Sunday, July 10, 2011

All People's Church Falcon Lake

Announcements included 5oth Anniversary for Jake & Fran Funk and 4oth for Raymond & Martha Dueck

Michelle Sawatzky, her son Tyson, and Michelle's sister in law did a number of songs including:
Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.
Yes I love my Jesus deep down in my heart.
Victory is won and I will rise when he calls my name no more sorrow no more pain. And I hear the voice of angels crying out worthy is the lamb. I will rise on eagles wings. Before my God fall on my knees.

Pastor Brian Hamilton
Positive preaching- God's vision for his people.
God gives us lots of positives. Not always does things turn out right but we car have a positive out look in Christ
Positive Pricey playful Party Prosperous Powerful

Paul said forgetting what is behind and pressing forward. v13 he had not yet achieved
Strength in Christ allows me to be positive.
Toss what is behind, in the river of God's grace.
Bring those who are in turmoil a measure of your peace.

Michelle & Shannon: we are pilgrims on a journey of the narrow road. Surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses. May all who come behind us find us faithful. May the clues that they discover become the light that helps them find The Way.
Michelle: Time for a Christmas Song:
Jesus came like the winter snow. He could have come in a hurricane, or in the Fire of heaven, but He came quietly. Not like a tidal wave. Soft and Slow like snow. From the sky to the earth below.

Phil 3: God's Vision for His people
There is a positivism in Christ. Paul was the chief of sinners. He had a terrible past but he moved forward. Positive.
Frank Lloyd Wright at age 83 said the next project is his masterpiece.

We live in a world with negativism. News is too full of negativism. Limburger cheese in our attitude? The whole world stinks? Believers tend to say that.
Negative people are so tense.
Someday you will stand around my grave. Will you be able to say he loved God?
Negative thinking keeps us from enjoying life. Paul was unjustly imprisoned yet he wrote Rejoice and again I say rejoice.
God is with us and can use us in every situation. Negative thinking limits our potential. Joshua and Caleb were positive but 10 emissaries were negative and hence they had to wander in the desert for 40 years.

Attitude Building Blocks:
Choice. Choose to believe God is who He is. Choices Of the journey. Walk forward.
Bible. Filled with examples of victory NOTHING can separate us from the love of God. God's Comforter will be with us
The more we pray the closer we get to God's heartbeat. Like John the beloved disciple.
With God all things are possible.
Circumstances are different every day. Goal to reach our eternal home.

Michelle: Lord God of all build up your kingdom in me. Father take my life everything I am. God of all of me. Reign over dreams I dare not speak.
Father take my heart hold it in your hand. Keeper of my soul.

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