Sunday, April 08, 2012

Christ is Risen!

He is risen indeed! Baptismal Sunday.
Amy was a preemie who came home on Easter Sunday. Baptized today.
Kristin grew up German. Attending EastView since 2006. Depression anxiety are past. She is majoring in German at U of M. Jesus as washed me white as I stand before Him.
Keziah accepted Jesus at age 7. Read the
Bible for its history. When dark times came she began to realize she needed a deeper relationship.
Andrea grew up in a Christian home. Got baptized 11 years ago. God called her to be a child advocate. Pray about every thing.
Kyle grew up as a Christian in Altona. Moved to Prairie Bible School. YWAM to Mexico. Spent 9 years in Calgary. Drifted. Bought and read many books on self-help. That was a chasing after wind. Then I started to read the Bible. From cover to cover. Recommitted his life. Now reading through the Bible the 3rd time. Enrolled in 2 years of Discipleship International.
Peter went to church every Sunday. Got drunk at age 13. Got married had a daughter. Drinking got worse. After 10 years got kicked out. Ended up sleeping on the street. Heard about Forward House from a friend. Eventually called Joanne and was accepted and got baptized in 06. Wants to transfer membership. Pastor Delbert needed 732 words to share his story.

If any one is in Christ there is a new creation. We are ambassadors for Christ.

Baptism in the Name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Cheering hugs and applause!

The greatest day in history Jesus is alive oh happy day I'll never be the same.

Christ is risen from the dead. Come awake. Trampling over death by death. Oh death where is your sting.

In Christ Alone
My hope is found what heights of love. Fullness of God in helpless babe. Here in the death of Christ I live.

Bless the Lord O my Soul worship his Holy name.

Jesus paid the price and prepared a place for you and me. He is the truth and the life. Are you at peace. If not will you accept king of Life?

He become sin who knew sin that we might become righteous.
Jesus Messiah blessed Redeemer Emmanuel Lord of all

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