Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nailing Fear: Misunderstanding

Nailing Fear: Misunderstanding
Delbert Enns Pastor
Frustration Failure Discouragement Series.
O Lord my God how great you are
In you Lord we find strength
Bill Hillys show was all about Misunderstanding
You always get it wrong leads to frustration and broken relationships
The preacher often gets misunderstood
I am part of the Problem. Just don't tell me that
Nothing you say is ever right?
How can we nail the fear of being misunderstood?
The disciples were afraid after the resurrection! How could they explain who Jesus was? Jesus was supposed to be the savior of the Jews.
It takes 2 people to have flght. walking away does not solve the problem
Jesus was NW of Jerusalem when a Gentile woman came for help.
3 reasons for misunderstanding
1. Cultural differences. Latin America is all about emotions vs NA intellectual approach to everything. In God's kingdom there are no cultural barriers. Matthew said a "Woman of Cana" (enemy) came to see Jesus. She called Jesus Son of David Messiah and asks for help for her daughter.
3. Jesus did not respond right away. Awkward. On hold. She kept begging. Send her away said the disciples. Now the plot thickens. The woman did not walk away. She was persistent.
Finally something happens. Jesus tested her. She kneeled and begged. Jews called her a dog but she did not give up. Jesus was teaching equality to his disciples.
Pathways to understanding
1. Humility not self defense. Rethink. WWJjD? Jesus turned the story around and healed.
2. Forgiveness. Jesus showed us what that means.
Col 3. God chose you. Clothe yourself with tender mercies.

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