need for God. Forgiveness. Jesus is walking to you this morning.
God loves us. God gave us His Holy Spirit.

After the service I was told that this message was specifically meant for me.