Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unlikely Hero: Getting Even Isn't Even 1 Sam 24:1-22
Songs: this is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. I won't worry about tomorrow. I'm trusting I'm trusting what you say. I will stand upon your truth. I'm giving you my tears and sorrow.
Hosanna praise is rising. Hope is stirring. In Your presence our tears are washed away. You are the God who saves us.

David is on the run hiding in the caves of Engedi. Saul and his men are hunting for David. Saul needed a potty stop. David's 600 men are hiding in that cave. David cut off a piece of robe off God's anointed king. David could have become king that day. But he did what's right. He waited for God's time.

Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty

Pastor Dave Ens:
Only once did a destination elude me. Not really lost. 12 year old boys brigade walked and walked. Fear and excitement set in.

Vacationed on Lake Erie when Alexander suddenly disappeared under the waves. Fear gave his dad total clarity and energy.

Saul dedicated all his time to try to get rid of David. David had to flee. This may have caused David to examine his life. When we get cast into the wilderness we don't choose to go there. James says consider it pure joy. As a pastor I've seen people on their death bed with complete clarity.

David may have written Psalm 57 while in that cave. God will send me peace while I lie among lions. My heart is steadfast awake my soul make music. Written while a maniac was chasing him.
There are lots of wilderness stories.

In most of them David prays - not fight. God guided him - the times he fails is when he forgets to pray. Stop and listen to what God has to say. That can be hard because it takes time. Prayer changes us to do what God wants us to do. David came out of the wilderness with prayer.
Sometimes we try to get out of the wilderness so we say God must want me to do this because I want to. We cloak it in religious language and do what we want. Gaining clarity from God means waiting.

We vilify others to justify the evil we do to them. God doesn't do that. David saw Saul through God's eyes.
Rom 12.14-19 bless those who persecute you. Live peaceably with all. Vengeance is God's.

The wilderness is a scary place.
May you in that situation find clarity of who you are called to be.

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