Sunday, September 11, 2011

Falcon Lake 9.11.11 Service

Pastor Ted Hull 21 years Grant Memorial church there till 2006. Then with Empower ministry. Now in a counseling ministry and church leadership development. New book coming out. Not a New York Times bestseller.

Went to Cuba in 2001 with Ron Pierce World Serve. Watched the 9/11 news on a small old color TV.

For $350 cash you could fly out of Veraderro. Enjoyed the beach for a few more days.

Parables. They did not make a lot of sense to the hearers. Would you leave 99 sheep to go find a lost one? Fold your arms and listen to the story.

We are not supposed to hate our family. We need to choose Jesus every time there is a choice.

The raw cost of raising children is $250,000. If we stop to calculate the cost we are already disqualified from parenthood. We give everything we have to raise our kids including every dollar for medical treatment in the U. S.

Me and Bobby McGee freedom is just another word for having nothing to lose.

When you build a tower you calculate the cost. The king will not back down even if he knows he will lose. There is no turning back.

Following Jesus means no turning back no matter what.

Are we overwhelmed when we recognize that he chose us? I don't care what the cost, I will follow Him.

Discipleship means not bailing out. Trust God let him figure out where it will land.

Be willing to take a chance. Parenting - your heart breaks for the lost children.

Discipleship is "Lord what would you have me do today?"

We need to consider what God is calling us to today but do not count the cost. Just follow. Find delight in Jesus.

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