Thursday, March 20, 2014

Malaysia Airlines flight 370

What happened on Malaysia Airlines flight 370? All was well for that 1st hour.  When the co-pilot said good night he meant it.

Shortly after that the fire in the electrical system under the cockpit knocked out all communications equipment. The fire started when the batteries malfunctioned.  That combined with lax maintenance, shut down all systems.

The pilot had just enough time to program the autopilot "George" to fly in the direction of the nearest airport, before losing consciousness.  Within minutes the fire burnt a hole in the fuselage, causing rapid decompression,  and killing everyone on board.

With the fire extinguished due to the blast of cold air,  the plane kept flying until it ran out of fuel 7 hours later.

The plane went down in the deepest ocean and the black boxes may never be found.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Who do you say I am? ..the light!

John 9:1-12
Dave Ens
Feasts remind us of who we are. The feast of lights remind us of Jesus. Jesus said He is the light!
How you answer the question tells us who we are.  The blind man has a new identity after his encounter with the Light of the World. He was touched by Jesus. Jesus has delivered us.
The pillar of fire in front of the people.  The light of God led them.
Light can show us in a positive way.  But light does not discriminate. It shows the truth. The Pharisees did not like the healing.
When things are in the dark we don't know they are wrong.
Paul has a neat way of saying pure. The light of the sun shows what things are really like.
Jesus is shining a light in this world. Why would you hide your light at work or school? Don't ever be scared to let your light shine.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

The new operating system
It's us becoming the version we would have been had there not been a fall.
We have 2 directions for guidance. Internal and external.
We need to slow down sometimes to find out what I really want.  We need each other to grow spiritually.
Come to me and drink.  Rivers of living water will flow out of us.
"Follow your heart" is the advice we give when we don't know what to say. The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked.
John 3.1-
How does Nicodemus respond? How can this be? Jesus responded and it fades into John's text.
We speak. .. our testimony... earthly things. .. heavenly things
Son of man
Heavenly things. .. Jesus is more than a teacher. We... more than Jesus. .. you can became part of us, his people. .. and the trinity...
there is trust... Jesus spoke Aramaic and trusted his followers to record it accurately in Greek. To copy it over thousands of years. We are today in a chain of trust.
God works in we.  Through his people.
Did you hear him say blessed are the cheese makers?
He trusts us to be accurate.
1 Corinthians. .. you "were" sinners
Through rebirth we have and are becoming Jesus's followers.
Fruit of the spirit is LOVE. That gives joy peace patience. ...
That's who I am now. .. not angry not fearful. ..I am now a person of peace
Meet your true self perfected in Christ.  Why are so many Christians so un-Christlike? Not real or not connected to the voice of love.  We are made for relationship.
The Bible is intended to be a community experience.  Live it in community.
1 Corinthians 13 we discover who God is and who I am remade in the image of God.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Life 2.0

Life 2.0
Born again.
We are born individually into a people group.
When we are born again we are born into the culture of God.
We are and want to identify. We cheer for our team as if we did something to contribute to the team's win.
When the women's team won hockey gold we applauded politely like Canadians do.
John 3
The Pharisee Calls Jesus rabbi teacher - he's ok with that
Jesus takes the Jewish concept of a change of status not essence.
Nicodemus was smart. He's going with the metaphor. How do I,  a mature Jew start all over? Pay attention Jesus said.  You must be born of water and wind spirit. A new beginning. Water? What's that? Debatable.
John's baptism was water and John said someone else will baptize with the Spirit
Cleansing of the Spirit
Physical birth.  We are physically born out of water.
Not baptismal regeneration.
Baptism is cleansing and the spirit represents empowerment. In the old testament Hebrew spirit is always feminine.
New birth is feminine. Desire the pure milk. Female
We serve the Father God who has a mother's heart.
He provides nurturing care to you.
God loves you more than your mom does.
The wind.  You don't know where it's coming from. We should expect the Spirit's work everywhere. God got there before we did.
We rejoice be in touch with God all the time. Call your mom.
Receive the gift of eternal life. I am that loved and forgiven.
March 9 baptism 6:30 at Spring Garden Baptist
DST starts next Sunday