Sunday, November 27, 2011

the Spirit Factor: Undeserved Certainty

www.EastView.Org Pastor Dave Ens
Not much in life can we be certain about. Are the Bombers going to win? Is yellow round or square? Will our investments give us a return?
God is in the business of change Eph 1: 13-14 God has given us a seal (signet) (engagement ring) of certainty. Homefree. Future promise changes what we do today. The guarantee of certainty. Gen 1 The spirit of God. Created life. From chaos to order. Ezekiel was told to prophesy for the bones to stand up. And they do. Mary was told the Spirit would impregnate her. It did.
Isaiah 11 from a stump God will bring life.

We love the fact that the Spirit gives us a promise for the future but we forget that he also enables us to live a Christlike life.
We can't live that by ourselves.
A nail gun with all the nails and parts does nothing unless it has the pneuma in it. You could use it as a hammer but eventually it would be destroyed. Only when used as intended will it perform as expected the way it was made to work.
Mario said he had every opportunity to live right, but without the Spirit he failed. Now he walks in the Spirit.
Rom 8:5-9 the Spirit of God dwells in you.
Embrace the Spirit in your life. It will change you.

Christmas Eve offering $40,000
3 prongs this year -
1. Forward house
2. church plant in Tyndale
3. Thailand flood relief.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Risk IT! Finish your Race
Delbert Enns Pastor
Acts 28 going through the book. This is the final chapter of the series. Messages available on-line.
Paul was also a human being. He had dark times. God, where are you in the darkness?
It is not about a destination. It's about the journey. Jer 29 God knows the path for us. He loves and cares for us.
Paul was on this ship with 1,000 tons of grain. They encountered a big storm and were smashed on the isle of Malta in St Paul's Bay. Every one was saved. The inhabitants welcomed them. Everything went wrong. There Paul got bitten by a poisonous snake. They decided Paul was a God.

How are you going to finish the race?
4 steps.
1. Hope for the future. Faithfulness. Acts begins with the story of the church and ends with Paul's journey. Each of us must finish our own race alone
2. Personal morally good people won't make it. Paul was on his own journey. Learn to live with troubles and pitfalls. Helen Keller said character cannot be developed in peace. Only in the difficult periods of life. Trust God in the storm. So much of life is inconvenient interruptions of life. They can lead us into deeper relationships. It's not over till it's over.
3. Inclusive I am not the only one going through the difficulties. God puts people into our lives. To help us walk through the difficulties. Some of our difficulties come from the community of faith. Sometimes our help comes from non-Christians. People who do not have faith. They can be kind and loving. We must learn to accept help from un-believers. We are all called to kindle a fire. Of justice passion and love.
4. Paul was expected to die. He had a further purpose. What is God teaching me right now. The mayor noted the miracle and soon there were many people who got healed and believed the gospel. A revival on Malta.
Paul said I finished the race.
1968 Olympics in Mexico. A single runner came in late - limping. He wanted to finish the race on his own. When he crossed the line he fell. my country sent me 7000 miles to finish the race. We are all called to finish the race no matter how unfair it all is.

Paul finished well. Not easy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


11/11/11 University Professor Dr Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Department of Geology:

Today you get to show your family & friends what you've been up to. When I showed my grandma my Doctorate, she said: "Couldn't you have become a real doctor?"

We have found out that life is more than photosynthsis. There is Chemosynthetic life deep underground or deep under water. There is life there. When we explore the darkness the miner's lamp gives no peripheral vision. It requires team work to see what's there. The shadowbiosphere was discovered 30 years ago.

Today is your day. The focussed beam of light. What are you missing outside your main line of focus? Remember the shadow biosphere. Celebrate your achievements

Awarding degrees:

Dr of Philosophy all red gowns.

Master of Arts.

Alayna Dueck Medieval Studies

Master of Science.