Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unlikely Hero: Who Needs Friends
Pray for the teams in Thailand.

God only wise You are the Lord of space and time. All that we are is Yours alone.
2. Our God Saves There is hope in your Name. We are gathered to lift up your Name. And the world will see that our God Saves.
3. Then sings my soul my Savior God to You How great you are! Oh Lord my God when I think that God his Son not sparing He bled and died to set me free.

Children's Story- David & Jonathan - Good friends take care of each other.

Song; Lord of all creation you are holy. Lord of heaven and earth. God of wonders beyond our galaxy the universe declares your majesty you are holy.
Praise is rising we long for you hosanna you are the God who saves us.

Pastor Dave Ens:
David has a mandate. David is growing. Saul's momentum is fading. The songs of the people make Saul angry. He wants to eliminate David 6x in 3 chapters. David & Jonathan's friendship grows at the same time. David was on the right track but came up against barriers and opposition. Ps 7 Save me from my pursuers. If I have done wrong kill me. Why are my enemies so relentless? Not everyone finds us as likeable as we really are. Eugene Peterson. Taking the right path is not always easy. That may cause us to doubt. So do we build walls to shut off others? David could have decided to kill Saul, but did not do so.
Friendliness vs. friendship. Friendly is easy. Friendship is hard. It requires entering into the other person's pain. To get into the nitty gritty of life.
Every once in a while someone enters your life that is willing to enter into your pain. the Soul of Jonathan was bound to the soul of David. Soul = heart.
Friendship is not convenient. Not efficient. Friend seeks core good in others. Trudge through the tough times. You might run out of energy. A friend can help you through. AA understands that you need friends.
Let's reclaim friendship and let's stop using friendliness to keep people out.
Friends lowered the lame man through the roof. Jesus said your sins are forgiven.

Go and make friends this week. Make connections. Help others keep walking in their spiritual walk. We need real friends to do that.

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